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It seems that it's not only the sexy little black one-piece swimsuits that 'tickle the fancy' of many of our members, but vintage white swimsuits seem to be very popular too and no one shows either of them off better than a gorgeous young Aquawoman! Tonight it falls to our simply stunning Mermaid Porchia to delight you all, whilst also donning vintage scuba gear to pose underwater just for you. A very pretty set of underwater pictures for the true purveyors of Scubalisciousness! Hey, look what we found! About to be lost forever, we fortunately discovered another set of our Devine Mermaid Kiki pictures that y'all had never seen before! We were certain that there are many amongst you who would love to see them and so, it's my pleasure to offer them to you today! Wearing what appears to be a very popular Cressi full face mask, a one piece swimsuit and vintage white bathing cap, this highly athletic young Aquawoman poses underwater for y'all in a way so totally unique just to her! This one stirred up some fond memories, along with some wonderful 'banter', when we posted Part One, back in August.

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And we still have lots more from the same shoot, if y'all might like to see them? Back to those nostalgic old 'Sea Hunt' days for the theme of this set once again as we know there are those amongst you who can't seem to get enough of this. I wonder, is it just me or does anyone else feel that Image 86 looks just a teensy bit like the beautiful Angelina Jolie, wearing a bathing cap? -)Still a rubber suit but, perhaps a more attractive rubber diving suit, this one is from the ever fantastic Oceanline range and worn by our Scubaliscious Mermaid Elise as she, once more, shows us why she is one of the most competent and beautiful underwater models on the web! A modern mask and fins, along with a more vintage single hose reg. , completes her gear selection for this gallery of new and unique underwater images that we're sure will be one that her many fans, the world over, will enjoy. Over the years we have been here, so many of y'all have kindly told us how much you enjoy us bringing back so many of those early 'Sea Hunt' picture memories for you - but in modern, high quality, colour, underwater imagery. And so, in keeping with that fine tradition, we bring you our very own Zale Parry in a genuine authentic 6955's white one piece swimsuit, along with an equally cute very vintage white bathing cap from that same era, plus an authentic old Voit scuba mask, also from that same wonderful old nostalgic period re. Scuba times long past. OK so the dive reg is a little too modern but, hey, is anyone really gonna complain! -) Mask on, mask off, reg in place, reg out - it's all the same to our jaw droppingly scubaliscious Mermaid Elise! And, if you like these, we have sooooo many more! This one takes us back to around the late sixties maybe, when more girls were starting to discard their bathing caps and let their hair flow freely in the water as they started to take up 'skin diving' and ventured into the deep, looking.

. Well, looking really quite something! And who better to bring this to you, in a more detailed digital image format, than the fantastic combination of the beautiful Mermaid Porchia and Aquawomen. Com. Proving that a classy white one piece, from that era, can look every bit as good as a black one, we bring you the first batch of many such wonderful underwater pictures for your enjoyment. Always a favourite swimsuit of both Mermaids and Aquawomen Members alike, our slick, shiny, black 'Realise' Japanese one piece swimsuit looks so good on our seductively, tantalising Mermaid Elise, as she cavorts under the water for ya'll. Hope you like this guys as there's more to come! A black, smooth neoprene rubber shortie wetsuit jacket, Nemrod Max-Vue mask and Siebe Gorman Merlin Mk Vl twin hose regulator - all from the really cool 'Scuba Diving' period of the 6965's. It's Mermaid Kiki looking totally 'Scubaliscious', once more! We have to go all the way back to May, to remember the first set of pictures paying tribute to that classic old Elke Sommer and Sylva Koscina movie! But you have to go all the way back to 6967 for the time when that movie hit the big screens for its' release When I first saw this swimsuit, I just couldn't resist it, ( even I wasn't around for the original movie release! -) And it sure looks real good on our Devine Mermaid Kiki! A single hose reg, modern white scuba mask and white fins compliment her outfit once more for the delight of all Mermad Kiki / Scuba fans!

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Get out the Cheese and Wine once more Subby - and I mean the expensive stuff, i. E. The FRENCH Chablis! -) Thinking back to those lazy, hazy days of late summer, last August and now looking forward to early Spring in the Northern Hemisphere, we're proud to bring you another thirty-eight images, perfectly showcasing a Simply Scubaliscious Scubababe from the early 6965's, namely our heavenly Mermaid Porchia! A favourite 'little number' that we haven't seen for a while, certainly not whilst being worn by our own Devine Mermaid Kiki anyways. The term 'High Cut' doesn't come into things really, does it? -), I'm guessing it would be impossible for it to be any higher! Anyways, all scuba fans, Mermaid Kiki fans, in fact all purveyors of the female form underwater - please Enjoy! Sheesh - I can't believe it was way back in July when we brought you a video of this scenario, but Hey at least here in the Northern Hemisphere the days are already getting longer and so, hopefully, it's not too long before we can start looking forward to those much warmer days once again. This one just has to appeal to so many different fans of the pure Aquawoman? First of all it's our Devine Mermaid Kiki, next she is wearing a classic original Cressi full face mask, coupled with an even more classic US Divers Calypso single hose reg. Third - she's wearing an original 6965's US Royal chin strapped Bathing Cap and finally, of course, she's Underwater! Thirty Two new, original, unique and beautiful underwater pictures for you to enjoy - and this is only Part One!

Hoping y'all are 'simply having a wonderful Christmas time'? And to help that along the way it's my pleasure to bring you another great big gallery of FIFTY beautiful, unique, underwater pictures featuring our Devine Mermaid Kiki wearing a truly authentic Ama Divers face mask, along with a very vintage La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose reg. Having had the pleasure of trying out this mask myself on the reef off of Islamorada recently, I have say that I absolutely LOVE it! Happy Holidays, once more, for those of you still enjoying them! Hey - can it really be that it was way back in early January last that we posted the first part of this Image Gallery? Well, clothed scuba fans, along with those who love to see panty hose being worn underwater also, need wait no longer. It's our Devine Mermaid Kiki fully dressed for the office BUT it would appear that her office just happens to be - Underwater! A gorgeous vintage Scuba Babe wearing a fabulous, smooth, black neoprene, shortie wetsuit, a vintage Siebe Gorman twin-hose regulator and a Cinemascope Nemrod Max Vue mask that shows everyone those beautiful bright eyes so clearly. Truly one for all of the vintage scuba fans. What more can I say? When you take 685 underwater pictures in a relatively short period of time and can only really find fault in 9 of them it gives you a heck of a good feeling and - it also says a hell of a lot about the outstanding underwater model! But then y'all know this already huh? Our stunning Mermaid Elise is and always as been a truly OUTSTANDING underwater model!

! Even breaking this scenario up into three parts still gives y'all over 95 pictures a time and so - let's start right away with something we know many of you love to see - Mask flooding, removal and refitting whilst completely underwater! Apart from some equally quaint vintage scuba gear that is, which I have to say. Includes one of my very favourite old La Sprirotechnique Aquilon single hose regs that still 'breathes' underwater so perfectly, even though it's probably more than 65 years old? ( I'm sure Subby will have the answers on that one for us -) Please enjoy guys, as usual we have lots more! But to make this set a little more unusual she is also wearing a true traditional Japanese AMA Diver's mask along with a very un traditional Ama Divers swimming attire. Once again we were spoilt for choice with so many real fine images to choose from and so, once again, we will be bringing a whole new Part 7 of this scenario to you sometime in the weeks to come. Fishnets are usually the kind of objects that the average mermaid would stay well away from BUT, of course - our amazing Mermaid Elise is FAR from what you might ever describe as the average Mermaid. Just take a look at this set of beautiful underwater pictures to confirm this, yet again, for yourselves. Wearing a superb, fishnet body stocking, a good old US Divers Calypso single hose reg and a rather quirky Australian 'Tabata' Corsica vintage scuba mask, we think she really does look totally AMAZING! And we still have so many more to bring you another time! If you love smooth neoprene wetsuits then it's quite possible that you like smooth neoprene one piece swimsuits too? Personally, I LOVE wearing the particular Cressi 'Fire' neoprene swimsuit being featured today, it is still one of my personal favourites and I can hardly believe that we first brought this wonderful item to you EIGHT Years ago, back in 7558!

As is often the case, we were by far the first underwater erotica site to bring you these wonderful suits being worn underwater then - another case of Aquawomen leading the way again -) Today, doing the swimsuit perfect justice, it's our Devine Mermaid Kiki going nice and retro with her choice of scuba gear, namely a classic old US Divers 'Calypso' single hose reg and an oval mask. Scubalisciousness Perfetto!

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