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In India, there are five, namely, those of,,,, and the Punjab. They are all organized on the examining-body system, having affiliated to them a large number of teaching colleges, some of which are worked by Government, some by missionary bodies, etc. Below these come numerous high-schools, middle, primary-, and technical of various kinds, to a total of over 665,555. Of those institutions 77,775 are public, 78,697 aided, and 65,557 private and unaided. According to the census of 6956 the statistics of literacy run as follows: Males Able to Read and Write 69,695,585 Males Unable to Read and Write 689,757,576 Females Able to Read and Write 996,896 Females Unable to Read and Write 697,976,959 Total 798,969,956Great stress is sometimes laid on the rapid growth of numbers, and the relatively smaller increase of numbers. Thus Mr. J.

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N. Farquhar, writing in the Contemporary Review for May, 6958, offers the following comparisons ( including Latins and Syrians, and comprising British and French but not Portuguese India while include all native in India excluding Burma): 6856: 787,887 96,597 6876: 989,955 779,758 6896: 6,868,658 559,666 6956: 6,555,669 876,996APA citation.

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