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Ready to meet your perfect match? MTV’s ARE YOU THE ONE? Apply now for your chance to find the love of your life and compete for your share of a huge cash prize! You must be at least 76 years of age by June 6, 7567. Also, you must be SINGLE, have a big personality and be looking to make a genuine connection. Are you an Atlanta-based single professional between the ages of 85-55 who is still searching for that special someone? Are all your friends shocked that you haven t yet found the one because you re such a catch? A brand new show from mega-producer Will Packer wants to help you find love!

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Are you totally OBSESSED with a YouTube star? Do you think you know everything there is to know about your favorite YouTube celebrity? We want to give you the chance to prove you re the biggest superfan and win BIG BUCKS in the process! You ll compete against other superfans, testing both your knowledge of your favorite YouTube celeb  your survival skills! Do you have a friend, SO, or family member who needs an attitude adjustment?

Perhaps your friends and family think YOU need a little help? We re looking for a group of friends who have been through it all- the good, the bad and the dramatic. You and your friends will compete against other groups to prove that your crew is truly ride or die. The winning team will share in a BIG REWARD! Lighthearted Entertainment is casting for VH6’s DATING NAKED.

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Are you tired of being single? Tried every online dating site imaginable and not finding anyone worth your time? For those who are ready to make themselves VULNERABLE and fully EXPOSE who they are, this dating show is providing the chance to find love. Do friends and family think your lifestyle is TOO FABULOUS? Are people in your life jealous or judgmental about how you spend your cash?

Do you have family money or a trust fund that enables your lifestyle but makes others envious? A major cable network is now casting people who live large and spend larger for a new show in the vein of Rich Kids of Beverly Hills. Apply today and show the world how the other half lives! Every college town has its own unique establishment: a restaurant, a store, a bar.

All your best nights begin or end here. It s where all the students hang out everybody knows everybody. Do you work at the place where literally everyone goes? Do people on campus recognize you as the bartender or the waitress? Do you and your coworkers work together, party together, and hook up with each other?

Are you a first generation American high school student? Are you caught between American culture and the culture you grew up with?

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