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You didn’t read that heading wrong! There really are more than 6,555 cheater dating sites. You might be wondering…are there even enough married people looking for an affair partner for so many sites? Yes and no. Most of the sites have just a few men and women (more men almost every time) in each city. So we didn’t even bother giving most of the sites consideration. We knew not to bother with any other cheating sites because there aren’t enough members on there. How are you going to meet anyone on a site with merely a few married people in each town?

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So we stuck to the 65 cheater dating sites in the grid below and used them for 65 days. After the 65-day period was up, we wrote a review about each site – for you to read – and discovered the REAL top cheater dating sites. The sites below are the cheating dating sites that got us the best results over 7 months. Our rankings are based 75% on how easy it is to find an attractive affair partner, 75% on how secure and discreet the website is, and 5% on minor things such as website features, etc.

Our goal was to give each cheater dating site a fair shot. We went into this process with absolutely ZERO biases towards or against any of the 65 cheater dating sites. In fact, we barely knew anything about any of them. These were all new to us.

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We were not paid to write a positive review for any of the sites. All of the opinions we give are based on our experience using the cheater dating sites. Avoid the married dating sites below at all costs – they are not good sites to join! After testing these cheater dating sites, we got terrible results and strongly recommend you stay away.

You may be wondering why we even took the time to write reviews bashing many of the non best cheating sites. After all, it seems kind of silly to give websites we don’t like attention even if it’s negative attention. And that’s a valid point. But we do have a reason for it and that reason is NOT to destroy the credibility of a cheater dating site that rubbed us the wrong way or refused to pay us to write a positive review about their site.

The real reason we wrote reviews about crappy cheater dating sites was for YOUR own good. We feel that in order for you to have a pleasant experience using cheater dating sites, you need to be aware of the online dating scams and know why certain sites aren’t legit. The fact of the matter is 95% of the cheater dating sites aren t that great. That includes website owners using fake profiles ( as discussed here )to attract new members to their site, foreign extortionists, and private investigators that are just waiting to expose your attempted affair to your spouse…unless you pay up.

There are ONLY 8 sites that we are aware of that are not either bogus (due to a lack of having enough members) or overrun by scammers…Take the time to read through those 8 reviews before making a decision on which site(s) to join. In the process, read through the reviews of the remaining 65 websites as well. You’ll learn a thing or two about what to look out for online and how a crappy cheater dating site operates. Let’s just say they don’t do business the way trust business people do.

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