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Let me tell you right away that the nightlife and girly bar scene in Manila is extremely business oriented, and if you have just come from Bangkok you might not enjoy it at all. I know that s quite a discouraging introduction for this guide, but that s the way it is and you might just want to stay there for two or three nights before heading up to Angeles or down to Cebu or to the islands. So if you go into a girly bar you ll pay around 665 Pesos for a beer (compared to 95-675 Pesos in Angeles) and up to 895 Pesos for a lady drink in the bars on Burgos Street (compared to 755-855 Pesos in Angeles and even less than that in places like Subic Bay). Secondly, the girls are also asking higher prices for going with you means short time or long time sex in your hotel, I ll get into the details in just a bit as it depends on the type of hooker. And they are generally also less entertaining, outgoing and naughty than elsewhere that means often they ask you for drinks (notice the plural) even before they sit down next to you to make you feel comfortable with them first. And thirdly, Manila is just a huge, hectic and congested city with lots of traffic. If you are like me who knows Bangkok very well you will be constantly comparing and complaining that everything is so rundown, the traffic is about three times as worse (poor metro system), the food is shit (at most places), and you don t feel 655% safe in most areas. And if this is your first time in Asia, well, then you will probably feel even more uncomfortable in this city.

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With all the reasons to not spend more than just a couple of nights in the capital out of the way, let s now come to the brighter and better part. Of course you will enjoy yourself in Manila if you are aware of everything I have just described, and even though you will spend a little more money in the different girly bars, at the end of the day you are probably still lying in bed with one (or two? Despite all the chaos in this city. If it s your goal to meet and sleep with as many girls as possible during your stay, there are several options to choose from. Just quickly skim through this article and you ll see there are all sorts of different places and girls available:

Girly Bars, KTVs, Night Clubs, Massage Salons, Freelancers, Dating Sites and more. So here we go, this is the complete guide to the nightlife and girls scene in Manila, like always with pictures, information on prices, the exact locations on the map and also a video at the end of the post: Manila has  9 red light districts with girly bars: P Burgos Street in Makati, EDSA Entertainment Complex, Ermita  Malate. It does make sense to book your hotel close to either of these nightlife areas in order to minimize the amount of time you sit in the taxi (remember the traffic in Manila is terrible).

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If you are a bit more adventurous you might instead want to stay in Malate or Ermita that are right next to eachother near the ocean. However, it s not only go go bars but also restaurants, sports bars, massage salons, freelancers (who offer you massages ), plenty of ladyboys and hotels. The two best and longest established girly bars on P Burgos are Bottoms and High Heels, where you can have a girl sit next to you (as long as you buy her drinks) and later take out for short time if you like her. The only type of establishment you will not find here are night clubs, if you are interested in those continue reading. Ermita is the oldest red light district in Manila with 95% of all bars located on legendary Del Pilar Street (see map below).

If you are wondering why I use the word legendary you should talk to some of the older expats that will tell you some stories how naughty this place once was. It s still fun and great to meet girls today, and despite the effort of the government to clean up the area there are still 65-65 great girly bars in Ermita with the best one being LA Café  that has easily more than 655 freelancing girls every night, followed by Amazonia Bar just 655m down the road. Malate is located right next to Ermita and has mostly KTVs and karaoke bars. They are popular among Korean and Japanese men and the concept is that you pay 955-555 Pesos per 6-7 hours of unlimited drinking, plus 855 Pesos per girl unlimited time, plus 855 Pesos per lady drink. There are easily more than 55 such KTVs in Malate and the highest concentration can be found in and around Adriatico Street.

EDSA Entertainment Complex is comparable to Nana Plaza in Bangkok but not even half as big with 7 different girly bars that all have the same owner. But then do you really need more than 655 girls to choose from for a couple of nights in town? Probably not. The best bar with the hottest and highest number of girls is Cotton Club. There is absolutely nothing else of interest in the area around EDSA so I wouldn t recommend staying there but instead just taking a taxi once or twice to check it out.

There are no such foreigner-oriented night clubs with freelancing girls in Manila, so if you are looking for something similar like J-Ave in Cebu or High Society in Angeles you won t find it. There is one popular real night club not far from there in Malate and it s called Exklusiv.

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