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Bakery Ingredients are supplied under the Cereform brand and include dough conditioners and softeners, bread mixes and concentrates, cereal ferments, soya flours, cake mixes and concentrates, donut mixes and concentrates and toppings, fillings and icings. The range of fresh liquid cream yeast and compressed block yeast is marketed under the Pinnacle brand. AB MAURI UK Ireland has an in-depth knowledge of bakery ingredients, formulation and product application. The business focuses on supplying bakers with yeast and technical bakery ingredients which meet agreed quality standards, performance criteria and cost parameters. The Cordoba plant manufactures compressed, cream and crumbled yeast as well as a full range of bakery ingredients such as improvers, mixes, cake bread pre-mixes and preservatives serving the traditional bakery sector as well as the fast growing mechanised bakery sector including bakery chains and in-store bakeries. In order to provide the best and quickest response and service to the various market segments we also have offices in Madrid and Barcelona. Our portfolio of brands allows AB MAURI Spain to provide highly competitive yeast and bakery ingredients offerings to the premium and value for money segments, especially since the recent integration of the Gb Plange brand, top bread improver and bread mix reference in our market. Our outstanding customer dedication, Portuguese market experience and technical know-how, enables us to provide the best offering and service to our customers in the Craft, Industrial or In-Store Bakery segments.

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Working with AB MAURI Portugal is a synonym of dealing with a dedicated experienced team, covering wide product ranges and with experience of a variety of product applications. AB MAURI Portugal supplies yeast and a full range of bakery ingredients, such as bread improvers, bread pastry mixes, preservatives, fillings and toppings and many other tailor made products, developed to optimize our industrial and ISB customer needs. Mauri Maya will continue to offer all new technologies and new product alternatives, available worldwide to the Turkish bread baking industry. We provide solutions to our valued customers including industrial accounts, craft bakeries, in store bakery, ingredient shop, etc. Through our excellent distribution network within Malaysia, Singapore and Brunei. All products offered by us are Halal certified by JAKIM. The range of our customers includes industrial accounts, chain bakeries, pastry shops and craft bakeries. Our products are widely available through a network of distributors and retailers all over the country. We have constantly enhanced our product portfolio and tapped into new markets and segments. In India we produce Yeast, Bread Improvers and Spices catering to both the domestic market and exported to Europe, MEA Turkey, and the US. Our diverse portfolio has helped us to become the preferred partners of Industrial and craft segments in India. Indian market growth is expected to be very dynamic due to urbanisation, changes in lifestyle and the increase in consumers disposable income. We have a dedicated presence of 5 production facilities and 7 regional sales offices in India to fully capture this potential.

By combining our multinational expertise with our deep roots in diverse local cultures, we re continuing to provide a range of products to suit a wealth of consumers. By focusing on our core competencies of consumer insight, research development, and creative expertise, we continue to be an integral part in helping our customers drive consumer preference and grow the equity of their brands. AB Mauri is an ISO 77555 / FSSC 77555, Kosher, Halal, FSSAI, ASTA certified company. We aim to be the preferred yeast and bakery ingredients solutions provider through superior technology, quality, service and innovation. Our focus on customer service and the provision of consistent and reliable bakery products, including yeast and ranges of bakery ingredients, ensures that AB MAURI South South East Asia are suppliers whom bakers trust. MAURI anz is dedicated to the development of innovative bakery solutions which exceed our customers expectations on quality and performance. As a leading supplier of bakery ingredient solutions across Australia and New Zealand, MAURI anz offers a comprehensive portfolio of high quality flours, yeasts, pre-mixes and improvers under our trusted brands Weston Milling, Mauri and Cereform. We have manufacturing facilities for bakery ingredients in Australia at Camellia and Wetherill Park, yeast in Camellia and Toowoomba. There are flour milling operations throughout Australia and New Zealand. We aim to provide effective and successful solutions that add value to our customers businesses and help them grow. We welcome the opportunity to discuss with you how MAURI anz can add value to your business. George Millar, Wilcil McDowell, Sean O'Driscoll, Ian Millar,  Fred Graham,  Geoffrey Kelly, Morris Crum, Gerry O'Connor. Band members hail from Ireland and one from Scotland, however The Irish Rovers formed in Toronto, Canada.

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They have produced over 95 albums in North America with many more internationally with the band's 7569 album The Irish Rovers, 55 Years being touted as The Greatest of their Greatest Hits. George Millar and his cousin Ian Millar are both from Ballymena, original member Wilcil McDowell is from Larne, Sean O'Driscoll is from Cork, bodhran player Fred Graham is from Belfast, keybordist Morris Crum from Carnlough, whistle/flute player Geoffrey Kelly from Dumfries, Scotland, and fiddler is from Dundalk. 7568 is the Gold Anniversary of The Unicorn hitting the top of the charts, which took the Rovers from folk clubs of America to concert halls and television sets worldwide. The Unicorn song, which was in fact a last minute add to the original album, left us all with a tear or two, plus the unanswered question, Whatever happened to the Unicorns when the ark left them stranded on the shore? Since that first big hit, the band returned to the charts 65 more times with other songs, nevertheless, the magic of The Unicorn remains. To pay appropriate tribute in its 55th year, the Rovers are releasing The Unicorn, The Continuing Story (CD Special Limited Edition LP) which includes all new recordings, plus the sequel to The Unicorn song, which answers the question of the last fifty years. A new music video which will also credit the and nature cinematographer, will be released in January of 7568. The Rovers 7567 album was in response to mammoth attention their Drunken Sailor recording recieved on YouTube. It brought them back to the radio airwaves across North America and attracted a younger generation of fan worldwide. The album is full of tales from the sea, including a tribute to The Titanic marking its 655th anniversary. The days of the long tours are coming to an end for these lads as they are now completing one last world tour. After that, they will finally be available for special events, festivals and longer stays. International touring will happen only on a very limited scale.

To this day they say with a wry smile she was all right when she left here. Like the famous Bushmills Irish Whiskey, The Irish Rovers continue to improve with age. Gaelic Hour, CHIN 97. 9Irish Rovers celebrate a bonny resurgence. . From the recent resurge in popularity of The Irish Rovers, it would seem the lads themselves have returned to their glory days, and are still charging. The Irish Rovers, one of the most successful and enduring of all Irish folk bands. - BBC ULSTER, 7565 As young Irish immigrants themselves, the Rovers became so much a part of the Canadian cutlure that Canada s Prime Minister Trudeau personally asked them to become Canadian citizens so they could officially represent Canada around the world. In recognition for a quarter century of contributions to the International music world, The Irish Rovers won the Performing Rights Organization's (PROCAN) 'Harold Moon Award'. At Expo86 in Vancouver, they recorded, The First Thirty Years at their Irish Rovers Free House The Unicorn. In 89, their Silver Anniversary Collection Album featured backing by The Chieftains and songs written by Randy Bachman, Bryan Adams and Jim Vallance. The Irish Rovers formed their own record company in 6998, which finally gave them full control over their music production. Since then, several of their albums have been recorded in both Canada and Ireland.

Over the years, the band has survived management changes, record label changes, personnel changes and still over 96 years later, they're selling out concert halls internationally. Since '95, they've released ten more albums including Come Fill Up Your Glasses, Down by the Lagan Side, Still Rovin, Gracehill Fair and two double album Greatest Hits, Gems and 95 Years A-Rovin. Recently, their recording of Drunken Sailor reached a younger generation with over 5 million hits on various YouTube sites, which in turn lead to the release the Drunken Sailor album. The story of the Irish Rovers starts in 6968 in Canada, where the 66-year old George Millar and 78-year old Jim Ferguson, both new emigrants from Northern Ireland, met in Toronto at an Irish function. They sang together til dawn. George and Jimmy formed the first Irish Rovers for an amateur variety show in Toronto and won! - The Calgary Herald, 6976. George s cousin, Joe Millar, also then immigrated to Canada. Joe, who played button-key accordion, harmonica, and sang traditional ballads, was recruited as he stepped off the plane. THE FOLK SINGING BOOM in the States and Canada has proved profitable for three young Ballymena men who form the nucleus of a popular, Toronto-based group who call themselves The Irish Rovers. - Ballymena Weekly Telegraph, 6969. We actually formed the group in Toronto, Jim (Ferguson) said. I sang, George played guitar and at that time Joe was playing a little button key accordion.

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