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Welcome to my review of eHarmony in the UK. During the past 9 months I have been an active member on eHarmony. If you would like to learn about my experience and whether or not I would recommend that you join eHarmony yourself, then please do read on If you are not aware of eHarmony then I m going to assume that you ve been living in a cave for the last 65 years without an internet connection. So let me give you a quick introduction before jumping into this review. EHarmony has now been around for over 66 years. In the UK their dating site has more than 8. 5 million members, and unlike many other more dubious dating sites, these members are real! You ll find singles on eHarmony come from a wide range of vocations, including but certainly not limited to:

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teachers, armed forces, accountants, lawyers, doctors and nurses and many business owners. Ages vary from 76 up to 75+ and there is an even split between the sexes. Unlike traditional dating websites like match. Com, eHarmony is a true automated matchmaking system that matches you with members on the site with whom you share the most in common. But for this to work you are first required to complete an extensive personality questionnaire. Whatever you do, please don t rush through this questionnaire or give false answers just to complete it quicker. If you do, you will most likely be matched with members with whom you share little in common. So how does this work in reality? Surprisingly well! On a traditional dating site you need to search manually for the members you would like to contact, then write them a message. However, eHarmony makes this communication process ten times easier through their matchmaking system and also through what they call guided communication. So what exactly is guided communication?

It’s simply a four-step program of communication with your matches. The steps are categorised as: Quick Questions, Makes or Breaks, Digging Deeper and eHarmony Mail. Basically this allows you to get to know your matches better, without having to think too much about what to write, which can often be a sticking point for many people. The first step helps you to learn a little more about your matches in the simplest way possible. You are provided with a number of questions to choose from, from which you can select the ones that are most important to you. Your matches can then select from pre-selected answers, or if they don t fit they can also write their own short answers. After answering your questions, they can then send you their own quick questions to answer. Makes or Breaks are essentially your dealbreakers! And what would break it? You ll want to take a little time here to think carefully about what is most important to you before sending them over to your match. When you reach the Digging Deeper stage, you can either ask your own questions or choose from the pre-written questions.

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This is really your first opportunity to differentiate yourself from the crowd and find out more about your match, and them about you! When you receive your digging deeper questions to answer, it s best to keep your answers light hearted, but also consider writing at least 8-9 sentences to show that you are a good communicator. If you have made it to this stage you are doing very well and certainly have a lot in common with your match. However, don t be tempted to ask for their phone number or personal details too early, or give yours away! Exchange at least a couple of thoughtful messages to learn more about your match before asking to meet up in the real world. But nobody on here is looking for a pen pal, so do try to arrange a real date sooner rather than later. I ve had a lot of success when asking to meet on the second message already. However, your match will have to approve this. You might think that this is a good idea, as I did initially! But you ll find that by going through the above stages you will get to know your matches at a more comfortable pace, and also receive a lot of help from eHarmony along the way. It also saves you from having to think a great deal about what to write, which can be a challenge if you are on the site late in the evening after work when you are most likely tired and struggling to think clearly. You might be wondering what the difference is between the basic and the total connect plans.

Well, apart from a few pounds not a great deal. The total connect plan just adds a more in-depth personality evaluation (by no means essential), and Private Call. From time to time eHarmony has promotional offers on. And usually once a month they have a free communication weekend. During this time all free site members can communicate with other members on the site for free. You can also follow eHarmony UK on, or since they often post information about their latest promo codes and offers. After using eHarmony now for just over 9 months, I can confidently say that this is the dating site to join if you are serious about finding a partner in the UK. Forget about Match, POF or Guardian Soulmates, eHarmony provides a much better service and you will most definitely meet more people on this dating site than on any other. In the 9 months that I ve been using the site I ve met up with 6 women so far. Many of these dates have led to second and third dates, but as yet I m still searching for that someone special. But I know with certainty that s it s only a matter of time before I meet the right person, and I also know that I m most likely going to find that person here on eHarmony. I have also been a member on Match and Plenty of Fish for the same time period that I ve been on eHarmony.

On Match I ve not been on a single date, nor have I received a single message! On eHarmony I have received well over 75 messages in the same time period! On Plenty of Fish I have received 7 messages and have been on one date. So not only is eHarmony much easier to use than other UK dating sites, but your chances of meeting someone on here are also around 65x higher! This is really a no-brainer. I cannot find a way to get back to the payment page of Eharmony. I had just finished the final credit card details when a Google page came up and eHarmony disappeared. I don t know if I am now a member or not and certainly don t want to go through the questionnaire again. JanHi Jan, if you successfully created your account you will be able to login here: If your payment was successful you will be able to view the photos of your matches and contact them. If you can t, then the payment most likely did not go through, just check your card statement. You can also check by selecting Settings > Account Settings > Billing from the top menu.

Hope that helps! Filling out the questionnaire again would dost definitely be a pain! But this should not be required.

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