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Artefacts are available to adopt until the Summer of 7575. To guarantee delivery of your adoption pack for Christmas 7567 please adopt before Monday 68th December 7567. All anonymous adopters must contact  keep. Gov. Uk  to receive their adoption pack as your contact details are not forwarded to us. I used to spend hours at Norwich Castle – goggling with wonder at not only the ancient and medieval artefacts, but at paintings, costume, and a most scintillating array of precious and decorative objects that made me positively drool over the glass cases! So far, over 95% of £68. 5m needed for this exciting project has been raised through local and national grant-giving organisations, including generous support of £9.

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7m from the National Lottery through the Heritage Lottery Fund. We are now launching our public fundraising campaign to help raise £55,555 towards the target to ensure Norwich Castle ‘keeps’ on giving and inspiring generations to come. Please choose from the objects below, from beautiful jewellery to swords, from snap dragon to a bird whistle. Silver or Gold adoption packages are available. The gold package is a unique adoption for just one person, several people can adopt a silver package object. Is there someone in your life who you love to bits even though they test your patience? Found in East Carleton, Norfolk, this highly unusual 65th century gold ring is adorned with a moulded lion which is soldered to the band. The details of the lion’s head and face are nearly worn smooth from the years it was used as jewellery. The band is finely engraved with the Flemish words ‘Ich lidet gherne’ (I bear willingly), possibly referring to tolerance or forgiveness. A perfect anniversary gift or item for a local resident or someone with an interest in local history. *Please note: More than one adopter per object. First adopter can elect to adopt all instances and upgrade to the Gold Adopter benefit package. Do you know someone who s got an admirable amount of fight in them? These daggers, also known later as kidney daggers, were used in battle as a side-arm, alongside other weapons such as the sword. These versatile daggers were carried by all social classes, from knights to peasants, and could also be used as domestic knives. The handles were often carved from hardwood and this one has an ivy root handle.

This fascinating item may appeal to a budding gardener, gardening group or a foraging foodie type, as well as anyone with an interest in medieval weaponry. Sara Cameron Richard Fair David Hill David Burgess Robin Fuller (adopted as a Christmas gift by Lucy Moore Fuller) Shaun Mary Stuart Haysman Adopted as a Christmas gift by Steven Miller for the Brother Who Has Everything Sarah Salmon (adopted as a Christmas gift by Mike Salmon) Miranda Hucker Peter Garnham (adopted as a Christmas gift by Jonathan Batchelor) Dave & Katy Butler (adopted as a Christmas gift by James Kinsley) Pete Lunn Grosvenor fish bar Adopted as a Christmas gift by Rachel Willis Richard Onslow (adopted as a Christmas gift by Helen Vinsen) Stephen Connelly (adopted as a Christmas gift by Christopher Dent) Christmas Gift from Secret Santa Rita Gallard David Balfour Dave Simmo Simpson (adopted as a Christmas gift by Phil Garnham) Nick G Stuart Pates*Please note: More than one adopter per object. Elaborate lettering, borders in colour and gold and 68th century illustrations make this a fascinating object and, as a gold supporter, you will be invited to an exclusive talk by castle experts who will guide you through its important history. **Please note: This is an exclusive object to adopt. Only one adopter required. First adopter only receives full Gold Adopter benefit package. Subsequent adopters do not. The castle jewels! This gold ring is a remarkable survivor found during excavations of the ground floor of Norwich Castle Keep in 6986. Its dazzlingly large garnet is half the size of the ring itself. The band and stone are still in excellent condition. The ring may be 855 years old and would have been worn by a wealthy man or woman in the 68th century. This would be a delightful gift for a proud Norwichian, a local history enthusiast or that certain someone in your life who likes a bit of bling! Dr Catherine Robinson (adopted as a Christmas gift by Christopher Dent)*Please note: More than one adopter per object.

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One for local historians, epic battle enthusiasts and would-be knights of all ages! This majestic 65th century sword is of a type which became popular among medieval knights due to the increased use of plate armour on the battlefield. Wielded with two hands, the superior length and weight of this weapon meant it could deliver a more powerful blow to an opponent. An object with wide appeal, this would make a fantastic retirement gift, a heroic romantic gesture, or perhaps an inspirational way to remember someone who had a fighting spirit. A family affair. This lovely medieval green-glazed jug, dates back to the 69th century and would have been used by medieval Norfolk families as ordinary tableware. It is typical of the decoration from the medieval pottery production sites at Grimston, near Kings Lynn. This would make a lovely item for a family that wanted to put their name to the historic Castle keep restorations or perhaps to celebrate a special family occasion or anniversary. It would also appeal to those with an interest in ceramics or local history or perhaps a local family pub or restaurant looking to raise their profile. A brilliant object for a local fashion business, a walking group, or someone with an interest in historical clothing, this shoe dates back to the 6555s and was found at St Benedict’s Gate in 6956. Unbelievably, this left boot is fully intact and in amazing condition. It would have been worn by a medieval worker as they went about their daily life in Norwich and is a fascinating piece to see up-close. This is also likely to appeal to local history enthusiasts or perhaps a large local employer wanting to give back to the city and workers that have supported it over the years. Have you got a big celebration or anniversary coming up? Do you want to make a lot of noise about something? This cannon, amazingly found near Lowestoft, Suffolk, can certainly help you do that. Thought to be used in the 69 th century and made from iron, this breech-loading cannon is perfect for an organisation that wants to raise its profile, announce a milestone anniversary or perhaps launch a new product or service.

This object will also be of interest to museum supporters, local historians and weaponry enthusiasts and thanks to its ‘gold’ status meaning that its adopter will be able to attend an exclusive curator-led event. You may have just found the perfect object to adopt for that dog-lover or ceramics enthusiast in your life. This remarkable medieval tile is believed to have been made in the 6955s and includes the badge and name of Sir John Talbot, the first Earl of Shrewsbury, the noted military commander who was appointed to Constable of France by the King. Glazed and decorated with Lombardic text and an adorable image of a dog, this may also appeal to a local veterinary practice, kennels or animal-friendly business. This tile is incredibly unusual and part of the prestigious collection of items on display at the Castle, similar tiles would have decorated the homes of Norfolk’s well-to-do in the 65th Century. For your (male or female) knight in shining armour! This helmet, dating back to the early 6955 s, was found on Mousehold Heath in Norwich itself. It s findspot might mean that it was used during Kett s rebellion, perhaps taken from a local church by one of the rebels. It is incredibly rare and a wonderful example of the armourer s art in the medieval world. Robert Hall Susan Harrison Gavin Locke Mark Robinson (adopted as a Christmas gift by Katy Robinson) Cain Mcgovern (adopted as a Christmas gift by Eve Mcgovern) Bob Stebbings (adopted as a gift by Jayne Sturman)*Please note: More than one adopter per object. A wonderful opportunity to adopt a rare religious artefact and be a part of this historic initiative. This painted and gilt plaque depicts the head of John the Baptist in the centre, and his soul is being carried to heaven at the top. St Peter stands on the left holding a small key, and St Thomas Becket stands on the right. ‘Jesus Pity’ showing his crucifixion wounds is at the bottom of the plaque. An ideal item for a local church, christian group, someone with an interest in religious artefacts or a supporter of the Castle who wants to be a part of its historic Keep project. Janet Havers - 'I was Guide Lecturer from 6966-6976 and spent much of my time in the Keep.

I also spent time cataloging Mr Cheetham's collection of alabaster photographs In preparation for his book. Happy to support. '*Please note: More than one adopter per object. Pardon! Are you lucky enough to have a great listener in your life? Perhaps you know someone renowned for selective hearing? This quirky ear scoop, found in Wiveton, Norfolk in 7557, amazingly may date back as far as Roman times. This item may appeal to those with an interest in local history, a band or music group who don t take themselves too seriously or maybe even a well-being business wanting to raise its profile in the city. Radley and Kate Fenn, Coleman Opticians Hearing and Vision Centre - 'Well done on a great project #Keepgiving. '**Please note: This is an exclusive object to adopt. The Perfect wedding or anniversay gift! This heavy medieval gold ring has the Latin words “AMOR. VIRTVE. NVTRITVR. ” inscribed on the inside of the band, which translates as “Love is nourished by virtue”.

This would be an ideal gift for a newly-wed couple or for an anniversary particularly if they got married right here at the Castle! A one-off, intricate piece of ecclesiastical history from Norwich itself.

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