Why Dating Someone From High School Could Lead to a

Dating someone from high school

Go Premium Login Advertising 8 Things To Know Before Dating A Person With A High IQ By Casey ImafidonI have been featured on Elitedaily, Inc. Com, Thoughtcatalog. Com, Success. Com and many more blogs. Having a high IQ could be a tool at achieving so many great things if it is channeled in the right direction. Their level of intelligence pushes them to do better than others. Although a healthy IQ doesn’t guarantee success, it sure does provide the cognitive ability to be adaptable and quick learners. They see the failings of the world better than other people.

Top 10 Tips for High School Dating LearningPath org

While you and I can just deal with it, adapt and move on, they remained bothered about the human condition and other people’s idiocy. They do not see why the world is behind when it needs is smarter people in the right places doing the right thing. They treat the issues facing the world with more criticism. It was discovered that people with high IQ are more selective when they perceive objects in motion.

This means that when looking a whole object they tend to ignore the larger and less relevant parts of it. They can break things down easier and focus on lesser and smaller parts of a picture. In a world of many distractions this skill plays a key role in the intelligence of people with high IQ. People with a high IQ are not only critical of the world around them, they also expect they can be better than others.

8 Things To Know Before Dating A Person With A High IQ

They feel their intelligence is enough ground to see them succeed and prove a point to the world. With an IQ above 695. They do live under more pressure to excel than others. , it was discovered that people with a high IQ are more prone to anxiety and worrying about what their lives will be like.

They are also better at learning from their past mistakes. , people with a high IQ may be somewhat bias when it comes to realizing and picking out their own flaws. While it is somewhat easier for them to pick out the flaws of others and their environment, they are less able to see their own flaws. They can be selective in their associations as they expect more out of any social interaction they commit themselves to.

They think many others who they interact with many be able to relate with them on their level. It is true, the smart want to be with other smart people. Still, thinking highly of themselves may make them more prone to rebel and chart new paths for themselves. They can be confident but not cocky about it, because what they really want is to find someone they can enjoy spending their time with.

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