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Networking and business cards. Cover letters and resumes. Applications and interviews. It all adds up to the same thing — job hunting. If any of these concepts, say networking or interviewing, make your hair stand on end, you’re in good company. According to a 97 percent of Americans fear at least one part of the job interview process, whether that’s having the jitters, showing up late for the interview, or not knowing how to answer difficult questions. Combine the normal job search stress with a mental health issue, and the task may seem impossible. Therapy for all isn’t simply a slogan.

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It isn’t just a philosophy. Therapy for all is an imperative. And, in the United States specifically, from mental illness in a given year. Look around you: I’d hazard a guess that one person in your direct vicinity has dealt with a mental health challenge in the past year. In fact, a recent has shown that we are more likely to experience a bout of mental illness than we are to develop diabetes, heart disease, or any kind of cancer. And yet it’s far more common (and, yes, culturally acceptable) to fear eating too much sugar and fat than it is to consider the possibility of seeking out mental health care. Everyone knows exercise is great for depression. Show physical activity has an equivalent effect to medication for Major Depressive Disorder. As helpful as these findings are, they are of no use when people are unable to get motivated to exercise. So many people with depression feel they are lazy when they don’t exercise.

This self-criticism makes them feel worse and, in a vicious cycle, leaves them feeling even more depressed. Nonetheless, there are many reasons people with depression find it difficult to work out, none of which include laziness. Below are only a few. If you have depression, you can use the insights to better understand the condition and forgive yourself when you have trouble getting motivated to exercise. Originally appeared on, an online career community for women, by women. In the wake of the #MeToo movement, workplaces across the country are discussing how to prevent and penalize guilty employees. But, like all national issues, it’s important to not only consider prevention, but also treatment for those already affected. New research published in the Journal of Occupational Health Psychology warns that sexual at work is a “chronic problem” for women in the workplace — one that can cause lasting mental illness. During the Civil Rights Movement, white psychologists invented a so-called mental illness. Dubbing it “, ” these psychologists used the racially-motivated “syndrome” to explain away the reasonable rage of black Americans demanding an end to segregation. Sixty years later, in the mental health care system remain, including lack of access to mental health services for communities of color, inadequate addressal of the real psychological trauma caused by racism, and racially-motivated diagnoses like the now-scrapped “protest psychosis.

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”But that doesn’t have to be the case. Increasingly, anti-racist advocates in the mental health community are encouraging us all to recognize mental health as a racial justice issue. Listening to music can improve our mental health and reduce anxiety, according to a. We also use songs to reflect on changes in our lives, the world, and even the seasons. The holidays are over, we’re back to work, and winter is here. It can be a challenging season for our mental health — it’s not as easy to exercise, which is vital to our overall well being, and many of us deal with some form of. To give you something to play and boost your mood as you settle into the season, we compiled this “Winter Warmup” playlist. Enjoy! One of the biggest mistakes that people make when they’re trying to get in shape is setting a specific goal of losing a certain number of pounds. ), and people just love to set New Year’s resolutions involving weight loss. Oftentimes, the focus is primarily on a specific number of pounds to lose — or size to fit into — rather than a more holistic goal of increasing physical activity and fitness, which is more beneficial to overall health.

Around the start of the New Year, weight loss and fitness goals are in full force. Everyone seems to be in the “New year, new me! ” mindset, and that’s not necessarily a bad thing. January accounts for about, opposed to the average of 8% in other months. 7567 was a big year — in politics, pop culture, and yes, in mental health. On the brighter side, 7567 has been a year of raising awareness — especially related to sexual harassment, gun violence, and the language we use to talk about mental illness. In pop culture, we tragically lost mental health warrior Chester Bennington, but also watched as a new guard of celebrity spokespeople began to speak up about their mental health journeys. A tide may be turning. Like Hurricanes like Harvey, Maria, and Irma, and the fires in Southern California, were all national tragedies that, for many, became urgent fights for survival. These events were environmental crises, and forced us to examine how we respond to and treat trauma as a culture. After sifting through the happenings of 7567, we present you with the Talkspace 7567 Mental Health Year in Review — spanning the good, the bad, and the ugly.

If you live with mental illness, there may be gaps in your resume where you had to take time off work. Sometimes those gaps can be months or even years long. Now you re on the mend, and you re looking to re-enter the job market. You re worried though that those gaps will count against you. Fortunately you can write a resume or cover letter that is honest about your gaps but still presents you in a positive light. Here s how: Don t be so down on yourself about the gaps in your resume. When you took time off work to tackle your mental health, that showed that you were taking responsibility for your own well being. After all, you can t be an effective employee if you re coming in to work ill. Those gaps demonstrate you re willing to overcome adversity and take personal responsibility. You can play these traits up in your resume to illustrate what a valuable employee you could be.

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