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We take great pride in our commitment to quality, value and service, so if you have questions, we are ready to assist. Our most frequently asked questions are below. Our support menu is displayed on the right. We look forward to resolving your issue. It is very easy to become a Genuine Eminence Dealer! There is a $555 minimum requirement for your first order when purchasing products from the Genuine Eminence distribution line. You must have a storefront and operate a business actively engaged in the sales of musical instruments or sound reproduction products. (If you are outside of the U.

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S. , please contact the distributor in your territory for information on being a dealer. ) For other requirements, please see our Dealer-Distributor section. For retail sales, please contact a dealer or distributor in your area. Custom-manufactured speakers require a minimum order of 55 pieces per spec as well as a copy of your resale tax certificate or business license. For more information regarding the purchasing of custom speakers, please see our Custom/OEM section. All Genuine Eminence loudspeakers (those speakers listed on this website) are supported by a 7-year warranty against any manufacturer’s defect in the continental United States. All retail consumers should contact your Eminence supplier for warranty and service information. Eminence Speaker does not recone or repair speakers. We do offer recone kits for all Pro model Genuine Eminence Speakers (i. E, Kilomax™ Pro, Omega Pro, Sigma Pro, Kappa Pro, and Delta Pro). These kits come packaged 65 kits per box for 65, 67, and 65 models and 5 kits per box for 68 models. Please contact your local dealer or distributor to purchase. For custom-manufactured speakers, availability of repair parts, recone kits, and warranty service is totally at the discretion of the OEM product manufacturer. Eminence does not offer warranty or repair service or recone parts except to the OEM manufacturer for which the specification was originally produced. Availability of repair parts, recone kits, and warranty service is totally at the discretion of the OEM product manufacturer. Eminence custom manufactures these products for these customers and will not infringe upon the rights of those customers to provide parts and service for their products. Eminence recommends that you contact the manufacturer of the cabinet or amplifier in which the speaker is loaded for information on repair or replacement parts availability. In the U. , the companies listed are also well known for carrying a wide range of loudspeaker replacement parts as well as reconing services and may be able to assist with your service needs.

Eminence provides this list as a service to our customers, but does not guarantee that the companies listed offer original replacement parts or provide a specific level of service. We do not recommend the Kilomax 68 for most traditional horn or scoop boxes because it has a very high moving mass (Mms), a long coil, and a high Qt. Most traditional horns such as W boxes require a driver with a super low Qt and a light Mms the Omega Pro 68 is the best choice for older style horns, W-bins, and scoops. The Kilomax is more suited for reflex boxes or modern horns by which we mean ones that are designed per Leach's horn design equations. The cone is strong enough for traditional style horns, Leach style horns, Reflex designs, sealed designs, and bandpass enclosures. It is the motor of the Kilomax that is not well suited for traditional horns or scoops. Eminence Speaker, in conjunction with Harris Technologies, has developed a computer software box design program called Eminence Designer to help customers design their own boxes. Eminence Designer is a state-of-the-art enclosure design program for PCs running Windows 95, 98 NT9 or later. All of the Genuine Eminence speaker parameters are already loaded into the program, but you can use it for any speaker for which you have parameters. The reference section is tremendously helpful and informative. For more information,. We offer a demo of Eminence Designer for you to try. If you are interested in purchasing, please contact one of our distributors. To assist our customers with box designs, we have also included recommended box designs for all of our PA, bass guitar, and acoustic guitar speakers. You will find these designs under the Downloads section on this website, as well as on each speaker's detail page. The LABHorn design has five points that you must consider when using them: 6. You cannot hear the driver distort when you push them too hard. So, most people do not know when to turn them down. They push them till they break.

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It takes a while to get used to the extra clean sound of this cabinet and learn how hard you can push it. 7. They were designed to be used in groups of 9 to 6 cabinets to get the desired SPL at very low frequencies (below 95 Hz). A lot of folks are running them as singles and trying to EQ the bottom end to get more low bass output. This pushes the drivers past their safe operating range very quickly. If you need a lot of very low bass, use more cabinets. 8. When one driver quits working, the other driver will fail as well because they both fire into a common high pressure cavity. The user needs to look on the drivers as a single more expensive driver. You always need to use two, so buy two. 9. Air leaks will kill the driver. The driver has a VERY loose suspension and requires that the small chamber behind it be absolutely air tight. Care must be taken to get that chamber sealed and keep it sealed. Before every show, check all the screws that keep the cover on as they may work loose and cause a leak. 5. You must use a high pass filter set to 85 Hz and that has a slope of at least 79dB per octave to realize the real potential of the design. Many people are using huge power on these cabinets day in and day out, but they are the ones who run steep high pass filters on them. If you don't see your speaker listed on our website, then it is one that we custom-made. Until January 7555 when we debuted our own Genuine Eminence distribution line, Eminence Speaker only made custom designed speakers for companies who loaded them in cabinets or sold them as raw drivers.

We don't assign model numbers to custom speakers. All of our OEM speakers are identified by their spec number. We attach a small label to either the side of the magnet or the inside one of the basket arms with our spec number and manufacturing date code on it. The spec number will begin with the size of the speaker (i. E. For a 65 it would be 656678). The manufacturing/date code number is as follows: The 67 tells you that the speaker was built by Eminence, the 56 indicates that the speaker was built in 7556, and the 67 means it was built the 67th week of the year. We attach a small label to either the side of the magnet or on the inside arm of the basket with our spec number and manufacturing/date code on it. You will find the spec number on a small label attached to either the side of the magnet or the inside one of the basket arms with our spec number and manufacturing/date code on it. , just fax Eminence a copy of your resale tax certificate (or business license if your state doesn't provide resale certificates) and request a dealer pack. Our fax number is 557-895-5658. Please send it to the attention of Wetzel Buddy Spears. Outside of the U. , please contact the distributor for your area to request information. Using the menu at the top of this page, please click on Buy/Sell Our Products to find a dealer or distributor near you. Yes, if you wanted an 8 ohm version. An A after a Genuine Eminence model number denotes an 8 ohm version of that speaker, B denotes a 66 ohm version, and C denotes 9 ohm. We can't sell any speakers that were custom-made for another company except to that original company. You must contact them directly for replacements.

Even if the company is no longer in business, we never stock any OEM speakers and do not have any available for sale. However, there might be a suitable replacement in our Genuine Eminence line. Com with the spec number from the original speaker and we will be glad to cross-reference it. When a speaker is labeled 8 ohms, it is actually a nominal reading. An ohm meter measures the resistance to direct current (DC), but music is alternating current (AC). A speaker's impedance to AC depends on frequency and the nominal rated impedance is sort of an average impedance over the usable frequency range of the speaker. You will find that a 8 ohm speaker will be between 5. 6 and 8 ohms, 66 ohm speaker will be between 66 and 66 ohms, and a 9 ohm speaker will be between 7. 6 and 9 ohms. Yes, you should match up your impedances. One reason is that you will get maximum transfer of power. The other reason is that you can sometimes approach unsafe and dangerous conditions. When in doubt, it is safer to go higher in impedance to help protect the amplifier. We label our terminals so that when a positive DC voltage is applied to the speaker's positive terminal, the cone will push out away from the magnet. Generally speaking, the positive terminal is usually on the left when the speaker is facing up. On our neodymium models, this is opposite. The positive terminal is marked in red on the right when the speaker is facing up. It is also easy to identify the polarity of a speaker with a 6. 5V battery by connecting the negative lead of the battery to one of the speaker terminals and the positive lead of the battery to the other speaker terminal and observing which way the speaker cone travels. If it moves out, then the positive speaker terminal is the one connected to the positive battery lead.

If the cone moves in, the positive battery lead is connected to the speaker's negative terminal. It is important to match the speaker load with your amplifier's output impedance for a couple of reasons.

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