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Would you date someone who happens to have had a traumatic brain injury when they were very young from a car accident which caused them to have a learning disability? (btw they are average looking)Sure. I even had a acquaintance in high school who had full on scars and scull deformities from brain surgery. She was really nice, and had a great sense of humor. Totally would date. Sure, as long as they didn't just go psychomurderer on me. Well, I admit there are some unknown aspects here, maybe you could care to elaborate? Brain injuries, less traumatic ones anyway, are likely more common than we think people fall and get hurt, or bump their head often.

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-mild learning disability -has 8 or 9 scars on face that aren't very noticeable -shy and reserved -introvert -has anxiety (not severe or anything)Those aspects don't sound so bad. I see no reason why not to try dating the person if that is the case.

Mild learning disability and the person is shy, nice and reserved but once you get to know them they are fun to hang out and stuff like that (basically like the typical shy person)Well, that's not too bad. :

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) What do you really like about him? Do you have similar interests?

Shy guys are nice, usually and trusting, IMO! Good luck!

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