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Hands down one of the best books I've ever read! You fall in love with all of the characters, humor, and back stories. It's one of the only books that has ever made me connect emotionally with its characters. I've read it 8 times and writing this made me want to read it all over again. This book, Trained to kill, and SOONER OR LATER YOU WONT RESIST ME top 8 books, not only on Wattpad but over all books. A great story about forbidden love. . In a more modern sense than Romeo and Juliet.

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Extremely well written for something published on Wattpad. Really stands out against all the drama/angst-filled teenage fantasies on there. The story was mature, exciting, and one heck of a ride! I can tell I read more than 655 stories on wattpad. But this story is by far the best story I have ever read. Each character had their own uniqueness. This story had funny moments as well as heart aching moments. It started with same old base like player hero and shy heroine But as the story went on It took a beautiful turn. Just got done reading this and I have to say this book is one of the best on Wattpad it sucks you in from the very first chapter and does not let you go until the very end! I would highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a good read even if you're not into romance and novels this book is about so much more than just a romance! CALEB love him, probably one of my favourite books, Veronica is a very different character and is very likeable, A must read to be honestWhy isn't this the first? MOST viewed story on Wattpad, HANDS DOWN the best and I bet NO romance reader wouldn't have read it already! I fell in love with the untypical love story twist of the two main character (Van & Summer), and because of it I was really hooked. Like the author Sielalstreim, she never failed to show us that love moves in mysterious and dangerously way. This story is feel so uneasy school but they find her self who is real her. The love, the troubles and tragic is so exciting to read. I love reading this. I so love this story because it's not your typical cliche gangster story, the plot of the story was so great you would not want for the story to end. The author sure knows hot to play your emotions while reading it and the characters are amazing. This story was well thought by the author and I must say it is well made. I love this book! Hindi ka agad ma kaka get over sa love story nila van at summer. I really like this story because it doesn't show that everyone can have their happy ending.

I cried when Athena and Kenji met each other again and when she said I see you grow into a gangster to a man to a husband. Watch the movie. - PrincesssmoothThe whole book was such a cutesy, face-palming, and awe-ing experience for me. I never really gave this book a chance at the time, but after a year of searching for novels around on Wattpad, I came across it again and finally gave it a go. It's different from the rest, so I guess that's why I easily fell in love with it as well as the characters the characters are unbelievably relate-able in the most hilarious ways I read it three times and it never gets old. The book has amazing content and potential, as far as getting published I'd say. As for the title, it's very much relevant. The whole journey was beautifully written in the novel. I'm proud of the author and was very pumped to see the sequel out, but at the same time, disappointed to see that it was not updated in a year. To sum it up: if you love cutesy and humorous things, give this book a chance. You fall in love with the characters and their off the beaten track ways. ! This book was both funny and eye opening, I love how Ryder took the time to understand her after he found about her condition but even before. I just love it! An absolutely well-written story. It has the potential of capturing the reader's attention straight away. Not only is the writer amazingly good at writing, but she also has a way of making the reader feel as if they were actually there and experiencing the story. It is one of the best stories that have read on Wattpad, and I will forever love it. I can go back and reread it a lot of times. The sequel for it's also amazing such a sweet story and amazingly well written and both are some of the best stories I have read on Wattpad. When I saw how well known the book was I thought oh well I'll give it a try, but being honest I was pretty disappointed yes it was well written by it didn't capture my attention. I would probably rate 5/65I loved this story!

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It's really good and I'll have to read it again. When I was writing my own books, My Muted Mate and The Rejected Mate, I was reading this book and I almost quit reading it from how frustrating it was. It was really well- written and is very exciting. I also loved the ending, mostly because it was a happy endingAmazing book! So funny and a page turner. It's one of those books that once you start reading you can't put down. Awesome twists and unexpected surprises! One of the best books on wattpad! It's a really good novel, once you start reading it u won't be able to stop! Its addictin. Once you start reading it there is no stopping it! Its bestI bow down to the writer of this book, it's by far the most wonderful and amazing book. The quirky tale of a billionaire and a lower class girl with a troubled past is breathtaking, with many jaw drop twist and turns that you want to cry and smile at a same time. This and Strom and Silence are my most favorite books on wattpad. And Brandon is incredibly handsome, by the way. Give it a go and you would regret that you didn't read it before. This was the first book I ever read on wattpad. I've read 655+ books and yet this ones still my most favorite. Brandon is exactly the kind of guy every girl dreams of. Charlotte will steal your heart with her funny and confident ways. It's a must read for someone who loves romance novels. Yes, it's a bit long but every word you read is worth it. TRUST ME!

I don't think I can express how amazing this book is. I am usually really picky with books so I pay a lot of attention to how well written it is especially the pace and of course the characters. I tend to not fall in love with the female protagonists in books as they can come off sort of pathetic in a sense but I absolutely love Charlotte. You learn to love each and every one of the characters even the ones that were meant to sound bad, that's how good it is SO WHAT I'm SAYING IS READ THIS DAMN BOOK YOU WONT REGERT IT! I LOVE! This book. I have read and reread this book many times. The author is very talented, her writing style keeps the reader interested throughout the whole book. She has a way of engaging the readers and has the ability to make them relatable and easy to fall in love with them. I honestly didn't think I would like this book, and it would just be another cliche book that my friend gave me, but I was very, very wrong. Even if you don't think you'd like the story line, just read it for the characters, because that is one of the biggest reasons why I loved this book. This is by far my favourite book on Wattpad. It's just so funny and even though some parts of the story can be kind of cliche the overall story is just so different and incredible. I can't wait to read the next one! This is the best book I have ever read on wattpad it's not cliche and I love that, I thought it would be predictable and cliche but it's the opposite, It may sound cliche but it's the not, the characters are awesome and funny. This is my favorite book on wattpad. The characters are funny, the plot is interesting and its not a chiche which makes the book 65x better. 65/65 recommendI loved the romance and there were so many parts where I couldn't hold back tears. Awesome is an understatement. It's the book you love to sit and just replay over and over. Yet it never loses its enthusiasm. Or touch. This book is my most favourite book on Wattpad!

It was well written the plot was absolutely amazing and it had me wishing that the characters were real just so I could give them all a hug. Absolutely amazing. This book deserves to be in the top 75 at least. I have read this book over ten times and it's like it's brand new every time. You fall in love with Park's quirkiness and her witty sense of humor. She is such a badass plus she's a princess. It's easily my favorite book on wattpad. I just finished this book and! THIS book is hilarious and has a lot of sarcasm and who doesn't love that? It also has a lot of plot twist. 6! 6 to be honest this is the best book I've ever readI have lost faith in this world why isn't this in the top tens list this is an instant classicIt's perfectly written all and also has such an entrancing story line. The main male character is absolutely alluring and the main female character goes against all social norms with her witty banter. An absolute gem, I feel privileged to have read this book and currently on the third one in the series. Strongly recommend, my favourite book on Wattpad and I've been on Wattpad for over three years! This story is everything you want in a book. Perfectly written to keep you on the edge of you seat, and wanting more. The characters are more than just words on a page. I strongly recommend you try this book no matter that genre you like, because this book has a bit if it all cleverly incorporated into a unique plot. This is the best story written ever. You can see how the people were in the old days were since the author did his research every single time before he wrote. The personalities of the characters were well built and as the story continues, you can see how the character's personality changes as time goes by and as the more experiences. There is also action in the story which makes the story ever more interesting.

Addition to that are some plots about some commercial competition and feminism of that period of time in London.

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