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6. Duh, but there's more. It's very likely that he's been burned before and it was traumatic enough that he's wary of being hurt again. If that history has been established, keep it in mind moving forward. If he's acting irrationally, it certainly isn't your fault, but take into consideration that (within reason) it isn't entirely his fault either. Understanding his side of the situation (and why he's doing things that could initially be perceived as hurtful) will be very helpful moving forward. 7. While a partner with a habit of cheating or emotional abuse is certainly a possibility, keep in mind that an absent parent or even a problematic friend could be the root cause.

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It could even be a combination. 8. He might have trouble committing. It might take some time and slow progress, but he'll likely come around. Some of them just aren't ready to settle down. Trust your instincts, and don't wait around for just anyone. 9. He's going to be emotionally guarded. Keep that in mind when you're pressing him to open up to you and remember that moments when he does share with you are huge milestones for him. If communication is a serious issue for you, though, it's certainly worth speaking about it with him and exploring other options. 5. He could be irrationally paranoid and ask tons of questions. He might really grill you when you go out or don't answer his texts for hours or any other thing that could make him feel insecure. He's not doing it because he thinks you're horrible, but because he expects that behavior and he expects to get betrayed. Frankly, it's something he needs to get over. He might be clingy. For similar reasons, he might think it's a great idea to always spend time with you since that way, you can't go off and cheat on him. Boundaries have to be made, and they need to be made early on. No matter how great of a person you are, you're going to have to earn his trust. With those last two points in mind, it may sometimes feel like you're the one who abandoned him in the first place. It might take him some time to really warm up and trust you. None of this is personal. Do your best not to take things personally. But at the same time, remember that just because he's got some deep-seated hang-ups, that's also not a free pass.

Why this is a good truth question: Many people are embarrassed to talk about their biggest regret so he may end up choosing dare! However, if he is brave enough to divulge his biggest regret to you, you will get to know a more vulnerable side of him. Why this is a good truth question: This is a great way to find out more about him/her and even who he/she used to date. This is a good icebreaker question as well! Why this is a good truth question: It s really fun to find out what qualities attract people to their crushes. If you have been wondering who he has a crush on, but don t think he would be willing to answer that question, asking what he likes about her can be a great way to find some clues! Also, if he gets a little bit flustered, he may actually have a crush on you! Why this is a good truth question: This is a great question to get to know him a little better. Even though you have your impressions about him, it will be interesting to hear how he would describe his major weakness. Why this is a good truth question: Even if someone seems really fun and nice, their ability to apologize when they are wrong can be very revealing about their character. If the guy you are playing Truth or Dare with is someone you are interested in dating, you re definitely going to want to know whether he is the kind of guy who is brave enough to say sorry instead of sacrificing other s feelings to protect his pride. Why this is a good truth question: Guys often like to act like they are tough and unbreakable, so finding out what he is afraid of will help you get to know a side of him that he may not have revealed before. Why this is a good truth question: Even though jealousy is often considered to be a trait or feeling that is commonly associated with females, guys are jealous of things too. Finding out who he is jealous of will help you understand his insecurities and goals. Why this is a good truth question: Even if you re not interested in this guy as a potential romantic partner, people s turn-offs and turn-ons are fascinating! On the other hand, if you do like him, this is a great question to ask if you want to see if you currently possess qualities that would make him unlikely to consider you as a potential future girlfriend!

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Why this is a good truth question: The point of this game is to ask questions that aren t normal everyday questions, so why not? Even if he says something that makes you feel defensive, remember that you asked the question so you need to be open to the answer! Why this is a good truth question: After the previous question, you are probably ready for a compliment! Why this is a good truth question: This can be a painful question for some people to answer, but rejection stories are a great way to bond! He can take this one as deep as he wants, so you’re giving him the opportunity to open up without a ton of pressure. He can answer with something small and silly, or he can tell you something serious. We all have them, so we really never judge when we hear that someone loves watching My Super Sweet Sixteen. All the same, it can certainly feel like a major admission. Is the significance of a first kiss overblown in our culture? Maybe. Are all its details still fascinating? Yes. This might be hard to answer if he was something of a late bloomer. A first kiss is a milestone, for everyone, and revealing the details feels very personal. It may make him feel more vulnerable than he’s used to. Much is said of how women are such mysteries, but what is it, exactly, that guys don’t understand? This is a great question to ask if you’re crushing on him, because it’ll tell you how perceptive he is about women. In the presence of women, he should choose his words carefully, but you asked for the truth: what is it that women do that totally grates on him? And on the other end of things, what do girls do that, with its feminine quality, drives him nuts in a good way? Only in retrospect are these funny.

Make him cop to having once answered to “cuddlebear. ”Men often want to be the one to make the first move, but not always. If a girl were pursuing him, what would he love her to do? If he’s honest, he might surprise you! First of all, between us, yeah- guys have it better in our society. But being a dude has its setbacks, of course it does. What, in his opinion, is the biggest one? Being a woman is hard, no doubt about that, but from a male perspective, some of it probably seems fun. What does he think would be great about being a woman? And on the other hand, what does he think is the hardest thing? His answer to this question might be very interesting and tell you a lot about how he sees girls. Talking about money might be our strongest and longest-standing social taboo. BREAK IT. But start small. You’re not asking for hard numbers or anything too personal, just his silliest spending habit. He might be totally wrong, and that’s sort of the point. How guys perceive what girls look for is an interesting perspective and tells you a lot. What, basically, does he think are good qualities in a guy, maybe even qualities women overlook? Men can be just as obsessed with being attractive to the opposite sex as women are, but they don’t do as much talking about it. So get him talking. It’s just a question, but a lot of guys freak out when you ask this. It’s purely hypothetical (it’s just a date! You’re not even asking him to kiss the guy! Just dinner in a softly-lit restaurant, maybe share dessert…okay, maybe don’t get this specific unless you’re having fun torturing him), and if he refuses to answer or gets mad, that actually might be a red flag that tells you he’s insecure (or just plain NO FUN!

! ). This one is pretty personal. It will tell you something about his character, his self-awareness, and also his attitudes toward women. If you’re after this guy, the information is useful to you, too. You have to be brave and strong to answer OR ask this question. It might be something funny and relatable like, “One of those sad animal shelter commercials with the Sarah McLachlan song, ” or it could be something serious, so be prepared for any answer. Why this is good dare: He may resist this one, but if he chooses dare he has to do it! Texting your crush and confessing your feelings is scary for anyone, but at least he has you to keep him company while he waits for the response. Why this is a good dare: Using a cheesy pick-up line is embarrassing and often leads to rejection, so hopefully he is a good sport and follows through on the dare because it will probably lead to a funny story! Why this is a good dare: There are a lot of food challenges out there, but this one is especially funny to watch because most people are super confident they can complete it easily, and it usually ends up being quite a struggle. In order to complete the challenge, you need to eat six saltine crackers in the span of 65 seconds, without drinking any liquid. It s a lot harder than it sounds, we promise! Why this is a good dare: Most guys are freaked out by the idea of wearing female products, so it will be funny to put him out of his comfort zone! Why this is a good dare: People stalk each other on social media all the time, but it s something we do because we are confident that they won t know. Having him like a random girl s oldest picture is funny because it makes him look like a creep and he doesn t know her well enough for it to be comfortable/easy for him to explain why he did it. This is an awesome dare if you re looking for exciting dares for your boyfriend. Why this is a good dare: This one is silly, but it is funny nevertheless!

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