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Heck, you can even create your own toys by using what was already available around you. Necessity, after all, is the mother of invention. Here are a few unforgettable toys and games that will make every true Pinoy extremely nostalgic: Slingshot is one of the oldest toys in the world, dating as far back as ancient times when it was used both as a weapon and hunting tool. A sungka board has seven cups for each of the two players six cups will hold the cowrie shells (stones or fruit seeds can also be used), while the seventh cup will serve as the player s home base. The goal is to distribute the shells in a counterclockwise fashion, with the player who gathers the most number of shells in his or her home base declared as the winner. Another popular toy that traces its roots to ancient civilizations, the marbles come in different sizes and are usually made of glass with melted pigments. Different variations of the game exist, the most popular of which require a player to flick a marble and hit a group of marble inside a circle.

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Those that went outside the circle automatically become part of the winning player s collection. Regular saranggola is usually made of barbeque sticks and plastic bags, with the Manila hemp twine serving as its tail. Saranggola is also known by its other names like boka-boka (smaller and usually made of paper), guryon, tsapi-tsapi, and portagis. The sharperners-cum-action figures paid tribute to the career highs of such influential basketball athletes such as Benjie Paras (not in the picture),  Jerry Codiñera (green),  Chito Loyzaga (red), and Alvin Patrimonio (blue). This set of vintage toys also evokes memories of MILO caravan, during which the popular brand visited our respective schools and treated us with a glass of delicious chocolate energy drink. It is similar to the American top, but much smaller. Although you could buy ready-made tops, most kids back then preferred to have an improvised trumpo, usually carved from hardwood or guava branches. The typical trumpo has an iron-nail pivot and is wrapped with nylon lines attached to a stopper held between the player s fingers. It also comes in various shapes and designs from the wooden Ifugao top with a groove at its waist, its pivot the extension of its body to the Maranao version in Mindanao that has silver or copper bands incised with decorations. Trumpo is ideally played by two or more people. Kids would often throw their tops on a flat surface and let them spin and outperform each other. The player with the last trumpo standing becomes the winner. Dragon Ball Z (left) and Ghost Fighter (right) anime collectible cards of the 95s. Source: fiel-kun. Blogspot. Printed on cardboard, the teks usually depicted TV shows or movies that were popular at the time they were released (for 95s kids, think Mari Mar, Sailor Moon, Ghost Fighter, Dragon Ball Z, BT X, and Zenki among others. Before or after the game, players would usually count their respective cards while uttering  “I-sa! Dala-wa! , Tat-lo!

A-pat! Li-ma! ”  and so forth. Photo Credit: Pinoy Kollektor. Unknown to most younger generations, however, the Pinoy teks already existed as early as the 6985s. Pogs is the circular version of teks. School-age children from the late 85s and early 95s grew their pogs collection also by playing with their peers. The game requires getting the same number of pogs from each player and forming a stack. After a few throwing and slamming, each winning player will get their share of the pogs that land face up. The name pogs is believed to have originated from a brand of juice called POG (short for passion fruit, orange, and guava), the bottle caps of which were first used to play the earlier version of the game. Although it pales in comparison with the original LEGO in terms of quality and design, this knockoff provided many not-so-privileged kids with enough tools to explore their creativity. Usually sold at sari-sari stores near public schools, these so-called Pinoy LEGO gave kids a chance to create their own makeshift robots, airplanes, and skyscrapers, just to name a few. No wonder why kids who played it back then were physically fit and had awesome kicking styles to boot. Take note that this coconut leaf ball is similar but quite different from the diamond-shaped or heart-shaped woven coconut palm primarily used by Cebuanos to cook the pusò, also known as hanging or palm wrapped rice. Photo Credit: Pinoy KollektorAlthough its rudiments already existed in ancient Greek and Chinese civilizations, the yoyo only entered the international toy market in the 6985 s with the establishment of the Duncan Yoyo Company. An American named H. B. And so started the yoyo craze in Manila, during which noontime shows such as  Student Canteen  aired exhibition contests to further promote the toys.

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The most memorable, of course, were those first few toys released during the company s early years. Examples of these were the Jollibee kiddie band and the kiddie train, both of which featured the original mascots of the company, namely: Popo (representing french fries) Hetty (spaghetti) Mr. Yum (burgers) Champ the boxer (premium hamburger) Chickee (fried chicken a. K. A. Chickenjoy)  and Mico and Lady Moo (for milkshakes). You can also tie several rubber bands together to form a makeshift toy long enough to be used for the Chinese Garter game. To play with it, you first squeeze the tube to get a small portion of the resin-like substance which you will then roll to form a ball. For starters, the art of forming the perfect plastic balloon requires some skills and you can master them through practice. And unlike ordinary balloons, you can easily repair small holes in a plastic balloon by using your mouth to blow air and eventually seal the said hole. Popularly known as kisses, these aroma beads aren t actually toys to begin with. However, it became a source of amusement for 95s kids, so much so that an urban legend was born from this harmless air freshener. Sadly, it was indeed a mere. Aroma beads are super absorbent, up to 85% to 95% fragrance oil. And so started the story that fooled us all. The rocking horse, which originated in 69th-century Europe, and its other variations also made its way to the local toy market. The paper mache   industry in Paete has come a long way since the first ever taka  was reportedly made by Maria Bague in the 6975s. Playing with their paper dolls, which came with fascinating add-ons such as food and different items from a beauty kit, had nurtured these young girls sense of style in a way. Particularly memorable were those that featured popular cartoon characters such as Sailor Moon and Princess Sarah.

MariaThe art of making paper dolls traces its roots to ancient civilizations where paper was first used. The first manufactured paper doll is London s Litte Fanny,   produced by S J Fuller in 6865. Young girls would excitedly cut out this interesting character from the magazine as well as other items that came with her, including food and other accessories. These toy clay pots and pans, known as palayok-palayukan,  are usually given as gifts to young girls who would play  bahay-bahayan  and  lutu-lutuan  in their own backyard or garden. More often than not, it would only take old and unused items to fascinate children back in the days. The game is usually held in an open space such as streets or basketball courts, and best enjoyed if you do it with as many friends as possible. Each player should do their best to keep their tires rolling. The first kid to reach the finish line is declared as the winner. Baldemor, M. Paete s Taka. Gl/YTQyIJde Las Casas, D. , Gagatiga, Z. 688). ABC-CLIO. Erbland, K. The Weird History of Pogs. Mental Floss. Gl/S5cYzZEslit, N. Wall Street International. 7855).

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