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After Weeks Of Reading Tribe Of Mentors Here’s The Quick Lessons You Can Learn. 5 Essential Elements You Need to Deliver a Spectacular Podcast Interview5 Steps to Regaining Stability After Your Million Dollar Business Idea Fails5 Ways to Become a Remarkable Person and Always Get What You Want in LifeWant to Take Control of Your Morning? Build Your Routine Around These 8 PillarsHow to Share Your Vision and Ideas With The Super Wealthy – Kevin Harrington(Inspirational Video) What If Today You Knew You Were Going To Take Your Last Breath? How To Make Enough Money From A Blog To Quit Your Job Kate McKibbinHow Finding Your Passion And Becoming An Entrepreneur Can Lead To Happiness Chiquita SearleYou’ve all met a person who’s a loser. Some people like the word and some people don’t but who really cares. Losers exist so deal with it. Worse yet, you may be one without even knowing it. My job is not to shame you if you are a loser my job is to inspire you to change.

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For the purpose of this blog post it’s someone who has done the following: I was a loser, so I know what it’s like to be one intimately. I slept in and found it hard to face the day. I drank way too much alcohol to try and numb the pain. I didn’t do myself any favors with the opposite sex. I watched a lot of TV and ate the worst food that you could possibly consume. I had no passion, no dream and no purpose in life. I was a deadbeat loser. No one is born a loser. Losers are created when a person experiences a major failure or hits rock bottom. We all have had this happen to us in life, but a loser is born when he or she can’t get back up again and allows circumstances to define their future. Losers are created when they become overly negative and have nothing positive in their life. This mindset is created through a lack of gratitude and appreciation for what they do have. Selfishness becomes the dominant way of living and everyone else is the problem in their eyes. Losers stop taking responsibility for their life and decide to do nothing. Life can change in a moment when you make a better decision. It’s this decision-making ability that allows someone to go from being a loser to being a champion. Those flashy headlines that steal your attention away from what matters are making you a loser. Most traditional news is exaggerated rubbish that makes people fear the world and fear each other. The news makes us all look at each like we’re terrorists. No one’s saying you need to wear Versace every day. Dressing sharp though demonstrates that you have respect for yourself and how you appear to others. Regardless of what most books say, first impressions count and how you physically appear is part of that.

Swag it out. Losers let temptation lead them down a dark and weary road and then get robbed of all of their most valuable personality traits. Being in control is about having your mind in check. Your mind controls what you think, so you better master it. When you have the chance to get smashed and drink too much, decide to have one glass of wine instead. When all your friends are complaining about their day and hurling abuse at each other, decide to leave the conversation or not follow their lead. If someone cuts you off in traffic, avoid tooting your horn and brush it off like it’s nothing. The best way I can describe self-control is non- reactivity. It’s about not reacting to all the bad stuff that shows up every day. By practicing this habit, you avoid being a loser and take back control of the horsey’s reigns. If I had to describe business in two words, it would be “solving problems. ”Losers spend way too much time being pissed off by the problem rather than moving into the positive state of mind and getting on with building the solution. Focusing on the problem is generally done through storytelling. Losers tell made up stories to themselves and those around them about the problem. This storytelling takes up a lot of time and sucks away all the energy that could be channeled into coming up with the solution. I like to use the 85/75 rule when it comes to solving a problem: spend 75% of your time focusing on the negative and 85% focusing on the positive. Having no confidence repels everyone away from you. Even during tough times, you have to remain confident and have faith in everything working at. Losers don’t back themselves and are not confident. This then shows up in their passion and their results. They then mask this phenomenon by blaming, telling false stories and being angry. It doesn’t matter what it is you have to have a reason for your life.

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Even if you haven’t exactly figured that out yet, you must have an interim purpose. Link each day to something that inspires you and helps others. No one was born with a purpose we all create one out of thin air based on our passion and confidence in who we are. Not having a driving force is depressing. This negative state of living makes us unhappy. Once you start being consistently unhappy, you pick up other negative elements like a magnet. Losers think they should get more than they currently have. What you have is the result of the current action you’ve taken. You don’t deserve more unless you earn it and create value for someone or something. There are no shortcuts and you’re not about to get lucky pal! The government doesn’t owe you squat. Your workplace doesn’t owe you jack. Your friends don’t owe you anything. If you don’t like where you’re at and what you have then make a change. Losers gamble and go to casinos or play the lottery. Losers bet the house on cryptocurrency because someone told them the price is going to skyrocket and they’re going to get rich. Losers think they’re smart when it comes to the game of luck. Losers play the short game which is based on winning quickly and a belief that they’re smarter than the average person. Success, fame and money are not achieved overnight. Losers do the opposite of winners. Losers are relentlessly selfish and only care about themselves. They do not serve others and their model of the world is flawed. Trying to always get more for yourself takes away something from someone else.

Where you want to get to is trying to get more by giving more. Sounds counter-intuitive, but that’s how the universe works. Not everything is logical at first. Life can be a bit of a puzzle sometimes. That’s what makes it so fulfilling to solve. Losers chase dumb, shiny objects that impress people who have no spine. A car made from a chunk of metal or a house made of bricks will never give you anything in the long term. Don’t be like a dog chasing a flashing frisbee because it lights up your eyes for a few brief moments. Light up the world instead with your own light which will shine brightly when you discover who you are and how you can serve others. A label is something that is handed out like the dole cheque every fortnight. You don’t have to own any label if you don’t want to. Better yet, you can create whatever label you want for yourself. I also believe we can change anything we want once we notice how we’re living. The purpose of this article is not to poke fun at losers or impress you with the word loser. The purpose of this article is to help you become self-aware of what you may be doing wrong or could improve on. My goal in life is to inspire you to live with passion and do something meaningful with your life. I know you can do something awesome, so it’s time to show us all! Tim is best known as a long-time contributor on Addicted7Success. During the day Tim works with the most iconic tech companies in the world, as an adviser, to assist them in expanding into Australia. You can connect with Tim through his website or through his. The 67 Killer Lessons I Learned In 7567 That You Can Implement Right Now. Why My Christmas Day This Year Tops Them All And How You Can Replicate It For Next Year. Unusual Advice To Any Young Person Wanting To Live An Extraordinary Life.

Genius! No better way to say it, this is one of the best post I have read. The other day I had a thought. I thought to myself, “Man I love open-mindedness. It’s so damn sexy and it get’s me excited. ”Immediately I was embarrassed with myself. To find a personality trait to be sexy instead of the physical features is a little weird. What created this somewhat interesting thought in my mind was an interaction with a young lady. I was chatting with her about a business opportunity. I was painting the blue sky vision I had for what could create a seriously cool business. Normally people want to shut down your ideas if they’re too “out there. ”Rather than think I was a madman on some endless rant, she kept an open mind. She gave me the benefit of the doubt and listened. While she may not have agreed with the idea I was presenting, she didn’t shut it down like so many would have. She refused to allow her assumptions to take over. What was also cool was that she brought a positive mindset to the conversation. Instead of thinking the worst, she assumed the best until proven otherwise. It’s the one hack that makes you appear different to everybody else, on another level, portrays you as empathetic, and most of all, it makes you an optimist by default. This hack of open-mindedness is used in sales all the time. When you go to buy a new TV from the local store, the salesman rarely says “I can’t do that price. ”There’s no guarantee with this statement. What you get instead is a promise of open-mindedness. Guaranteed that if the salesperson that ends up selling you the TV has the trait of open-mindedness, you’ll want to deal with them again.

Open-mindedness overrides your reptilian brain that wants to shut down everybody else and assume the worst.

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