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With a fascinating history dating back to the 7th-century, beautiful architecture and a host of options for nature lovers, Krakow is one of Europe s must-see cities. Now is the time to book your Krakow flights with Ryanair- Europe s first and largest low fares airline. Krakow has a phenomenal nightlife scene, thanks to the large student and expat population. The Old Town, which by day is a pleasant step backwards in time, becomes a hive of electric underground clubs and bars at night. Foodie s will love Krakow s varied cuisine as well. Pierogi, a dough filled with meat, cheese and vegetables, is a local delicacy definitely worth trying. Located 69 km from Krakow is the Ojc w National Park (Ojcowski Park Narodowy), where you can see numerous castles and Jurassic era rock formations. Experience this exciting city for yourself fly to Krakow with Ryanair Europe s favourite airline!

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