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Mirror, Mirror on the wall. . Where did he go, and why doesn't he call? And I might add that just the other day, a man referred to me as bullish in nature. Yep, that d be me, Taurus the Bull. But you know what? He chuckled when he said it and admitted that he secretly like it. His exact words were, That s a good thing.

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So you see, they like to be put in their place when they behave badly. They really don t want a woman to roll over and play dead. They can t respect that and honestly, I think it s the reason they test women the way they do. Secretly, I think they re looking for the one that will give them a run for their money: -)Doesn t it feel excellent to be in control? It s very empowering. I had to laugh. When he asked if everything was alright. Translation: Why aren t you chasing me down? Why aren t you blowing up my phone? So you see, it s working. He s now questioning himself but the real beauty is that he s thinking of you. Give it a couple days. Chances are he ll start missing you. And that s exactly what you want. But to do this properly, when you do speak with him, no mention of why you disappeared. He ll ask because he s perplexed. You simply say cheerfully, Oh, I ve just been really busy is all. If he asks if anything is/was wrong, you say, Not at all. You don t engage him in battle or share your feelings at all. You keep him guessing and he won t be able to stop thinking about you: -)Yeah I definitely feel in control of my emotions. I laughed too when I read the text. Some men are comical, aren t they? I ll bet that he s already guessing. I m going to definitely take your advice on what to say when he asks me where I ve been and what s wrong. I ll keep you posted on how things pan out. Thanks again and have a great weekend!

: -)This was very helpful Aphrodite Bull and thanks for directing me here. As for my feelings about my Taurus though I really do still desire him I am ok if it does not work out. I felt that what will be will And for once was alright with that outcome. I would never have gotten through this emotional roller coaster not that the ride has ended Lol but I do see the end and a in a much happier place. Thank you! He started acting distant and again so I texted him basically telling him that I m going to leave him alone. He replied back saying that he still has feelings for his ex and apologized if he has been stringing me along. I never replied and it s been over a week. I m so crushed. I really liked him. My emotions and feelings run so deep and it s making it hard for me to get over it. I want to say something but I think it s best I remain silent and move on. Some guys are so deceiving and misleading. I somewhat blame myself because I should ve seen it coming. I was good to him and this is the thanks I get. Thank you so much Ms. Aphrodite. It has been two weeks since my boyfriend stopped answering my calls and texts. After the second day of no responses, I stopped calling and texting him. I am so proud of myself. I have to admit though, it is hard not calling or texting this last guy to ask why. Having a better understanding of Taurus men, now I realize I was probably being played by this guy anyway. And might I add, it seemed that the more I let him lead, the more open, responsive and available he made himself to me. I mean, it wasn t a struggle or fight to spend time with him or to get his attention. But when he gets a whiff of my overbearing emotions he creates distance. Why do you think that is? It s called, Why Men Love Bitches. Pick up the book or order it online.

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There are other books out there that all say pretty much the same thing, but I think you ll really enjoy reading this one. I think it will really help you to understand: http: //amzn. Com/6585677565Hi, I have been reading ur posts and the advice you give out is very good. I m trying to use it to deal with my current situation. Long story short he stopped talking to me, we haven t spoken in about 8 months in this recent dissapearing act stunt. I made the mstake of calling and texting and even telling his best friend to tell him to contact me, to get no reaction or response. So I said f that and decided to go silent as well. Last time we spoke and I attempted any contact was July and I have to constantly remind myself if he wanted to stop his bs he would, but he is a libra and he is gonna do it on his own time. I didnt even stop the silent treatment for his bday. He might come back but. Idk. Wanna call him so bad, what should I do? ? If you do, you will be giving him yet another opportunity to hurt you. Don t give him that. If you contact him, he may reject you, be ignorant to you, say mean and hurtful things and it will also look like you re attempting to convince him to be with you. No woman should have to convince any man that she s worth his time. A man who is genuinely interested in you will treat you as such. He will be kind, he will make time for you, he will call you and make attempts to see you. That s what a woman deserves. Hang in there and each time you feel like contacting him, do something else instead to forget the feeling and distract yourself from doing so. Thank you for the advice ms. aphrodite, buttt (sighs) I gave in and called and he called back and we spoke for a almost 7 and a half hours about a lot of things and how we felt or saw things, issues, and such. He was cool, not a jerk like a Libra can be. I do agree with you, I left the conversation feeling like I was hinting at an us. I m just taking it day by day. I do like him alot but I have to put my feelings on the backburner for him and play it cool.

I am a Gemini and once we are into thats it, but once were not thats it as well. What do you think is the potential for anything from this since I gave in? It now becomes crystal clear. And the best part is, you re going to feel much better about yourself and more in control. It would make sense, guess I just thought that since there was actual dating in the past that it may have been something more. I have been reading about your NC rule, would that tactic even work in this case? Wow I think the Text buddy has hit the nail on ther head for me. I have been keeping contact with a man for almost 6 months and he is doing all the work, calling/texting. Spending hours with me,, but says he cannot spend any money on extracirricular activities,, ie dates, going out etc. Until he gets his bills back under control. But from that point on, we have not seen eachother again,, I have offered to drive to where he is,, yet he does not ever give in. He has even went so far as to have banter with my 8 yr old son, and has even mentioned he bought a case of honey buns (inside joke) for him,, which would imply that he obviously plans to come down at some point. So why isn t it happening. He is the most consistant ive ever head with calling and tex and staying in touch. So this is really disappointing,, and I dont know what to even think now. 9 6: 76PM, You can try no contact here, however, I m not sure it d work. Yes, you d probably hear from him - but for what? It d only be another text and not a real date I bet. Actions - not words. Words are just words, it s the actions that speak the truth. If he says there s a future, yet his actions do not indicate one -- then there s no future. Talk is talk, it s all BS. Actions my friend. True, that would probably be the case. It s just upsetting to me that he could feel like he could do this to me, but I then again, I allow it. Which is why I m wondering if there s something I can do to change it. I wouldn t hold my breath per se, but if he does by chance text me again (and merely makes small talk but doesn t make plans), do you think it would be wise to say something like If you are ever interested in dating a nice girl, give me a call. Otherwise, I don t need another pen pal.

That way, he will either have to get his act together, or he will disappear for good (may be the case, but at least it would give me closure). If I went my route, I would probably come off as bitter, and that would show him that I actually care. And I wouldn t want to lose my pride. And like you said, guys can t crack a woman s emotional code --guess they just aren t wired that way. Guess we ll see if I get another text. But for now, onward! Thanks again for your guidance, I appreciate it! You re awesome! So, While waiting for a man to contact a woman, (in my case to let me know he is genuinely interested in me), how do social media sites comes into play? See, he is my friend on facebook and while I am not a frequent status updater, I do post photos of my friends/family and he obviously will see that. So while I am waiting for his text/call do I continue posting pictures and looking like im living so to speak. Or does this take away from the mystery of him wanting to talk to me again? Maybe you could cut down on how many you post though, to create a bit of mystery. Hi mirror Met this really nice guy. He asked me out, I cancelled. We made plans to go out again then cancelled saying he had to work late which he did apologize for. I haven t heard from him in 9 days did I screw this up? That s nothing in a man s world. This is harmless ignorance I think. He likes you, he wants to show you this. So he did what men do - he came after you. He picked up the phone and he contacted you. It s not a bad thing that he did so earlier than he was supposed to. I wouldn t read too much into that just yet. If you see lots more of that in the future, then that s when you look at it more closely. But this one, he s just doing what men are supposed to do: -)I met this guy online and we have been texting for a couple of weeks. We even went out for coffee and after that, he gave me a lot of compliments as well as telling me how much he loves talking to me. I told him that I love bowling in an attempt to get him to ask me out again, however he hasn t.

It has been a few weeks now and nothing happened still.

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