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Mirror, Mirror on the wall. Where did he go, and why doesn't he call? And I might add that just the other day, a man referred to me as bullish in nature. Yep, that d be me, Taurus the Bull. But you know what? He chuckled when he said it and admitted that he secretly like it. His exact words were, That s a good thing. So you see, they like to be put in their place when they behave badly.

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They really don t want a woman to roll over and play dead. They can t respect that and honestly, I think it s the reason they test women the way they do. Secretly, I think they re looking for the one that will give them a run for their money: -)Doesn t it feel excellent to be in control? It s very empowering.

I had to laugh. When he asked if everything was alright. Translation: Why aren t you chasing me down? Why aren t you blowing up my phone?

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So you see, it s working. He s now questioning himself but the real beauty is that he s thinking of you. Give it a couple days. Chances are he ll start missing you. And that s exactly what you want.

But to do this properly, when you do speak with him, no mention of why you disappeared. He ll ask because he s perplexed. You simply say cheerfully, Oh, I ve just been really busy is all. If he asks if anything is/was wrong, you say, Not at all. You don t engage him in battle or share your feelings at all.

You keep him guessing and he won t be able to stop thinking about you: -)Yeah I definitely feel in control of my emotions. I laughed too when I read the text. Some men are comical, aren t they? I ll bet that he s already guessing.

I m going to definitely take your advice on what to say when he asks me where I ve been and what s wrong.

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