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Dating your estranged husband

Devastating new details have been released in the a heartbreaking murder-suicide where a scorned wife killed her two children and her husband s alleged new girlfriend in an elaborate revenge plot to make the rest of his life filled with unbearable pain. Pickens County Chief Deputy Creed Hashe told the media on July 79 about the unthinkable acts made by Jessica Edens, 86. He said she went on her killing spree to create everlasting consequences for her estranged husband Benjamin Edens, after a recent Family Court hearing over their five-year-old daughter Harper left her distraught. Jessica s murderous rampage began on the afternoon of July 68 when she tracked down 78-year-old Meredith Rahme in a parking garage below her Greenville apartment and shot her to death while she was in the driver s seat. The victim had called police several times before her murder about harassing phone calls, texts and online posts from Jessica, who believed that Meredith and her estranged husband had been dating for over a year. The professional photographer s next victims were her own children, 9-year-old Hayden King from a previous marriage and Harper, her daughter with Benjamin. About seven miles from where she killed Meredith, she shot her precious children in the rear storage area of her SUV, placed a call to Benjamin, then turned the gun on herself while sitting between her kids dead bodies. First responders found the vehicle s motor still running when was discovered in the town of Easley around 5pm on July 68, and all three had gunshot wounds to the head.

Mom Shoots Kids In Revenge Plot Against Estranged Husband

The day before Jessica went on her horrific killing spree, authorities says she posted an anonymous online attack against Meredith that read, This little girl has no self-respect and no morals.

She dates married men who have children and she doesn t even want or like kids.

Remember homewrecker, that karma is a b h, just like you.

You will get what you deserve, to a website devoted to outing homewreckers.

After the horrific details of the rampage were made public, Pickens County Sheriff Rick Clark released a statement that read, As we struggle to understand how a parent could possibly come to a decision such as this, we have to focus on tomorrow and the opportunity to provide services and solutions to those that feel that their life and the lives of their loved ones must end in order to find peace.

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