My daughter is dating a much older man Mariella Frostrup

Daughter dating an older man

Over 65 and looking for love? Then your perfect partner may be just a click away. Internet dating is growing in popularity. According to research, about 8. 5 million people in the UK meet their partners online — and it’s not just the preserve of the young. A recent survey showed that more people over 65 than ever are logging on to find love. ‘Baby boomers make up a large proportion of our clientele, ’ says Charlotte Cory, founder of ffifty. Com, a dating website for those looking for love in the second part of their life.

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‘They might be people who have got divorced later in life or women who feel determined to make the most of the years ahead of them after the children have flown the nest. ’Former model and air stewardess Sue Shephard, 65, has been single for ten years since she divorced in 7557. Sue lives in Bolton and runs a property portfolio and cleaning business. She has two daughters, aged 79 and 76, and has been on several internet dates to find a partner. Here, she gives her Dos and Don’ts guide to Dating for the Silver Surfer.

One of the first dates I went on was with Paul, who turned out to be the best man I’ve met so far. He was funny, charming and we got on well. But because he was the first date, I was a bit cocky and thought: ‘This is simple. I’m going to meet lots of men like this.

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’ So I never called him back. I could have kicked myself because it rapidly went downhill from there. There simply aren’t many half-decent men out there. Or they pick up someone very quickly in a bar or club. When I split up with my husband, he picked up the first woman he got chatting to in the pub and it’s been happy ever after for him.

It’s just not that easy for women. As an empty-nester, I’m very lonely at times. I have a great social life and lots of friends but I’d really like to share that with someone special. So if someone gives you a tiny bit of attention, it doesn’t matter what age you are, you still get that ‘high’ we all remember from our younger days. I made a very stupid mistake when I first started internet dating.

He sounded perfectly pleasant so we met up for a date in Manchester. It was fun. We even had a bit of a passionate kiss afterwards. 'I was shocked when he got really abusive and nasty. He clearly expected me to invite him into my bed'Later, he texted me to say:

‘When can I sample your culinary skills?

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