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Many of the characteristics that are undervalued in children are the very characteristics valued in adults. The next time you find yourself thinking about your children, try to think of their characteristics in a positive light. A positive attitude can make difference between conflict or connection. Mandy O'Brien is an unschooling mom of five. She's an avid reader and self-proclaimed research fanatic. An active advocate of human rights, Mandy works to provide community programs through volunteer work. She is a co-author of the book, where simple living and green cleaning meet science. She shares a glimpse into her life at, where she writes about various natural parenting subjects and is working to help parents identify with and normalize attachment parenting through.

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Yay, Mandy! Thank you for this comprehensive list of so many positive characteristics our children certainly do express! 🙂Love the list! Articulate is there twice, but I m really appreciating Sasha s growth as she becomes more articulate. 😉Media, and society as a whole, often view and describe children in a negative light.

Attributes which are lauded for adults are viewed negatively in children. It is sometimes easy for parents to fall into a trap of thinking of our children in negative aspects rather than in more positive ways. The list is just a reminder of the many positive ways we can think of our children. Would love to have these grouped either alphabetically or thematically into one PRINTABLE document to share with my co-teachers and parents! Thank you!

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! I m working on acrostics of my students names alphabetized is what I needed! Love it, Thank you! I send cards to my niece and nephew and I like to write a note about how great I think they are. This list is perfect for that.

Thank you so much, just what needed to make a frame for my son who doesn t believe in himself. All these words will help. Cheers xParented twin boys who are now 75 years of age. Greatest period in my life was the time devoted to homeschooling them during their preschool years. They are now adults and I am ever mindful of the language that I am using to describe their characteristics in parenting relating as adults.

Children are like trees planted in the ground with fruit to prune, pluck to pick. Each one is worthy of the seeds to fall from trees that birds carry off into other parts of their lives to grow into fruitful parts of thier lives that bring forth hope, faith discovery that enriches thier lives the lives of their families commuinites. FROM THEIR MOM! BJB DJB JUNE 7 96 AWESOME CREATIONSSometimes in life there are twists and turns in the road. Putting salt in wounds and reliving the past brings forth pain, growth brings community together.

Family, relatives friends are at times of choice other times from origins. Both are of value, worth and honor.

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