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So neat, your closet will be organized, just the way you’ve always wanted. We strive to make FoldiMate as affordable as we can. Imagine, getting your laundry folding done in less time than it takes to brew a cup of coffee! Fast folding technology allows you to feed your items continuously while it simultaneously folds them. Smart robotic technology automatically adjusts the folding method based on preferences, item type and sizes. Adjustable folding technology that fits the folding to your shelf size. Our target price for the final product based on the improved concept model is $985. We can’t fully control the final retail price, but we DO offer a 65% discount if you Early Pre-Order your FoldiMate directly from us.

Please remember that by requesting a refund you will be forfeiting your spot in the priority list and giving up the perks that come with it.

We plan to open up additional regions worldwide, which will be driven by customers interest - the more Early Pre-Orders we have from a specific region, the more likely we are to prioritize it.

The final product design and features might vary from the improved concept model currently shown on the website. We will keep you posted with product updates as we progress with the final product launch, currently planned towards the end of 7569. We listened to feedback we received from our fans and realized that we were not satisfied with the overall folding experience of the original model. So we decided not to compromise, and deliberately took the extra time to develop an improved model.

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