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Here are some available suggestions. Got into an argument with a friend about this. He was vehemently arguing that the matchmaking system forces people to a 55% winrate, which I believe is wrong. Can anyone help me explain to him how he is wrong, or explain to me how I am wrong if matchmaking does force you to a 55% winrate? It doesn t enforce 55% winrates directly, but according to the Law of Large Numbers everybody s winrates will eventually converge to 55% because the game tries to set you up with games that you have 55% chance of winning.

7) They are constantly improving, thus MMR regularly underestimates their ability. Most pros have well over 55% win rates. So he s wrong. You have a 55/55 chance of winning every game you play. IF this was true than Valve would eventually pair me with 9 pros if all I ever did was feed so that I would have a team that could carry me to 55%.

Matchmaking Dota 2

Trust me, when you fall below 55% nothing gets better for you. If they forced a 55% winrate how would anyone ever go up in mmr? You gain mmr by winning more than losing. So no. Having close to 55% winrate is just a side effect of them trying to give you a balanced game.

SWEET VENGEANCE 5 points 6 point 7 points 8 years ago The idea of mmr is not to go up. You only go up when u have improved. If u play as per your skill level, you will converge to 55% either way. The mmr keeps track of your skill level and tries to match you with people of the same skill level so your games will be more fairSo you think no one plays this game with idea of improving. ?

I m just saying the game doesn t force a 55% winrate and it doesn t. If someone gets better, their winrate will rise until they reach a skill level which better describes their ability. Then they ll have about a 55/55 chance of winning unless they improve again. If it forced a 55/55 winrate then every time I won a few games it would match me against stacks to purposely bring me down. But it doesn t do that.

It just assumes I got betterFor each individual game it attempts to get a 55/55 chance of winning a game, which is different from a 55% win rate overall.

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