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News in the DOTA 2 scene DotaCinema

Here are some available suggestions. Everyday I tune into their youtube channel after work to find nothing but disappointment. I used to love watching and cast some fun A-Z challenge and the patch analysis. Not only have they got too sparse in their fails of the week, they have not done a patch analysis for 6. 86. Did start Steak Gaming but there has been no official news of him leaving Dotacinema. P. S. Dota is not the same without regular dose of DotaCinema, atleast for some of usEDIT: From s response Captains Draft 8. 5 is coming back, we all await the next episode of WTHsheever: ) 856 points 857 points 858 points 7 years ago why would u trust a snake? 66 points 67 points 68 points 7 years ago Oh ya sheever 7 points 8 points 9 points 7 years ago Omg, I completely forgot how epic those used to be. I really feel syndereN has been staying away from DotaCinema for some reason and SUNSfan is too busy managing his team. Where'd he go? Everywhere! 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago Well Synderen and Maelk are doing Danish esports television now, so that might be the reason. DC has been (mostly) a desert for the past month now, inconsistent video uploads such as 9 in a row then 7 weeks without any. The posts no longer even get to second page of the sub. Exactly my point, ever since they started the new team DigitalChaos they have kind of slacked off in other departments. China east 97 points 98 points 99 points 7 years ago (We come in peace 7 points 8 points 9 points 7 years ago fyi DC doesn t make sets.

They partner with workshop artists to make sets for them, and DC advertises them on their channel. China east 9 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago * Yeah it s a standard business practice not to manufacture your own product but being partnered shouldn t stop them oversight and quality control. Comment score below threshold -66 points -65 points -9 points 7 years ago There are none who cannot be memed 56 points 57 points 58 points 7 years ago Yeah imo that is the all time best set ever released that is non-arcana. It s just a completely different style than the other sets, with a hat in place of a mask and some pantaloons instead of legs. It s almost a remodel. So I can see why some do not like it, it s just too abrupt. I don't even play this shit anymore 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago It looks incredible and completely fits the character, in my opinion. I think it s my favourite set in the game, even over Arcanas. Invoker is arguably the best one for him except some colours clash with other parts. Http: //steamcommunity. Com/profiles/76566698589975565/ 67 points 68 points 69 points 7 years ago nah, pretty much since reaves disappeared I ve seen maybe 7 of their videos on the front page. Its because slacks voice has shredded everyone s ears to bits and theres no one left to watch themHe will never be a caster because his voice is way too piercing and besides, he s a rodeo clown. Futa expert 9 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago I ve said this time and time again, but people downvote me for whatever reason because they love to kiss sunsfan s butt or something. This is not a witch hunt or personal attack, I am merely stating the facts here: I am happy to see the decline of Dotacinema because it has always done more harm for the community than good. (Terribad sets, pillaging the community, taking advantage of everyone (users and workshop makers alike), playing dumb/the victim despite calling others out publicly, etc. )It sickens me so good riddance. Dotacinema is worse than Pendragon when it comes to destroying Dota. Kids, wanna buy some SFM? 9 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago Yes, let s focus on a few subjectively bad things they did and completely ignore all the good stuff they did for this community, right?

Tryb Raises the Bar on Dota 2 Apps DotaCinema

Captain Draft tournaments, Hero introductions and tutorials, Workshop spotlights, International coverage, days and days of funny content are just some to name. You are getting downvoted for a reason, since your comment has nothing to do with factual statements. They are your subjective opinion full of nothing but exaggerated negativity. Don t get me wrong, you have the right to have an opinion, but don t be delusional and think it has anything to do with facts and objective perspective of rest of the community. Not to mention their early guides on last hitting, creep aggro and stuff is still referred for beginnersClearly you were not around for long enough. This is not even comparable to what Pendragon did. I'm done with this shit 7 points 8 points 9 points 7 years ago While I also miss DC s regular content, you have to think about the economics of it. DC s channel isn t actually all that lucrative. We are a pretty difficult audience to make money off of. When you re only monetizing 6/9 of your audience, you re not getting rich off of it. As far as I know, they don t even supplement with Patreon like a lot of Youtubers. As viewers, we have to fight that entitlement reflex and realize that no one owes us access to that free content. If a person has a chance to make more money doing something else, why shouldn t they? There s also more of a need to branch out now, given the monetization changes Youtube Red is bringing. When you re getting paid based on view length and not number of ad views, those short, infrequent and time-consuming videos like Fails or Top 65 simply aren t a good bet anymore. The youtubers who try to entertain for people who are PC people have it the hardest. It s been a month already: /Sheever Strong 855 points 856 points 857 points 7 years ago yeah it hasn t been a great year honestly. With all the new projects i ll admit i ve lost a bit of focus on the channel itself. It has also been really tough to rebound from Reborn, as we lost 65 s of thousands of replays and I doubt we ll ever get access to them again. But i ll be refocusing on content for DC again.

I think I can find a good balance with all the things i want to work on. Oh and Captains draft 8. 5 is coming. We ll be announcing the item chest for it soon. Get well soon Sheever 66 points 67 points 68 points 7 years ago Give Neil some video time, he does look like James Franco after all lolGet well soon Sheever -6 points 5 points 6 point 7 years ago Just Monika 68 points 69 points 65 points 7 years ago I think most of us really want more funny videos of you and Synderen playing together. Obviously that is tough now with both of your commitments. I thought it was really cool when you founded the new team because you seem to be all for turning esports into a much more professional and respectable entity. Digital Chaos could be a very important pioneer. Business ethics for the players is important, and your team seems to be big on that front. Honestly, from my perspective, the team really deserves 99% of your time and effort. Even if it keeps the funny man off of youtube haha. But if you can find a balance that satisfies all the fans, then that s be pretty cool. Finally a reply straight from you, I am happy CD 8. 5 is coming, please make some content with. I really love the combination of your funny gameplay/commentary and syndereNs expert/pro comments. What the horse was a perfect example of what this audience loves, A-Z challenges were a good learning experience for me via syndereN and extremely funny seeing you as a support/carry no matter what heroes you played. Fuck yes, I love Captains draft tournament. Still remember good old EU fnatic winning the first one. Sheever you got this! 6 point 7 points 8 points 7 years ago Pls don t go. Dotacinema was the first channel I watched when I got into Dota 7.

It had awesome content. The only thing they did back than was shill hats, not sure they are doing even thatOk they are. So much motivation to watch DC and be advertised new hats. Blink Jug sucks 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago Honestly suns I want to thank you for everything you ve done for dota, it s because of your ingenuity that we have custom mouse cursors! I don t remember if loading screens were also your idea but nevertheless, I always felt excited for whatever new ventures you and your company would take. You ll keep the good ideas going, mate: -)BRING BACK WHAT THE HORSE! BRING BACK RNJESUS CHALLENGE! THE PEOPLE WANT MORE SUNSFAN AND SYNDERWYN! ! I've been to trench and back, and back to the trench, and back! 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago I've been to trench and back, and back to the trench, and back! 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago Any thoughts of maybe passing the management reigns to someone else and moving to more of an admin role that gives you more freedom to do other projects? Yeah, I loved A-Z. I d love to see it start over now that Arc Warden is in since all the pairs will shift one. But that s obviously unrealistic from a time commitment perspective. They see me rollin', they hatin' -6 points 5 points 6 point 7 years ago It s good that DC is expanding to different and new things, but you should never forget your roots. Where you came from. Where you started from. SUNSfan has DC and Moonduck. He also mentioned is some video that doing youtube doesn t excite him a lot anymore.

Synd has Steak Gaming, since they re a new team, expect to see him on twitch now and then but that s about it. Unless some large change is made, DotaCinema is pretty much dead, or barely maintained like it is now. Honestly, Moonduck is sort of progressing into a different and larger project than DotaCinema. Who knows what they ll have planned.

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