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News in the DOTA 2 scene DotaCinema

Here are some available suggestions. Everyday I tune into their youtube channel after work to find nothing but disappointment. I used to love watching and cast some fun A-Z challenge and the patch analysis. Not only have they got too sparse in their fails of the week, they have not done a patch analysis for 6. 86.

Did start Steak Gaming but there has been no official news of him leaving Dotacinema. P. S. Dota is not the same without regular dose of DotaCinema, atleast for some of usEDIT: From s response Captains Draft 8.

Tryb Raises the Bar on Dota 2 Apps DotaCinema

5 is coming back, we all await the next episode of WTHsheever: ) 856 points 857 points 858 points 7 years ago why would u trust a snake? 66 points 67 points 68 points 7 years ago Oh ya sheever 7 points 8 points 9 points 7 years ago Omg, I completely forgot how epic those used to be. I really feel syndereN has been staying away from DotaCinema for some reason and SUNSfan is too busy managing his team. Where'd he go?

Everywhere! 5 points 6 point 7 points 7 years ago Well Synderen and Maelk are doing Danish esports television now, so that might be the reason. DC has been (mostly) a desert for the past month now, inconsistent video uploads such as 9 in a row then 7 weeks without any. The posts no longer even get to second page of the sub. Exactly my point, ever since they started the new team DigitalChaos they have kind of slacked off in other departments.

China east 97 points 98 points 99 points 7 years ago (We come in peace 7 points 8 points 9 points 7 years ago fyi DC doesn t make sets. They partner with workshop artists to make sets for them, and DC advertises them on their channel. China east 9 points 65 points 66 points 7 years ago * Yeah it s a standard business practice not to manufacture your own product but being partnered shouldn t stop them oversight and quality control. Comment score below threshold -66 points -65 points -9 points 7 years ago There are none who cannot be memed 56 points 57 points 58 points 7 years ago Yeah imo that is the all time best set ever released that is non-arcana. It s just a completely different style than the other sets, with a hat in place of a mask and some pantaloons instead of legs.

It s almost a remodel. So I can see why some do not like it, it s just too abrupt.

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