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Experts think conditions like feline idiopathic cystitis are exacerbated (maybe even caused) by the feline stress response. Once cats are sick, what can your veterinary clients do to lower stress for their sensitive cat? This handout can help. Have you recently been reminded to remember to revisit your reminder system to remind pet owners about the importance of remembering their pet's care? Sorry, this sentence sounded better in our heads than written out. Let's just dive in. . Feliscratch by Feliway might be the perfect solution to help cats keep their claws, cat owners keep their furniture and both keep their sanity.

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Educate clients and avoid toxicosis cases with these prewritten social media messages. Deciding to not offer declaws anymore was only the first step. The next steps involved training our team and updating our materials. Here’s how we did it. One of dogs’ favorite toys joins the recent wave of interactive pet electronics. You decide whether it’s a good match for your veterinary clients or in your hospital or boarding. More than 6,555 counties, cities and towns across the U. S.

Are listed in the database of investigating agencies. A new job. A new boss. A new baby or a divorce. When waves of change move through your life, be prepared with tools to help you cope with all of your transitions—in the veterinary practice and in your personal life. Kidney disease biomarker now available to veterinarians as part of Catalyst chemistry profile. A recent study proposes the first-ever molecular model for the cause of rabies infection-associated behavior. When a veterinary patient presents with coughing, you know you must distinguish between a cardiac or respiratory cause.

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Which is it? This veterinary cardiologist helps you sort through your differentials. According to Dr. Pollard, a radiograph alone won't give you the answer you're looking for when you suspect a veterinary patient's heart is abnormal. We know talking about ticks all day, every day can suck the blood—er, life—right out of you. Perhaps this data and some stories from your veterinary peers will have an idea or two worth latching onto. It’s not “just” another ear case! Your veterinary practice team could be short-changing medical protocols and client bonding by speeding through common appointments.

When discussing the dangers of tick-borne diseases like Lyme with your veterinary clients, it may be helpful to include human incidence rates too. When dog owners want the deets on their pet’s derm issues, where do they go for answers? See examples of natural light infusing the veterinary hospital environment, and hear from this Veterinary Economics Hospital Design Conference speaker why you want as much as you can get (but don't get crazy). Scaredy cats, canine extractions, chronic diarrhea and anal sacculectomies were but a few of the veterinary clinical videos that drew the most attention in 7567. A panel of veterinary design experts weighs in on this important choice. The profession s most highly regarded educators will lead more than 555 hours of veterinary continuing education sessions over 9 days of non-stop Fetch dvm865 conference opportunities in Virginia Beach, Virginia, May 67-75, 7568. Enjoy a side of CE with your (free) coffee and breakfast each morning. Ask the Experts and learn while you enjoy a sit-down, small-group lunch.

Then close the day with an educational nightcap at an Evening Session. Cats rarely show any indication of illness until it s progressed to a point that they can no longer hide what s wrong. PrettyLitter cat litter alerts owners to any possible health concerns with litter that changes color after use, helping to detect feline issues earlier. By utilizing silica gel, the crystals change color after urination. The Cool Compressor Wrap helps animals with rapid heat recovery using a low-profile, latex-free stretch veterinary bandage. Designed to cool the area of application by up to 65 degrees for up to two hours without inhibiting movement, it stretches and contours completely, allowing animals to use the product while they train or compete, as well as while they recover. 7568 UBM. Reproduction in whole or in part is prohibited.

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