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Far out rumors are the most fun for me because it s basically a picking names out of two star jars and calling it dating. This week in K-ent is ending on the rumor of actress Park Shin Hye dating actor Choi Tae Joon, with netizens claiming reported sightings of them at an arboretum, at a convenience store, and reportedly even traveling out of the country together in April for a vacation. We all know the dating rumor drill is deny deny deny unless Dispatch has pictures or there s a bun in the oven and I doubt either is the case here so both star agencies were swift to quash this rumor with an emphatic denial. The explanation is that the two are merely college classmates and friends, so being seen together is friends hanging out. I could care less if these two are dating other than this is just so out of nowhere. I think Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon look good together and if they are secretly dating then good for them and if they are good friends then equally good for them. What s so funny is that Choi Tae Joon just played a crazed psycho killer in drama Missing 9 so when I look at him right now I just get repulsed, which means he did a great acting job lol. Hopefully he ll erase that image soon in his upcoming role for rom-com Suspicious Partner.

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Park Shinhye would never admit to dating unless she is planning to marry the guy. Dispatch caught her and Lee Jong-suk last time but she still denied it. You folks do understand that people are actors right? I always feel like I am writing with kids because s5 many of the comments are always referring to the actors role as a bad guy as if that determines who the person is. CHOI TAE JOON and the killer character are two separate entities. Just married you two and psh cant touch my biases. Don t call SH cheap. Remember where Dispatch photographed your bias in her dating news. In the hotel where they are staying together. SH was seen in a boutique abd park with the person shenis rumoreshenisd with. Iwith dont do this usually but if you demand respect, respect others too. You are a name caller. Hotel? Angel going to hotel with a man haha cheap angel lmaoImo on you Angel yes shin hye is An angel and your biases know who Is PARK SHIN HYE give me one evidence of your cheap words hahaha keep bite yor tongue and entering shin hye s so to see your pitiful words. Beware of your word. From your name knows who you are coming from. Pls don t start the war. SH has her right to have friends, whatever male or female but journalist just focus what they want to. Don t disturb and ruin her life. Even a celebrity, she deserves to have a normal human life. Cheap seriously but your comment is a trash you know that shin hye has a lot male and girls as friends but she didn t as your shirty brain her family is very strict she is still staying with them so if you are saying this shitty word again bcz you are like the rubbish journalists you are nothing but a looserif you want shinhye not call as a cheap woman please tell her to stop going around with guys. Her fan calling her angel but her attitude not yet haha she always involved with dating rumor.

. Please stay away if she wasnt like that. Ofc man and woman can be friend but this is diffrent case shinhye is public figure and she live in asia please be careful. Knetizen more harsh than me. I dont say she just has male friends. Follow female celeb in instagram doesnt mean she always hangout with those celeb. In fact she likes hangout with guy friends, in interview she always saying this. Are you really fan of her? She goes to vacation with them too. If you see ger IG, it is filled with many female friends. That in itself is a teatimony of how good a person she is. But as usual, journalists write only about the men she is sighted with. Usually when she is with a male friend, her female friends are also around. Hummp for malicious people only seeing what they want to see. And even if SH is dating choose not to reveal it, it s her right. She is single and at a proper age. We her fans respect the boundaries of her private life and only wants her happiness. We will love whoever she will love. Were you risen in a cage? This nonsense news, trying to put her on a corner, I am sure were architected by desperate agencies and unscrupulous journalists, that are trying to bring Park Shin Hye s image and reputation down, hoping their untalented artists will have a chance, as they have try many times. Park Shin Hye is a warrior, with God and many that love her by her side. She has all the right of this world to live and enjoy HER LIFE as she pleases.

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Suck on your finger and watch it, losers. Poor you, why dont you just focus on your mediocre idol who s always floppy in all she does bleeeh! Why bother in actress article hahahaPark Shin Hye s fans will be with her, regardless. Our Star forever. How could you say that she s cheap. We all know shes not! ! She have all d right to go out whoever she want. If shes into dating thata fine. Shes single and deserve to be happyHey you dumbass, worry about your own sex life before you show your obvious envy to someone who is more likely to get your bias oppar than you ever will 🙂Haha media give it a rest already. How many times Shin Hye is dating a male celeb being reported? She is just someone who loves to hang out with the guys. I thought the only time there could be a possibilty was Dispatch showing her and Lee Jong Suk but then again it was denied. Actually she is at a nice age to have a boyfriend so hopefully it will happen. More power to park shin hye. She has the right to date whomever she likes, she is an adult and i soo overhemenly proud of her of her wise decision to never admit dating someone publicly. Why should she admit dating publicly when unfortunately if there is a breakups, she will be branded as someone ex for as long as she is alive, called horrible names and affect her carefully maintain image and marraige. Public dating is poisonuos to females in korea if there is a breakup esp top actresses like psh. Infact there is no benefit to public dating whatsoever in korea. People mistakenly think that it helps to be free to date, i disagree look at some of the couples who admit dating like eg. Kang sora and hyun bin, suzy and lee min ho and kim woo bin and shin min ah. They went back to their shells after announcing and you will find it hard to spot them out on a date so as not to arouse fans anger and criticism.

I am flabbergasted when fans and haters alike insists that females celebrities should admit dating publicly when the male celebrities hardly and purposely ran away from marrying any female celebrity who has dated publicly before. What shells are you talking about? I see three visual happy dating couples. Kang Sora and Hyun Bin were seen recently on date. They were in full view of the public watching a musical together just like any other dating couples. Shin Min Ah and Kim Woo Bin were spotted having a fun vacation together in Thailand last month. I would love to see Shin Hye having a nice time with whoever she is dating as well. No need to hide YOLO, fame isn t everything. Lol, same question why are you here to bother! Lmao, she s a Superstar that s why every News of her is a big deal! I meant, why two adults dating or not should be such a big deal? Are these fans their parents or something to have the right to know everything of their PRIVATE lives? Calling her a flirt or cheap just because she is chummy with a colleague and classmate is really dumbPark Shin Hye has around her are male friends and no or very few women friends no wonder she s the type of girl that other women hateNo she has the same amount of female friends the majority are non celebrities you could check her Instagram and few of them are celebrities. All of the people who are hater or stan I ve one advise for you and that is Come back to senses before you become a looser in your real life. We can only admire or criticize her beauty and acting skills. Nothing more nothing less. It s not like you are ever going to find out wether she is a good or bad girl. Neither you should be concerned with whom she is dating or whom she is not. Don t waste your precious time of life in such useless speculations. Get hold of your emotions and save your lives. The only wise comment on this thread. It’s none of ANYONE’S business, except her and her possible partner’s, what she does in her P R I V A T E life.

Both fans and haters just have to find something else to do than speculate her dating and sex life lolIt really must suck to be connected romantically to every male he hangs out with. One question, why no one ever suspects that she’s dating one of her girlfriends? I mean she travels with them and hangs out with them a lot more and she very well could be bisexual. Please read what i wrote carefully again. I didnt say they are not happily dating at all. What i am saying is since they announce dating publicly how many times have they been spotted out. In the case of suzy/lee min ho and shin min ah/kim woo bin they have been spotted about 7 times a year or something. What is the need of announcing dating publicly when you go out soo few a year. Park shin hye denie dating not because she will loose fame, has suzy lost fame? No. It is the stigma attached to her name in case there is a breakup that she is afraid of and i hapened to concur with her. I think she is dating secretly like soo many female celebrities and its all for the better. Hey SuzyPretty, thanks for taking the time and energy to comment on someone you clearly do not support. Let s make all Park Shin Hye articles top the most commented articles on this page. Really appreciate your efforts! We st 95 comments right now but I m sure you can do better. Thanks for the support! You re welcome, there s other Park Shin Hye articles for you to comment your support. We re above 55 comments! P. S. Make sure to give the same love to Suzy too.

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