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Far out rumors are the most fun for me because it s basically a picking names out of two star jars and calling it dating. This week in K-ent is ending on the rumor of actress Park Shin Hye dating actor Choi Tae Joon, with netizens claiming reported sightings of them at an arboretum, at a convenience store, and reportedly even traveling out of the country together in April for a vacation. We all know the dating rumor drill is deny deny deny unless Dispatch has pictures or there s a bun in the oven and I doubt either is the case here so both star agencies were swift to quash this rumor with an emphatic denial. The explanation is that the two are merely college classmates and friends, so being seen together is friends hanging out. I could care less if these two are dating other than this is just so out of nowhere. I think Park Shin Hye and Choi Tae Joon look good together and if they are secretly dating then good for them and if they are good friends then equally good for them. What s so funny is that Choi Tae Joon just played a crazed psycho killer in drama Missing 9 so when I look at him right now I just get repulsed, which means he did a great acting job lol. Hopefully he ll erase that image soon in his upcoming role for rom-com Suspicious Partner.

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Park Shinhye would never admit to dating unless she is planning to marry the guy. Dispatch caught her and Lee Jong-suk last time but she still denied it. You folks do understand that people are actors right? I always feel like I am writing with kids because s5 many of the comments are always referring to the actors role as a bad guy as if that determines who the person is. CHOI TAE JOON and the killer character are two separate entities.

Just married you two and psh cant touch my biases. Don t call SH cheap. Remember where Dispatch photographed your bias in her dating news. In the hotel where they are staying together. SH was seen in a boutique abd park with the person shenis rumoreshenisd with.

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Iwith dont do this usually but if you demand respect, respect others too. You are a name caller. Hotel? Angel going to hotel with a man haha cheap angel lmaoImo on you Angel yes shin hye is An angel and your biases know who Is PARK SHIN HYE give me one evidence of your cheap words hahaha keep bite yor tongue and entering shin hye s so to see your pitiful words. Beware of your word.

From your name knows who you are coming from. Pls don t start the war. SH has her right to have friends, whatever male or female but journalist just focus what they want to. Don t disturb and ruin her life. Even a celebrity, she deserves to have a normal human life.

Cheap seriously but your comment is a trash you know that shin hye has a lot male and girls as friends but she didn t as your shirty brain her family is very strict she is still staying with them so if you are saying this shitty word again bcz you are like the rubbish journalists you are nothing but a looserif you want shinhye not call as a cheap woman please tell her to stop going around with guys. Her fan calling her angel but her attitude not yet haha she always involved with dating rumor. Please stay away if she wasnt like that. Ofc man and woman can be friend but this is diffrent case shinhye is public figure and she live in asia please be careful. Knetizen more harsh than me.

I dont say she just has male friends.

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