English lessons must be learned deeply. Most people rush through their English lessons. Instead, go more slowly and repeat more often. Learn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations CourseLearn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations CourseLearn to speak and understand real English with our Real English Conversations CourseThese guys make me feel confident. I can see they are master teaching English. I ve never heard anything like this. Thanks because now I understand why I cannot speak fluently after of various years studying English. Thanks again.

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Learn English deeply by repeating many times until mastering totally. Thank you. I am a medical laboratory specialist my mother langue is Arabic and I want to learn English just like native speaker, but I think it s very hard I was shocked that all the ways I used to learn English are the bad ways. But I will start again, because I don t believe that I m still can t speak English. I m very ambitious person and I will Choose you as a teachers for me and I Promise to understand every words deeply and work very hard in all rules. Always you are not bad in english as you could write agood paragrapg for your bad skills in english i see that i am worst all of you in english compositionI am impressed that we should really learn the basic first and we should learn it deeply. Thank you for this another effective technique. I am a basketball player and I know what you mean. Thank you for the useful lesson you gave us, i am sure this will help and promote the skills we learn english, when i listen video lessons i think that i totally know english but when it comes to watchimg movies some times i believe that i have never learnt english, but i satisfy my self once there were days that i couldn t understand the video lessons at all, and today 99% i can, so it s the same way i do my best and i wait my time, i also say my brothers and sisters who have the same problem, don t disappoint keep up doing efforts in terms of listening, repeating and other skills we get from this online classThank you for lesson number 9 and all the previous lessons. . Realy for me they are very effective. Thank you for all your efforts but I don t think repetition alone can t bring any desirable mastery in the acquisition of the second language. There should be something more to help internalizing the new system and I m expecting you to touch it in your coming lessons. Sorry i dont agree with you Agatha. Personally I believe that this program is designed to some certain levels of English learners, not for people of all levels of english. The problem of people who want to take this course is they cant speak english as naturally as the native speakers do though they understand everything. That you cant follow with what the teachers say is your problem, not theirs. I am not one of the teachers, just want to voice my opinions. The only thing makes me hesitate to sign up is that the cost is quite high for an online course. Thanks for rule no 9 every day I am learning new things. I like you re all program s rule no 6, 7, 8, and 9 thanks a lot for supporting me.

I am not sure just repeating, if i have a conversation with the english native speaker and i did not understand what he said, ofcousre i will ask him to repeat it but he never correct my mistake if i do mistake in grammar rules. That s true. Learn deeply and practice and practice. Practice makes perfect! I should do that, too! I understand the rule no. 9. But the difficult part of rule no. 9 is what is deeply. Just repetition? I agree with you, repeating and training is very important and necessary. Wow that was amazing rule no 7 l loved it made me to move forward. And try to speak better. I little bit it s looks like my dream will come true and speak like English native. Thanks alot. Dear teacher, this is fantastic to be frank i have been practice rule # 7 it very interesting to i keep on listening again again and repeated the word to master it. I am waiting for rule # 5 thanksAmazing way I think if I followed the rules step by step, my English will get better soon so I decided to start apply them right nowHi. Dear teachers, I m really grateful to you and I want to tell you that I m getting better from the first rule. Thank u so muchrule 9 is amazing and it really fertilizes every learner s English tree and I really appreciate your devoting time to inform us what is the best to do and do your best to encourage us to be more willing to and to be more enthusiastic about learning EnglishDear Teachers, thank you so much the rule 9 was really useful and very good method for learning English easily and deeply so this is my best pleasure to remain as one of your English student. Thank you for the rule #9. I will follow your advice and hope to learn how to speak better English soon.

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Have a wonderful day! Hello, I think it is really helpful advice or rule. We need to repeat many things in order to have deep understanding of those things. This rule is not only useful for learning new languages but also in anything else in the whole life. H sir your rule no 9 is very help full and i like ur sentence, repetition is the motehr skill. ThanxPerect! Learning deeply means practice many and many times until you can use it easily and automatically. That s so helpful! I have been really looking for such this way to improve my english I have been always ready to pay my whole attention and follow anythingeverything that would help me improve my english myself. Hi, I liked very much your expressions and the form of speaking it, It is weird for me that I understand to you very good, you told us very important points, such as repeat, again and again, Repetition is the mother of skill and so onfor excellence we need to learn deeply about it. Thank u for rule 9, its very helpfulI feel I became much better in listening. Million thanks to all of you my teachers. Yeah, no doubt excellent english. Especially rule9. And realy appreciate your quote that repetition is the mother of skill I like your expressions and way of speaking because I can understand them clearly. Also, I appreciate your quote that Repetition is the mother of skill and really want to achieve the status of using English automatically and understanding it instantly without translating it on hearing the input. Thank you so so much for that rule, i m sure it will help me in my future to improve my english speaking, i realy admire itHi, my name is Luis Ricardo, I am mozambican in √Āfrica. I would like to thank you very much for the work you are doing. I admire you too much for the excellent skill you have in teaching english language I have learned english for three years but I still have more difficulties to understand when someone speak to me. Sincerly speaking, I listened and watched your three first videos and I started to undertasnd well Your method of teaching english is very, very excellent. I thank you very much for improving my english from your Ricardothank you for rule #9, i ll try to listen and practice more English especially with native speaker.

I ve loved the rule 9. I will apply and I m sure it will help me a lot. I m your learn English conversation room students so I wonder you Amessing! ! Just continue. Thank you so much for your teaching English to learn deeply. I ll do for my futureI got good idea. Thank you very much! ^^ I hope to speak english well. Thanks alot for replying me I try to study and lesson more time every dayi think your lessons are very usefull. I like it. I`m progressing and i want to learn more and more. I thank u LORD Thank u so much for teaching me how to learn English I am a student, but I still have problem with this subject I hope it will help me, I will do all my lessons. Thanks and my GOD bless u all. Your way of teaching like a magic. I wish if they used this way with us in the schools. I would like to thanks you all for your time and effortsyou are a naturally gifted teacher! Your way is so inspiring and motivating. I really enjoy your lessons. Man, you are just Excellent! You are a GOOD TEACHER, I just inspired by your lesson.

Thank you, I will be keep watching your video. Yes. Its a good idea. I agree with it. Hope I can follow this step. You re so right! Repetition leads to deep learning, which in turns leads to excellence. I play drums and everyday I practise the very rudiments as the key to excellence in music, as well. I just want to say thank you again for this rule #9 it helps me a lot to learnI love your methodology, learning English by ear. Listening, listening, listening and no rules Only now after my 75s I will speak real English. Thanks to you allHi there I do not know what to say to you people you feel me that i can speak and talk to others easily. This is what i need to move on, i appreciate your teachings and with you guys i am to fullfill my dreams. Thanks. I would like to improve my English pronunciation and how to master English in every aspect in speak English. I have no words to thank you my teacher and i love you so much as i love my parents. God bless youI totally agree with his rule! I have practiced this rule for my martial arts practice. The only thing that helps is training the basics of your system over and over again, and all of a sudden you start to realize that things have gone into your body and that you can reproduce them by the mere thought of the movement itself and in combat by just letting the body respond to what is coming at you, Glad to hear it also applies to other things! O I used to rush through my lessons cos of lack of time. Thank you very much sirThanks for the 9th rule. It is very good and important to hear from somebody who is a teacher:

slow down, repeat more and learn anything deeply. All my respects for him. So many times we have to say for other things, too, in order to do something better. Thanks a lot.

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