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This page contains all of the detailed dream interpretations and their hidden symbols on Dream-Meaning. Net. The list of all the concepts is sorted from a-z. I was disgussed by This in the dream. I could also hear other people in the Background beeing scared and warning him. The man thought that it was funny to do since there (apparantly) was no blood Please Help me translate these dreams, since they were very unsetteling! : /I would love to interpret this dream for you.

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ComI had dreams where I am trapped in a building by fushia, red, and purple jewel encrusted gray spiders of all sizes and webs. Dream me has awake me s bad arachnid-phobia and even though the spiders seem harmless, I am screaming and running away from them and some chase after me. There were tornado warnings so we moved to another cabin. Went to get a drink and they were gone person left IOU for each she took.

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Tornados came thru and we waited it out. One of the girls moms came with ointment for her. We joked as they saw bread was almost gone and I showed them we had more. Was telling them about the storms when sky to ground lightening appeared.

We went inside. There was a side door that I opened to look out and saw a weird flash of light. Stepped outside and in the ds saw fire and light mixed spinning. Then a purple dragon emerged.

I ran to door and my daughter grabbed me making it hard for either to go in. We got in went to close door and there was a small boy. I got him in then teenagers kept appearing. I had to close the door so we could be safe and they all dissapeared.

Dream ended thenFor about a year and a half approximately I ve been waking up vibrating from head to foot, as though I m a humansized mobile phone. And it carries on, but milder, for a little while when I ve awoken and fully conscious. Could you please tell me what this could possibly mean? Thank you.

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