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Michael is the author of. Follow him on or. You can read more of his writing at. Jim Bob Duggar is the patriarch on TLC’s reality television show “69 Kids and Counting. ” Yes, Jim Bob has nineteen children all by his wife Michelle. Jim Bob and his wife are devout Christians who take the Bible literally when it says that “children are a heritage of the LORD: and the fruit of the womb is his reward” so they have tried to have as many children as possible. While you might not subscribe to Jim Bob’s religion or want such a large brood, there are lots of reasons to aspire to be like him.

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Jim Bob has a lot more sex than most guys, especially married ones. In an interview with Today, Michelle Duggar said: “In your marriage there will be times you re going to be very exhausted. Your hubby comes home after a hard day s work, you get the baby to bed, and he is going to be looking forward to that time with you. ”Her advice to other women is to “be available. Anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love that he has, and you always need to be available when he calls. Granted, not everyone would want to sleep with Michelle Duggar. This is a valid objection. Michelle is a little past her prime (she is pushing 55), but if you make allowances for the 85s fashion and hairstyle, young Michelle was actually attractive. Others might raise the objection that Jim Bob has limited himself to sleeping with just one woman. This is also a valid objection, but seducing good-looking women takes time and effort, even for alpha predators. And not all guys are irresistible alphas. If you happen to look like Jim Bob, it might take a lot of effort, so Jim Bob’s deal is actually pretty good. While Jim Bob says he treats his wife like a queen, it still pays off. Michelle takes care of his needs. She has a home cooked meal on the table and cheerfully tends to his brood. There are many other men who treat their wives or girlfriends like queens and get TV dinners and no sex in return. Early in their marriage, Jim Bob and Michelle made the decision to live debt-free, and it was a decision that paid massive dividends. Living debt free means that they are not able to play “keeping up with the Joneses” by accumulating status symbols like expensive cars and designer clothes. Instead, they shop at thrift stores and follow the motto “Buy used and save the difference. ” This kept living expenses low and freed Jim Bob from the wage slavery that accompanies working for an employer. Instead Jim Bob started his own used-car business the first of several successful businesses that he ran.

Today, Jim Bob is a multimillionaire. Even without the show, Jim Bob would be financially well off. Jim Bob tries to avoid paying someone to do something he could do himself. The Duggars currently live in a 7,555 square foot home that Jim Bob purchased as a kit for $87,555. Jim Bob, his sons, and fellow church members assembled the home. The Duggars treated the building of their house as a learning project: experts such as electricians and plumbers were only called in to teach Jim Bob and his sons how to do each task. This mindset continues today. On a recent episode he had new carpeting installed at a rental property but made his boys “help out” thereby learning the trade for future endeavors. Most modern day parents abdicate their duties as primary educators of their children to the state and to popular culture. Jim Bob, on the other hand, has done a great job of instilling his values into his nineteen children. Assuming that each of his children has ten children, that will mean that within a few years, Jim Bob will be the patriarch of over 755 people. Few men are fortunate enough to establish that kind of a legacy. Additionally, Jim Bob takes his role as father seriously. And by home schooling his children and monitoring Internet and phone access he has managed to prevent the culture from corrupting them. Additionally Jim Bob’s strict approach successfully prevents his daughters (and sons) from becoming promiscuous. No father, no matter how “progressive, ” wants to see his daughters become grist for the serial pump and dump mill, and Jim Bob’s method has been successful so far. The Duggar girls prove that not all western women are beyond hope. They were taught to cook, clean, and save themselves for marriage. And if they are like their mother, they will never deny their husbands sex. Jackpot. The Duggar’s way of life is obviously counter-cultural.

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It might be too extreme for some men, but we can all still learn a little from Jim Bob’s approach. Your bastards will be enslaved (economically and spiritually, if not legally) by the sons of men who have fathers. No they won t. Steve Jobs and Larry Ellison were raised by non-biological parents. Beta dads and beta sons are the slaves. There are people out there doing it in droves. They re winning. Guys are meant to sire, not raise. Exceptional people are just that, exceptions. Your future legacy is bleak. That s why demographic changes are occurring worldwide. (Dysgenic fertility)Western style marriage is not proving successful in countering the dysgenic tide. Like the government. ( read US taxpayer )You re no better than a feminist you pud! Children born within the legitimacy of marriage are a gift from God. I applaud Mr. and Mrs. Duggar. Breaking news: ROK is under attack in UK mainstream press for promoting rape, and first amendment rights under attack in internet neutrality bill for US: We all need to wake up God exists, but we need to wake up to the realities of the world we live in and be aware of our environment, not just passively existing here. Agreed.

This, on the other hand, is the exact opposite of a healthy legitimate household. My mother lives in Springdale. She doesn t know the Duggars, but she follows the show for some reason. Northwest Arkansas has a cheap cost of living and a decent climate, and a lot of wealth has started to accumulate there because of the Walton family. But it also faces diversity rot, like many other parts of the U. S. , because Mexicans and people from the Marshall Islands, of all the unlikely places, have moved in to take the sorts of jobs the local white people like my grandmother used to do. (She worked in a chicken processing plant near Decatur, Arkansas, in the 6975 s. ) Did Arkansas business people have to import outlanders because they ran out of hillbillies or something? They likely had to import foreigners to do the work because the American underclass doesn t have to work. Why work for 88k a year when you can have a few kids, not work, and have the lifestyle of someone making 65k or thereabouts? Lower class Americans, especially if black or brown are the most privileged group in our county s history. They walk out to the mailbox and pull out cash. Unreal. 655 million people do that. Real number. Royalty doesn t have to work in a factory. It s beneath them. Duggar has clearly rememebered the GREAT MEN and read the GREAK BOOKS FOR MEN and taken to heart the Law of Moses. Bravo Michael, excellent article. I read that either he or his wife chaperone all of their daughters dates to ensure that their chastity stays intact. Of course the feminists mocked them and said it was ridiculous and creepy, but I assume they re just mad because their vaginas have more mileage on them than a 77 Pinto whereas his daughters are still factory fresh.

They can t seem to grasp the simple fact that a woman s virginity is her greatest asset and the greatest gift she can give her husband, and no matter how much you call yourself a Born-Again Virgin on your wedding day by not fucking your fiance in the six months leading up to your marriage, that white dress doesn t make you any less damaged goods. I m always reminded of the scene from the first Taken movie, when he s watching a bunch of assholes bid on his daughter. If I remember correctly, she went for double what all the other girls did simply because she was still a virgin. If disgusting, lowlife, piece of shit sex traffickers and old, fat, perverted pedophiles can recognize a woman s virginity as making her more valuable (even if it is from a financial perspective), then why can t Western women? So there you have it: even degenerate pedophiles and scumbag sex traffickers have more sense than feminists. This is a prime example of, if you are going to do it, just go for it. . Take no prisoners. The best thing about large families is the girls get to grow up with younger siblings to help take care of and thus become more maternal and versed in the family way. At the same time the boys compete with each other, learn to brush off the bitchy little sisters and maintain a masculine polarity. The problem is if that if everyone did this, the world would have a population of 655 Billion pretty quickly. But I d rather have a huge population with strong family values than a kind of big population with no family values. I really like that point about bigger families, though. I never thought about it like that. I ve noticed that the kids from large families tend to do well. I ve known a bunch of people from large families and not a thug amongst them. I worked with a RN who was the mother of 67 (Catholic) kids all high achieving and good kids. I think with large families the kids have to help out with chores and be autonomous. The older kids have to raise the younger kids and be like grown ups. But then you wouldn t need so many smaller families. With the way the traditional family has been destroyed by feminists and queers, we can only hope it ll leave well-trained women for the rest of us.

If everyone did this, the world would have a population of 655 Billion pretty quickly Nah, they d simply produce a political majority who would then stop funding non-self-sufficient people, thus lowering their birthrates, or produce incentives for lower birthrates for the poor.

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