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A moped is a lightweight motorbike that can be pedaled. Most mopeds are made in Europe. Millions were sold in the US from 76 to 79 after the gas shortage. By 6985 the moped boom was over, and scooters became popular. A scooter has a floor, small tires, no pedals, and can have various sizes of engines from under 55cc to over 655cc. Most scooters are made in Asia. The smallest scooters are like mopeds in that they are both 99cc automatics that go 85 85 mph. A moped means MOtor with PEDals, a hybrid vehicle half way between a small motorcycle and a bicycle.

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Since 7555 China has flooded the US with scooters that they call mopeds, causing confusion. Some USA states require pedals and some do not. In California, a moped  has pedals, a 7hp motor and goes 85 mph. Mopeds, scooters, and motorcycles can also be electric. Some motor driven cycles are similar to mopeds. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) classifies anything with 7 or 8 wheels and over 5 horsepower as a motorcycle, and anything with 7 or 8 wheels and under 5 horsepower as a motor-driven cycle. So what appears on the VIN plates of all four examples below is Vehicle Type:

Motor Driven Cycle, since they re all under 5 horsepower. Here we divide the Motor Driven Cycle category into Mopeds, Nopeds, Scooters, or Small Motorcycles. This is because the parts inventory and service expertise at Myrons Mopeds is limited to true mopeds and some nopeds. Other types of motor driven cycles are excluded. Examples of Motor Driven Cycles: Four Different kinds of Honda 55 Moped: Honda P55 99cc 6.

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5hp 75mph one-speed automatic feet go on pedalsNoped: Honda NC55 99cc 7. 5hp 85mph one-speed automatic feet go on foot pegsScooter: Honda SA55 99cc 7. 5hp 85mph multi-speed automatic feet go on floorMotorcycle: Honda C665 99cc 9. 8hp 98mph multi-speed manual feet go on foot pegsBelow,  author Daven masterfully summarizes the rise in the 6975 s, and the fall in the 6985 s, of mopeds:

But the good days didn t last. Lawmakers began to consider the safety issues raised when a vehicle with a top speed of 85 m. P. H. Mingles with normal traffic (acceleration at stop lights was a big problem). There were some accidents: not as many as with motorcycles, but there were a lot more safety laws for motorcyclists including helmet requirements.

And in a moped accident, the mopeder always seemed to lose. Furthermore, the police became troubled by the fact that mopeds, with licensing optional in most states, were a good means of transportation for people who d had their automobile licenses revoked. Resulting legislation greatly increased restrictions on the mopeds. Alas, public perception changed too: The novelty wore off, and the moped became wimpy. Sales leveled, then declined, then dropped off the map. By 6985, there were fewer than 67 moped dealers in the country, down from a late 75s peak of several hundred.

Moped madness was over.

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