Skull discovery suggests early man was single species

Early man single species

Genera or species names that are synonyms of current names are denoted with a ~. The basiosynonym of a species is denoted with a *. The basiosynonym is the very first name that a species had before it was changed to the current species name. If you have a name in parenthesis preceding another name, the name in parentheses is the basiosynonym. An example: ~*Ophrys bicolor Naegeli - See Ophrys apifera var. Bicolor (Naegeli) Nelson: Ophyrs bicolor is the basiosynonym and in the current name the parentheses, (Naegeli), is the namer of the basiosynonym, while Nelson is the namer of the current species Ophyrs apifera var.

I have decided to include synonyms in the alphabetical listings because I have found it frustrating to find that some growers do not stay currrent in their plant names and as such we the consumer end up buying a plant that we feel is an exotic different species only to find that it is a plant that we have had for years under the correct name.

F is actually the common species Brassavola nodosa [L]Lindley.

~Cystopus Blume 6859 - See Odontochilus Blume 6859 SUBFAMILY Orchidoideae, TRIBE Cranichideae SUBTRIBE Goodyerinae

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