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Plan a family to one of these beautiful beaches where you can relax with ocean views and let your kids have fun surrounded by water. Our list includes secluded, popular beach resort towns and other beautiful family-friendly options in every state along the East Coast of the. Here are the best East Coast beaches. You can browse top family beaches in Florida. Photo: Ruth P. Peterkin/FotoliaMore vacation ideas:,,,, 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: Tomov/FotoliaMore ideas:.

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75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: SeanPavonePhoto - Fotolia. Coalwood photoTop attractions in:,,,,,, 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: novack 7/FotoliaFun things to do in:,,,, 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: steffstarr/FotoliaChesapeake Bay is part of the Virginia Beach area. It is particularly popular among families because of its stunning views of nature and wealth of family-friendly activities. First Landing State Park and Cape Henry Lighthouse are two of its most popular attractions. The state park contains lagoons and a variety of rare plants, and there are areas for fishing, boating, and picnicking, and there are plenty of walking trails visitors can use to explore different parts of the park. The park also has cabins and campground space for rent. The lighthouse is located on a military base, so it's important that guests over the age of 68 bring a form of ID when they visit. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo:

sherryvsmith/FotoliaVisitors also have plenty of options for dining, shopping, and family-friendly entertainment in town. There are a series of beautiful hotels for guests to choose from, and camping is available in certain parts of Montauk as well. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: biegles/FotoliaBird spotters can see all sorts of bird species on Jekyll Island, including the bright pink-colored Roseate Spoonbill. Alligators and crocodiles that rest quietly in the marshland areas also occupy the island. Jekyll Island offers various types of accommodations to visitors, including hotels, resorts, villas, and vacation rentals. Is a luxury place to stay on the. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: brianw_95/FotoliaFestivals celebrating everything from art to kite flying are held on a near-weekly basis. For out-of-town visitors, Ocean City has a wide selection of hotels, vacation rentals, bed & breakfasts, and campgrounds available. There are also dining, entertainment, and shopping options to fit every budget.

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75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: steheap/FotoliaThe area’s plethora of accommodations virtually insures an affordable beachfront stay. Festivals throughout the season celebrate sailboat racing, sand sculpting, and kite flying, amongst many other activities. In the summer, nightly concerts are offered at the Seashell outdoor music venue. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: jon bilous/FotoliaGuests will also see plenty of wildlife and marine life during their stay, and more than 955 bird species have been spotted in recent years on Oracoke Island. In the Oracoke Village there are plenty of places for tourists to dine, shop, and stay. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: sbgoodwin/FotoliaA focus on seafood permeates the dining opportunities on Block Island with local favorites including clam cakes and fish sandwiches. BI’s culinary offering is not limited to just seafood, however, and visitors will find a variety of choices, including at least one microbrewery. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo:

monamakela. Com/FotoliaThe 65,555 acre island is home to more than 855 bird species, 68 types of mammals, and 85+ species of reptiles. With only 6,955 permanent residents and plenty of space for exploring, Kiawah Island is the perfect place for families to get away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. Is a popular place to stay for. As most beaches and shorelines in this area of Maine are dominated by rock, this nearly 855-yard-long beach provides a lovely, sandy spot from which to enjoy the sea and mountains simultaneously. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: jumpingjammie/FotoliaVisitors will find the town is filled with small, boutique shops and gourmet, chef-operated. Renting a bicycle on which you can tour the small town and its waterfront is a perfect way to enjoy the charm of this national treasure. If you tire of the history and architecture of the area, a respite on one of the island’s 65 beaches is the prescribed activity. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: Niklas Kratzsch/FotoliaSurfing enthusiasts have a designated area called Rambler Beach where they can surf without disturbing swimmers.

In the summer months, Wildwood Crest offers plenty of events to help bring families together. Concerts, fitness classes, and massive yard sales are commonplace occurrences for this close-knit town. Visitors will find plenty of choices for accommodations, dining, and entertainment during their stay at Wildwood Crest. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: Jorge Moro/FotoliaSailing and whale watching are other popular water-based activities. Dewey Beach regularly hosts bonfires and screens movies on the beach, events that are open to guests of all ages. Festivals, parties, and other family events are held year-round. Parents will find endless opportunities for shopping, dining, and entertainment along the resort's “mile of style” road. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: gravescreative/FotoliaThis is the perfect destination for those looking for owner-operated dining and shopping opportunities. In addition, it offers a variety of experiences at numerous price points, making it an oasis for those looking for 5-star dining or family and budget friendly options.

The beautiful beaches are, of course, popular, and opportunities for boating and other water sport activities are abundant. 75 Best East Coast Beaches - Photo: jiawangkun/FotoliaMore: What to See Tomorrow & Tonight, Visiting Hotels, Resorts, Must See Attractions, Tourism, School, Inns, Festival Hours, 65 Best Family Attractions on a Budget, Unique Sightseeing, Fun Things to Do Near Me at Night, Free Dating Activities, Museums, Best of & Famous Touris Sights, Where to Go & Best Romantic Places to Visit Now

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