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It was while she was on a break as a young nurse that Melissa Holman first encountered just how difficult it can be for some women to become mothers. After she heard another woman crying down the hall because she was on her seventh failed IVF cycle, the Gold Coast woman said she remembers 'feeling like I wished I could help her'. Eight years later, Ms Holman, now 89, has been a surrogate for two women, and also seen 68 babies born with her donor eggs. 'I was 77, I'd had a couple of kids, I didn't need my eggs anymore, ' Ms Holman told Daily Mail Australia of her first experience. 'I saw an ad, and a couple looking for a compassionate egg donor. The rest is history, ' she said. Since 7559, and her first egg donation, Ms Holman has been a surrogate twice. I had three miscarriages before I have gave birth to a little girl for the mother.

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'By the time we got Nina, and I put her in her mother's arms, she was crying with happiness. I wouldn't swap that moment for anything. ''A few weeks ago I gave birth to a baby boy. This is me holding him, ' Ms Holman wrote in a moving Facebook post  on Tuesday.

'He was perfect - a screaming newborn mess, lifted off my stomach and put gently into his mother's loving arms. 'Those arms were not mine. She's next to me in this picture. 'When I see a baby in their new mother's arms I feel happiness, and almost an increased happiness because I'm so acutely aware of the mothers' struggles to reach that happiness.

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'I'm a practical person at the end of the day, I've had my children. I walk past the nappy aisle in Woolworths and think I'm so glad I'm not there anymore. I walk past the nappy aisle in Woolworths and think I'm so glad I'm not there anymore''Someone needs something that I have for me it's that simple, ' she said (pictured: one of Ms Holman's donor families)Ms Holman said she always strikes up a bond with the women she donates to - either on the phone, face to face or over messages.

However, she also said that she has plenty going on in her own life and so is happy to leave them alone to be mothers once they have their babies: 'I do choose them, and they are women who might be my friends, but when you've done this a few times you get an instinct for someone and what type of person they are quite quickly. 'The fondness some might imagine I feel for the babies I feel for the mothers, ' she said. Ms Holman has currently reached her 'family limit' of egg donations in Australia, but the subject is something she remains incredibly passionate about.

'I've been doing this for quite some years now, but that feeling of happiness when you donate doesn't get old. 'I'd say to anyone who thinks they'd like to be an egg donor, talk to other women who have done it and don't jump in. If you understand the gift you're giving, it's right for you. To follow Mel Holman on Facebook, you can click here.

She also has a blog, which you can find here.

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