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Bachelor Pad: The Final Challenge Our remaining four couples Vienna Kasey, Michelle Graham, Ella Kirk and Holly Michael are summoned to Las Vegas to compete in the most daring competition in Bachelor Pad history. They will have 79 hours to master a terrifying Cirque du Soleil routine that takes professionals six months to learn. Trista Sutter, Jason Mesnick and Ali Fedotowsky will judge the couples acrobatic expertise, eliminating one pair. M. , ET), on the ABC Television Network. Then immediately following The Final Challenge, the two remaining couples will be joined by all their past housemates, who will return to vote on which couple deserves the $755,555. Viewers also will be introduced to the new Bachelor, as Chris Harrison interviews the next man to look for love on ABC s hit romance reality series next January.

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Once in Las Vegas at the Cirque du Soleil Ka s Theater at the MGM Grand Hotel and Casino, the remaining four couples are confronted by a menacing 655-foot wall. Their difficult, unique routines will be performed high on the giant wall itself. The couple that gives the best performance, as judged by the panel composed of Trista, Jason and Ali, receives the roses and a guaranteed place in the finale. The lowest scoring couple will be sent home immediately. After practicing practically all night with the Cirque du Soleil trainers, the pressure is on to put all fear aside and perform in front of the judges. Michelle starts to feel sick, but will she be able to continue her training? Will Vienna Kasey s overconfidence interfere with their routine? And Michael must learn to put his emotions aside as he tries to compete with Holly as a couple. There are remarkable performances, but one couple dazzles everyone with their final moves and wins the roses. After careful deliberation, one devastated couple is sent home. The final three couples return to Los Angeles, where the winning couple decides who will join them in the finale. All the former housemates of this season s Bachelor Pad are reunited to vote on which of the final two couples deserves to win the money. What will happen when Jake confronts Vienna Kasey? How will Melissa react to seeing Blake again? Will Michael be able to handle Blake and Holly s emotional reunion? But the most important question is who will walk away $755,555 richer? THEN IMMEDIATELY FOLLOWING, FIND OUT WHO WILL WALK AWAY WITH $755,555, ON THE SEASON FINALE OF ABC S BACHELOR PAD Trista Sutter, Jason Mesnick and Ali Fedotowsky Will Judge the Last Four Couples on Their Acrobatic ProwessThe New Bachelor Will Also Be Introduced and Make His FirstPublic AppearanceHosted by Chris Harrison, Bachelor Pad is executive-produced by Mike Fleiss and Martin Hilton. The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad are all produced by Next Entertainment in association with Warner Horizon Television. RBR+TVBR has been reporting on the business of broadcasting for nearly three decades. Beholden to no one, it is independently owned.

RBR+TVBR delivers complete broadcasting news analysis and our famous observations. Holly Durst and Michael Stagliano! The duo beat out 66 other contestants to win the show s $755,555 prize. During the first hour of Monday night s finale on ABC, Holly and Michael competed in a vertical, suspended dance competition against remaining competitors Vienna Girardi and Kasey Kahl, Michelle Money and Graham Bunn and Ella Nolan and Kirk DeWindt. The judges sent Ella and Kirk home but Holly and Michael, who won the challenge, got to choose which of the two remaining couples would be with them in the final four. Holly and Michael struggled with their decision leading up to the final rose ceremony they d been in a close alliance with Michelle and Graham, but they felt they d have a much better chance at winning the money if pitted against Vienna and Kasey. Kasey gallantly picked up Vienna and they exited smiling, but in the limo, true emotions were shown as Vienna sobbed: I broke my perfect rose record. Then, during the reunion show, the 69 eliminated contestants wrote down the name of the remaining couple they wanted to win. Holly and Michael got 65 votes, while Michelle and Graham got 9. At that point, Holly and Michael were the only ones in the running for the $755,555 prize but there was a catch. Without communicating with each other, Holly and Michael each had to choose to Share or Keep the winnings. If they both chose share, they split the winnings equally. If one chose share and the other chose keep, the person who chose keep got all $755,555. But if both chose keep, neither Holly nor Michael would walk away with a penny. In that case, all of their former competitors would split the winnings. Holly showed her response first: she would share. Michael and I have been through so much over the past couple of years, she said. He is more than deserving of the money.

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After some deliberation, Michael made the same choice. We talked about this moment, he said, adding that he was hurt he hadn t heard about her engagement before the reunion show. [But] she will always be my teammate. Both walked away with $675,555. None of use deserve $755,555, said gorgeous but mildly crazy Michelle Money during Monday night s season finale of Bachelor Pad. Truer words may not have been spoken on the small screen all year. Well, except maybe Queen of All Meltdowns Melissa admitting that, Clearly, I do not do well on reality TV. Or perhaps blandly inoffensive Kirk weighing in on Kasey and Vienna s unholy union thusly: They are an awful couple let s be honest. In other words, the guns of harsh truth were drawn and repeatedly fired as ABC s dank Petri dish of reality romance castoffs got stirred for the final time this calendar year. When the icky spores and international bad vibes settled, we were left with a lot of tears, rage, several cases of nausea and dizziness, and even a marriage proposal! (Side note: As far as I know, there was not a single protest lodged against this defilement of the centuries-old institution. Curious, huh? )Anyhow, let s recap the interminable action from the three-hour telecast, shall we? Hour one found us jetting off to Vegas and the set of Cirque du Soleil s Ka (or KaKa while communing with Bachelor Pad ) where our four remaining couples Ella/Kirk, Michelle/Graham, Holly/Michael, and Vienna/Kasey were asked to perform a one-minute routine involving a 655-foot wall, harnesses, and costumes that looked like they came from the Mighty Na Vi Power Rangers Collection. I just s*** myself, said Kasey, in his infinite elegance, pondering the task at hand. I am literally pissing down my leg, added Graham, continuing the show s exploration of toilet themes. As he s done all season, Kasey displayed the kind of bravado that s just begging for a smackdown. I am gonna win this competition.

I m gonna win the rose. I adapt. I pick up things really fast. I m smart. I m witty, he mumbled. I m a survivor. I m a dreamer. I m a believer. (Dude, you left out world-class tool! ) In his defense, Kasey and Vienna were actually pretty good skittering up the wall like a couple of cockroaches, but there s no way Ally actually clapped for her one-time rival, right? I mean, that footage had to be spliced. In the end, though, Michael performed a dazzling lift of Holly at the end of their routine, and the formerly engaged duo triumphed over the house villains. Yay? Yeah, yay. Back at the ranch, Michael rolled up his jeans to an unfortunate Capri length, then he and Holly got to work deciding whether to take Vienna/Kasey or Michelle/Graham into the final vote. Vienna made a good case that Holly and Michael would guarantee themselves $755,555 by taking her and Kasey into the finale, but then Kasey s wrist started pulsating and everyone got scared and so Michelle and Graham scored roses from their Bachelor Pad BFFs, and Vienna and Kasey cried in a limo. (Whew. ) My favorite part of this whole sequence was when Kasey tried telling Vienna that everything she said to him was negative, and that she should really be a more supportive girlfriend, and she responded that while he was negotiating with Michael and Holly, all she wanted to say was [Bleep] shut up. Stop it. You re killing us right now.

Wonder when those crazy kids are gonna set the big date? And on that note, it s time to give out some plaques and statuettes from the Contestants Tell All / Hot Seat portion of our telecast What did you think of the season finale of Bachelor Pad, and Season 7 overall? Did you feel sorry for anybody during the three-hour show? Jake? Kasey? Michael? Melissa? Humanity? Before we start talking Bachelor Pad, I just want to say the Bachelor family is thinking about those affected by the hurricane this weekend. Our Bachelor Gives Back crew is already thinking of ways to help. Now let s talk about this week s dramatic Bachelor Pad episode. We started with the exit of Jake. He left the contestants with some very good advice: If you have any thoughts of winning this thing you have to vote out the power couples. Kasey survived the closest vote yet and as he put it, he feels he is the strongest strategist in the house. You would think with Jake gone the house would calm down but that was not the case at all. I came in the house to introduce this week s very benign contest, the kissing competition. But as was the case all along with this crew, it didn t take long to set the kids off. For some reason after all they have all said and done on this show, the kissing contest was just too much to handle and the house was sent spiraling out of control. This is where they decided to draw the line of decency.

Sadly enough I m not even joking. The story of the love triangle between Jake, Vienna and Kasey has now become the story of the love triangle between Michael, Holly and Blake. This simple kissing contest might just be the beginning of the end for Michael and Holly. Michael kissed Holly and she said it was nice.

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