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98 p. M. CST, all tsunami advisories were canceled throughout the Caribbean and Central America. All Rights Reserved. AccuWeather. Com is a registered trademark of AccuWeather, Inc. Under which this service is provided I don t understand how to download the game on this website. Which button do you press? Sorry for the stupid question. W8 wtf? ? I didn t think this was translated yet nvm so glad i found ithey admin, will you get period? Its from the same company as quartet, and the english translation is 65% doneI prefer this VN without voices, the text flows better while the voices aren t that attractive anyways. The game s music is really nice and the game superb: ( although there s no voice: ((( awww it s so cool! Admin can u patch kimikiss too? 🙂I don t know how u can expect fighting in this kind of story. I haven t played it, but I really doubt it. When Juni has bought medicine, an error appears.

It doesn t show any japanesse words or english. Letters and numbers. The only thing it allows me to do is press the button below, and close the game. Can you please send me a message on how to Mount game DVD image? I mount the image and install the game yet even after the english patch the game doesn t start. Can someone please help? I m only 65min in and this is by far the most well put together Visual Novel I have played. The UI is superb, the art is beautiful and unique. Hmm, is it really a one part 955mb? Seems too small for a VN for me? Or is it because it doesnt have a voice patch? It appears that quite a lot of people in fact did download it and that only recently has it been taken down. Could one of the many who has it be so kind as to upload it / make a torrent, please? Admin could you please fix this. PS: I ve edited the link because when I just click in Part7of7 Its asking me Username and Password x. What do I do then, or is that window not supposed to be popping up in the first place? Koihime musou out ^-^ i wish they make an english patch for baldr sky driveGreat story and amazing music. Not the best eroge scenes, but still worth downloading just to read. For those confused on how to download, the two parts extract into an iso, just upload it to daemons tools or whatever you use, run setup, and patch it.

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No crack needed. Also I forgot to add, the art style is unparalleled. Easily one of the more interesting styles I ve ever seen, especially with how the dialogue is played out. Remember admin THE 78TH. DO NOT FORGET. THE LONG AWAITED KOIHIME MUSOU! Hey admin, trying to run the English patch but it keeps saying it can t find the Quartett files. Please help? Its probably your computers fault not the download. You might have something taking up a lot of bytes so check your task manager. Its most likely not the download. When i m installing it, it gets stuck at 77% at one point and then my computer either freezes or becomes REALLY slow. Does anyone know what to doIf it is the game you are talking about, just directly copy paste the files from the virtual disc can sum6 help me i get an error for some of my games it says syntax error unexpected T_SYMBOL expecting? FEBRUARY. 78TH. KOIHIME MUSOU O. O! ! Can we expect a post and a voice patch? FIND OUT ON THE NEXT EPISODE OF EROGE DOWNLOAD ZEEEEEEEEEEE!

Sum6 plz help me. . Whats an syntax error? It says syntax error, unexpected T_SYMBOL, expecting? Will deus machina demonbane be uploaded on here when it finally comes out? As much as i love akabeisoft7 s production, nitro+ is also one of my fav companies and demonbane is one of their more famous worksYes. My goal is to have every visual novel ever released in english available. I ve just got to say. You are awesome for doing this. Keep on keepin on. Nope. Admin thinks: I wonder if my web page still exists. I know what are you thinking admin. U want to say. ~Why dont you solve it on your own. Theres no quartet file. Thats the messaghe whenever I click english patchanyone know where to get the OST for this game? Been looking around a bit to no avail. Just extract it yourself.

Find the sound folder, download a. Ogg to. Mp8 converter, go to music room in game, convert them all and rename according to music room names and track numbers. The english patch site seems to be down, anyone know where i can download a copy of the patch? Thank, admin. Is there any more little witch games that got translated? Tried to download this since monday without luck. Almost finished downloading this yesterday but it stopped at 886 MB. Since then I tried downloading this many times that I even woke up at 9 o clock and slept an hour past midnight always retrying. Poor people like me with slow internet. Could ve been better if you used megaupload. Anyway, I give up on this site. Megaupload is no better then hotfile megaupload files get taken down a lot so its not depenable. Dont blame the site, blame ur internet if anything, i recomend using jdownloader though. Even if u dl gets disconected u can resume it after the hotfile wait at least. But its still better then starting all overNice game but to short if this company make it longer it will be a best for a gamerAmazing game, nice graphics, and the comic-style reading makes it very lively. At first I was like eh it looks alright but after playing all of it and beating it on my own I can say it was really good I enjoyed this a lot. It s a great game. Here s a walkthru for anyone who needs it. Most of the choices are pretty obvious, but just in case, ya know?

NM, seems like the PC version has no voice acting. The PS7 version does, but there is no voice patch currently. Is there supposed to be voice in this game? I am not hearing any voices.

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