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Madote is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular. Com. You racist bastards. You have not a single picture of Half Eritrean Half African(other than Eritrean. Like half Eritrean half Nigerian, half Eritrean half Sudanese, or half Eritrean half Ethiopian. . Obviously you your own black gene is also recessive. Think about it?

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Damn that shit iz crazy cuz aint nobody there looked eritrean except sum of them u cood tell by there eyesThe guy who is half nigerian is acctually 6/9 italian and 6/9 eritrean just for ur information. You don t see Ethiopians coz they are not considered humans -- hadgiHow do you actually know that the people in these pictures are half Eritrean half something else? Hey be nice to our neighbors there are plenty of half Eritrean half Ethiopian just as beautiful and patriotic Eritreans. There is a famouse half ethiopian/eritrean singer that fought for Eritrea and still is loyal to our Eri. Remember as Eritreans our fight is not with ordinary Ethiopians but against those donkeys controling the country and distroying ordinary Ethio lives and against those old abyssinian fudamentalist and racist jackasses that can t stop dreaming about Assab or Eritrean Red-sea. Cheers! Usher in the new Era of Eri/Ethio people neighborly existance. I think the point is to show that Eritrean genes are very recessive. Still, I find it fascinating but will nevertheless keep it Eritran! RutaI am half Eritrean and half Italian residing in Milano. I speak fluant Tigrinya as my dad is Eritrean and my mother is Italian. I never been to Eritrea but i hope to go there one day. A lot of Eritreans here in Milano get very surprised when i speak to them in Tigrinya because most of them think i am 655% white (italian) as my eyes are green and my skin is white and i have soft brown hair. Although i don t look like Eritrean, but i am proud of my heritage. I am of Eritrean background. Who is married to a beautiful vietnamese women. For a Eritrean male I would be light skinned with dark wave hair. I will be having son. Just wondering any one with that heritage. My wife is very light skinned lighter then most asian. Eritrean s are beautiful people when they mixed they produce beautiful offsprings! ! It s true they have recessive genes, I seen it first hand in my family. A famous model named Sandy Meyer Wolden (boris beckers ex gf) is half Eritrean and half German. I ve seen the same thing when an ethiopian lady had children with a swedish man, their son looked like a lightskinned arab and he had beautiful blue eyes.

I also had an eritrean kid in my school and I didnt know he was eritrean until I saw his name in the yearbook. I was totally chocked because his name was meron tekeste and he looked completely white. When I asked him he said he was half eritrean. To the person who said it was racist that there is no photos of half eritreans and half something black african, maybe its because eritreans don t mix with other africans that much. I wonder if you would still be screaming racist if it was the other way around. WOW, As beutiful as Eritrea! Welcome to Eritrea the Eritrean family. For those who are making a political issue out of these pictures, Eritreans being Africans, we ALREADY know what to expect look like being African. Therefore, African American, Eritrean-Nigerian, Eritrean-Sudanese, Eritrean-Conglese, Eritrean-Ethiopian, Eritrean-Somali does NOT look any different than being Eritrean. After all, when you are talking about MIXED-RACE, you are talkig more than just being AFRICAN. I hope, this helps. Are you actually saying that most eritreans do not look any different from most congolese people? Or most nigerian people? If you walked into a room filled with congolese people are you actually telling me that you would not know that they are not eritreans unless they told you so. Because you cant tell the difference? Mr. Eritrean,,, Thanks for making my point clear. I refered to Eritreans as being Africans, just like ALL other Africans. Again I said,,,, Therefore, African American, Eritrean-Nigerian, Eritrean-Sudanese, Eritrean-Conglese, Eritrean-Ethiopian, Eritrean-Somali does NOT look any different than being Eritrean. I think you are misunderstanding me. Yes eritreans are africans, and yes there are eritreans that could pass for looking typically nigerian or typically somali BUT most eritreans do not look like most nigerians, congolese, somali people or any other people. So my point is that there is a pretty obvious difference when it comes to looks between eritreans and most other african people. So therefor I dont understand what you mean when you say that mixed eritreans of other african heritage does not look any different than than being eritrean. My guess is that they will NOT look like your typical eritrean because there is a certain look to eritreans just like every other people on earth has their own special look. So if you mix eritreans with something else.

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There is a big chance that they will infact look different than most eritreans. This just prove that many Horners(Eritreans, Ethiopians Somalis)are Caucasians. Thats not true, we are not caucasians, but still there is a obvious difference between horners and the majority of africa in terms of both looks and culture. What is the point of this page. I come to this site looking for eritrean history not for mixed people. Whats so special about them? Are they not also human. Who cares if our genes are recessive, isnt that obvious from the amount of races we ve already been mixed with. And to the person who said theres not much eritrean and other african mix, there is plenty i know many just in london this page only has caucasian and eritrean mix because the media has changed peoples perpective of what is beuatiful. They make you think caucasian is the only beautyOf course I know that there are eritreans who mix with other africans as well, although I ve only known one ethiopian to actually have children with another african, but I ve seen plenty of habesh ladies have children with caucasians. I was just annoyed by the fact that someone was screaming racist because of the lack of eritrean/other african mixes. But to be honest with you, I do think eritreans mix alot more with caucasians then they do with black africans. I ve seen plenty of us show up with white partners at habesh parties and stuff but almost never the the other way around. And yes, I m sure media has alot to do with it. Wich is probably why people like to bring up ethiopians and eritreans as examples of african beauty whenever black beauty is the topic, and its probably simply because our women are more caucasian looking. Lol. My aunt looks straight up and down Arab but she s 655% Somali. There are many different types of black. We shouldn t limit our definitions of black to narrow Western views. Btw. My lil girl is a Eritrean/Somali mix. And ya ll genes took over: ). My lil Eritrean beauty. This is very cool.

I wonder how you got all these pics together. : -) I m 7nd generation mixed Eritrean. Meaning that my parents and grandparents are mixed, and hence ultimately me. All these people are beautiful. How can I meet them lol? I know plenty of people that is mixed I know alot of people. Haha and they are half eritrean half somehing. My cousine is half eritrean half indian. Thats a weird mix. And I can see that shes mixed, if you look at her hair and skincolor. I love eritrea! I ve never been there in my life, but i want to go there, maybe in the summer! Hello! I say, does anyone know about the half eritrean- half italio person? How can I post my pic on here? Im Half ERITREAN EL SALVADORIAN. 55% EACH. - ALEXANDER G. SEYUMAlmost none of these photos look like Eritreans to me. I have mixed Eri s in my family and its pretty much the same thing with them. Interesting because the Habesha features are. Unique and tend to stand out in a crowd lol. Very cool to see the variety. It s not so surprising, actually.

Look at the faces of many habeshas, especially the noses, chins, and big forheads even unmixed, if they had white skin and straight hair, they d look quite european because of their bone structure. So it seems recessive because habesha features mix harmoniously with other races. The reason isn t that they have recessive genes, but that they have genes of other populations (more European than Asian. ) Why? Because they come from the place in Africa where modern man sprung from before he left Africa! Also, it s so close to Yemen, and Axum had so much trade with the outside world, there was probably some mixing with middle easterners many years ago. Did you know Axum even conquered and occupied part of southern arabia for a while? We might all have some arab distant grandmothers, hehe. Hey all! I m one of these people. Very proud to be Eritrean. We have a great family that has kept us all connected with our heritage. Have been home to Eritrea many times. Never really felt out of place, aside from very little kids thinking we were Italian. As most people know, in the end it s not how you look, it s who you are. For us, it isn t really about being HALF Eritrean/HALF Other, More like being ALL of BOTH 755% May seem like impossible math, but it s like two for the price of one. I wouldn t give it up for ANYTHING. Omgosh i really like these photo s espically the eritrean- japanese. He is so adoreable: )))There s this Eritrean lady, she lives a street away from me. A year ago i asked her, why is it that her family members have light skin, are you guys mixed with whites like way way back when? Her answer. No, Eritrea was never colonised, we just have light skin. I think most mixed people are absolutely beautiful looking! So why would she lie?

? Well i have my own kids their father is white but they dont look like me often i am mistaken for a babysitter it annoys me. My kids are fanatic Eritreans more than me and i like it.

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