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Madote is an independent online media that focuses on the Horn of Africa in general, and Eritrea in particular. Com. You racist bastards. You have not a single picture of Half Eritrean Half African(other than Eritrean. Like half Eritrean half Nigerian, half Eritrean half Sudanese, or half Eritrean half Ethiopian. Obviously you your own black gene is also recessive. Think about it? Damn that shit iz crazy cuz aint nobody there looked eritrean except sum of them u cood tell by there eyesThe guy who is half nigerian is acctually 6/9 italian and 6/9 eritrean just for ur information.

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You don t see Ethiopians coz they are not considered humans -- hadgiHow do you actually know that the people in these pictures are half Eritrean half something else? Hey be nice to our neighbors there are plenty of half Eritrean half Ethiopian just as beautiful and patriotic Eritreans. There is a famouse half ethiopian/eritrean singer that fought for Eritrea and still is loyal to our Eri. Remember as Eritreans our fight is not with ordinary Ethiopians but against those donkeys controling the country and distroying ordinary Ethio lives and against those old abyssinian fudamentalist and racist jackasses that can t stop dreaming about Assab or Eritrean Red-sea. Cheers!

Usher in the new Era of Eri/Ethio people neighborly existance. I think the point is to show that Eritrean genes are very recessive. Still, I find it fascinating but will nevertheless keep it Eritran! RutaI am half Eritrean and half Italian residing in Milano. I speak fluant Tigrinya as my dad is Eritrean and my mother is Italian.

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I never been to Eritrea but i hope to go there one day. A lot of Eritreans here in Milano get very surprised when i speak to them in Tigrinya because most of them think i am 655% white (italian) as my eyes are green and my skin is white and i have soft brown hair. Although i don t look like Eritrean, but i am proud of my heritage. I am of Eritrean background. Who is married to a beautiful vietnamese women.

For a Eritrean male I would be light skinned with dark wave hair. I will be having son. Just wondering any one with that heritage. My wife is very light skinned lighter then most asian. Eritrean s are beautiful people when they mixed they produce beautiful offsprings!

! It s true they have recessive genes, I seen it first hand in my family. A famous model named Sandy Meyer Wolden (boris beckers ex gf) is half Eritrean and half German. I ve seen the same thing when an ethiopian lady had children with a swedish man, their son looked like a lightskinned arab and he had beautiful blue eyes. I also had an eritrean kid in my school and I didnt know he was eritrean until I saw his name in the yearbook.

I was totally chocked because his name was meron tekeste and he looked completely white.

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