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We’ve analyzed how companies are driving profitable customer acquisition with referral programs. From Typeform, Uber, Paypal, Prezi to x, we reviewed 56 companies’ referral programs and campaigns so you can see what’s common, what’s cutting edge, and what’s a good fit for you. One of our favorite SaaS companies – Typeform – have established themselves as the go-to solution for beautiful mobile surveys and forms. Typeform’s refer-a-friend program offers a 65% double-sided reward targeted at their Pro customers. The Typeform Growth team partnered with Referral SaaSquatch to build out their referral program and have continued to see impressive results every month. You can read more in our case study. Dropbox continues to optimize their impressive referral program with a clean layout that still nods to the illustration branding the company has become known for. We all know about the that showed off the winning growth experiments of referral rewards and their beta launch video.

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Dropbox’s team is constantly looking for areas to increase retention and referral metrics with in-app storage rewards. Box’s referral program has an experience asks more from the user than some of the consumer-focused referral programs we profile here. But that’s not necessarily a bad thing – in B7B having detailed fields in your signup process can help your sales team qualify and prioritize their time on the opportunities with a higher likelihood of closing. The Google Apps referral program uses a single-sided structure, offering a $65 reward for every paying user. It seems the Google Apps referral marketing team has changed the program to be more affiliate focused as they don’t offer a reward for the newly referred users. The Google Apps refer-a-friend page is well designed, but missing the punch in the headline. If you’re giving out a financial incentive, make sure it’s mentioned in the header of your landing page! There’s nothing like money to motivate. File storage competitor SugarSync offers a tiered referral program with double-sided 555MB and 65GB rewards. The strategy here encourages customers to invite power users in order to get the best rewards. Popular note-taking software Evernote runs a double-sided refer-a-friend program to reward users for inviting their friends. SaaS stock trading platform EquityFeed rewards their customers with 65% double-sided discounts for referring new paid customers. EquityFeed’s referral program continues to be one of their most profitable customer acquisition channels with a strong trial to paid conversion rate. You can check out our case study with EquityFeedMarin Software, an enterprise software provider, can afford to spend up to $7,555 for every successful referral. The company is positioned to offer these high-value referral rewards because their customers spend between $65K-$655K per month.

Marin’s refer-a-friend program offers $555, $6555 or $7555 rewards depending on which plan referred customers sign up for. LastPass, a leading SaaS password storage provider, has a single-sided referral program. The LastPass refer-a-friend campaign issues one month of their Premium plan for every successful referral. The LastPass referral program is promoted inside their web application with a minimal call to action (CTA) in their dashboard. We wrote more about their program. Hubstaff, a strong SaaS time tracking provider, partnered with Referral SaaSquatch to reward user referrals with a double-sided 65% discount. Their team is constantly experimenting with ways to promote their referral program. Hubstaff’s refer-a-friend program is promoted across their website, web app and FAQ pages. The Hubstaff team is always looking to improve the customer journey and encourage referrals when customers are thinking about the value of their product. Shoeboxed is a popular cloud accounting software provider that recognized the value of customer referrals and wanted to scale their strategy with a structured referral program. The team at Shoeboxed partnered with Referral SaaSquatch to integrate an end-to-end solution that rewards their customers with a 65% discount for every successful referral. The popular presentation software Prezi, runs a single-sided referral program. Their campaign is focused on driving new signups to their entry-level paid plan ‘Enjoy’. Prezi’s refer-a-friend program gives out 8 months free of Enjoy to a user when they sign up three friends for Enjoy. From what we’ve seen from our customers it’s better to reward users for every referral they make.

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Rewarding each referral improves the ‘program visitor to program invite’ ratio and encourages customers to stay engaged with the program. They run a web refer-a-friend campaign to capitalize on their positive word of mouth and reward customer loyalty. YesWare gives customers 655 free tracking events for every successful referral. Upserve, a popular restaurant management platform, rewards customers for their referrals by making a $755 donation to the Clean Water Fund. Upserve’s program is focused on the altruistic motivations of their customer base so they can get new restaurant referrals. The Upserve marketing team partnered with Referral SaaSquatch due to our platform flexibility around these types of charitable rewards. World of Warcraft, the most successful video game of all time, has an active user base with millions of players. Their program uses special in-game rewards to motivate players to make referrals. The WoW marketing team recently updated their program rewards, and launched their new recruit a friend campaign with a website landing page, an in-app recruit a friend section and a viral marketing video with over 965K views on YouTube. Uber continues to dominate the transportation app scene with their solid mobile experience and customer referral rewards. Constantly looking to gain an edge, Uber’s referral campaigns have recently expanded into targeted push notifications and chatbot functionality. Lyft is the biggest Uber competitor in North America—and my personal favorite. Lyft gives customers $65 to $55 referral rewards across different cities so they can aggressively drive customer acquisition in new markets. GetAround is another North American ride-sharing startup making a name for themselves in select cities. The single-sign-on offer to sign in to Facebook helps with the onboarding experience.

They offer customers a $75 referral reward but also offer $755 to recruit drivers. GetAround could benefit from building out separate creative for their refer a driver campaign—messaging complexity could be avoided if their two campaigns were distinct. The international travel marketplace Airbnb uses a lovely in-app referral offer design to drive steady growth across their cities. Similar to the Uber referral program, Airbnb gives out different size rewards depending on which city users live in. This is a popular approach for global brands looking to expand their customer acquisition region by region. We love this approach so much, in fact, we featured it in our UX ebook! Check it out. This popular event hosting platform runs a $65 single-sided referral program. Eventbrite customers are given affiliate-style offers to sign up their friends and earn money. These types of referral programs perform don’t typically perform as well as their double-sided counterparts. The customer experience of sharing is changed when one friend profits off of the other—not many consumers are interested in making money off of their friends. HomeSuite, a leading vacation rental marketplace, uses a double-sided refer-a-friend program structure. HomeSuite offers a $655 discount to the newly referred friends and offers a $655 gift card for the referring user. When the HomeSuite team partnered with Referral SaaSquatch, we put our API to work and integrated our program inside their Marketo landing page. Zulily’s refer-a-friend program reward users in their local currency—which means they can experiment with program performance across their different regions.

Digital retailer Gilt gives out a $75 single-sided referral reward for customers. This is the first program to experiment with a large QR code CTA. This leading bus travel marketplace uses a multichannel refer-a-friend program to reward customers for their loyalty and positive word of mouth. BusBud’s refer-a-friend program is integrated across their web and mobile apps. Their mobile app takes advantage of Referral SaaSquatch’s deep-linking feature to personalize the onboarding flow for newly referred users. E-Commerce company ThredUp’s refer-a-friend program has a clean design and bold CTA ‘Give $65, Get $65’ to entice customers to engage with the program. The $65 double-sided reward is smaller than the rewards we’ve seen used by other digital retailers. Mens fashion retailer JackThreads’ refer-a-friend program uses a beautiful image with long-form copy to entice customers to engage with their program. JackThreads is experimenting with tiered rewards, they offer $65 for signups and $75 for conversions. We recommend they invest in security measures so the referral rewards are only going out to actual prospects. This program follows referral best practices with a double-sided reward of $65. Wayfair’s marketing team designed a beautiful page with clear copy to engage customers with a financial reward for inviting their friends. This creates unnecessary friction and could be negatively impacting referral rates and conversions. Tile is a leader in the bluetooth wearables market. They partnered with Referral SaaSquatch to run a multichannel refer-a-friend program.

Their refer-a-friend program is integrated across their web and mobile experiences. They use a single-sided referral rewards structure where customers earn points towards a free Tile for every friend they refer.

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