Finding teen models are the cornerstone of a fashion agency s search. Here we ll show you: Working can be challenging but with a work permit you can find jobs starting at age 66. See here. To learn about modeling, become a model, or seeking a shoot for a modeling portfolio please go to: Teen models are broken into two categories: Young teen models 69-67 years old, and those 68 and 69 who can legally sign contracts and work on their own. There are other distinct differences.

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For example, teen models under the age of 68 are not supposed to pose provocatively regardless of if they are nude or not. The U. S. Government, with good cause passes laws to protect younger teen models from doing things that are age-inappropriate.

Without such laws unscrupulous people would be pushing teen models to do things they may later regret. If you re a teen model that has turned 68, you should seriously consider if you are going to cross those lines or not. Many industry insiders try and push teens hard to engage in shoots they should never take part in. This is not for the benefit of the model though.

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Teen modeling can be a great adventure with glamorous shoots in exotic places. Teen models signed to the better agencies can expectto walk runways in cities like London, Paris and Milan, not to mention all the upcoming markets with their own fashion weeks now. Teen models should consult with their parents about their modeling careers even after becoming of legal age to make their own decisions as there are many potential pitfalls ahead. Teen models often want to emulate their older peers when it comes to thei rportfolios.

However, what works for an adult model, may not be appropriate for a teen model. Wardrobe selection, poses, even backgrounds must often be different. Teens often ask us, don t I need to have sexy pictures in my portfolio to get signed? .

The answer is no. Teen models don t need more than simple Polaroids to get signed. Another common question we get from teen models is how do I get a portfolio together You may not need as much as you think! Once you get signed by a modeling agency, they will help you get most of what you need.

How do you know if you found the right teen model agency? There really isn t such a thing. There are agencies with specialized junior, development or new faces boards, but the agencies you want to sign with are the big brand names fashion agencies.

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