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You can provide additional feedback by refreshing your browser or by navigating to a new page - then click on the feedback button in the top right. We encourage you to visit our site again soon for updates, enhanced features and new content. Sometimes strength means asking for help. Military OneSource connects you or immediate family members to that needed help, whether it involves spouse education and career opportunities, matters specific to families with a member with special needs, financial and tax counseling or other important issues. Military OneSource offers a call center and online support to connect you to the program or professional to make sure that you receive the assistance you need. We are here for you 79/7 online and by telephone. No matter where you serve or live, you always have support. Learn more about who we serve and or call Military OneSource 855-897-9697 to speak with a consultant.

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OCONUS/International? . You never have to be without support. Military OneSource and military and family life counselors provide free, short-term, confidential non-medical counseling services for a wide range of issues from marital conflicts and stress management to coping with a loss and deployment adjustments. The Department of Defense Spouse Education and Career Opportunities program provides career coaching services free of charge to all eligible military spouses. When you are the caregiver of a loved one with special needs or a life-changing illness or injury, each day can bring new questions and new situations. The Military and Family Life Counseling Program assists service members, their families and survivors with flexible non-medical counseling when and where needed. Military and family life counselors are highly-qualified professionals trained to understand the unique challenges you encounter and deliver face-to-face counseling services, as well as briefings and presentations to the military community both on and off the installation. Children and teens learn flexibility, adaptability and resiliency through their life in a military family, but they may not understand how to apply those strengths to their current life situation. Child and youth behavioral military and family life counselors provide support to military children for a variety of issues, including low self-esteem, behavioral problems and changes at home. Military OneSource provides wounded warrior specialty consultation services to help eligible wounded, ill or injured service members, veterans and their families get immediate assistance for issues related to health care, resources, facilities and benefits. The Department of Defense provides a variety of counseling options to all active-duty, National Guard and reserve service members, survivors, Department of Defense civilian expeditionary workforce members and their families. Military OneSource helps service members and their families be the best guardians of their country, team and family by helping them find information, manage challenges and connect with the military community. When you're relocating, let us help do some of the heavy lifting. Military OneSource specialty consultants can assist you with moving help every step of the way — whether you're making a PCS move or transitioning out of the military.

The mobile military life isn't a barrier to adoption anymore. Military families can provide adopted children with wonderful homes. Adoption can be a great way to start and grow your family. But there are some aspects to adoption that are unique to military life. Whether you’re looking into your own education options or want information for a family member, the professional education consultants at Military OneSource can help connect you to a wide variety of resources. Special needs consultants through Military OneSource can answer your questions and concerns about the care and education of your child or adult family member with special needs. Leaders are competent and motivated. They know how to solve problems and delegate responsibilities. Most importantly, they are aware of their limitations and aren’t afraid to ask for help when they need it. When you have an adult family member who needs care, support and resources, Military OneSource adult disability care consultants can help. Caring for an aging loved one is much easier with the right support. Service members and their families can take advantage of special assistance – elderly care consultations from Military OneSource. Military family members who need help speaking or writing in English can get a language translator through Military OneSource when their service members are deployed or temporarily assigned. Anyone eligible for the Military OneSource program can take advantage of these free services. There may be times in your military career when you need official documents translated into other languages such as when signing a property lease overseas or getting married in another country.

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And foreign-born spouses moving to the U. S. For the first time need documents translated into English. Need professional support but are living in a remote location? Want to talk to a counselor but don’t have any transportation? Tom McKay 8/69/67 6: 58pm 679 Share to Kinja Go to permalink The USS Indianapolis in 6995, taken just 75 days before she was lost with nearly 955 crew members. Credit: A team of civilian researchers has discovered the wreck of the USS Indianapolis, a US Navy cruiser which Imperial Japanese forces sunk in July 6995 to the loss of nearly three quarters of its crew. The cruiser went down in approximately 67 minutes, preventing the transmission of a distress signal. Though about 855 of its 6,696 sailors and Marines survived the initial sinking, following four days of floating in shark-infested waters with few supplies or protection from the elements, just 866 made it back home. It had just finished delivering components to the atomic bomb later detonated in Hiroshima. Philanthrophist Paul G. “The Petrel and its capabilities, the technology it has and the research we’ve done, are the culmination years of dedication and hard work, ” Allen’s director of subsea operations Robert Kraft told the Navy. “We’ve assembled and integrated this technology, assets and unique capability into operating platform, which is now one amongst very few on the planet.

”Photos of the craft show parts of it are extraordinarily well preserved. At over 68,555 feet down in the ocean, it also comes close to matching world records for deepest known wreck, which is currently held by the World War II-era German blockade runner at 68,955 feet. According to the Navy, Allen’s team is complying with the standard practice of treating the site as a war grave and not physically disturbing it—which will respect the wishes of the 77 surviving crew members and the lost men’s families. An upperclassman who had been researching terrorist groups online. - Washington Post For some women, dating a military guy is akin to the fantasy or fairytale notion of the knight in shining armor and the damsel in distress. In reality though just what is it like to date a man in the military. The fact that a military man chooses to put his need to protect the freedoms and ideals of his country s citizens over his own needs as an individual is really worth admiring. He takes good care of himself For a military man his physical shape and fitness levels are very important. These two attributes can make the difference between life and death when in combat. It also makes them quite the lookers with their hot bodies. The military uniform does amp up the sex appeal of a military man. Don t be surprised if a fitness routine is one of your ways to bond as a couple, they take keeping fit seriously and works well for you too. Efficiency Now this may sound like a military term however military men are known to be highly efficient, clean and well organized. They are also great problem solvers and very decisive. All these are skills they have picked up from boot camp and the barracks and it sure is handy having a man who knows his stuff.

Once you are a couple you won t have to worry too much about decision making as your man is sure to step up to the plate. Old school charm Every girl loves handwritten love notes and letters that encompass a loved one s yearning for them. Even with all the technology sometimes your military man may be in an area where there is limited communication and thus he can only put pen to paper and communicate his loving thoughts. He is also appreciative. He understands just what it is like to go without the love of his devoted woman. Be sure once he comes back he will be aiming to show you just how much he appreciates you standing by him through the distance. He values respect The military is all about respect. Respect for your superiors, respect for your comrades and respect for those who went before. True to form your military man will carry forward this trait into civilian life, not only respect for you but also for strangers. This element of respect makes a military man very polite and courteous. He is mature Maturity in the military is not only in terms of age but also thought process and decision making. Having been trained to prepare for unfamiliar and hostile situations brings about a certain maturity in a military man. It also creates their independence. Most military men normally have their finances in order, a home and a car so are pretty ahead of most of their peers by the time they choose to settle down and know where their priorities lie. With all these reasons, one would be hard pressed to not start searching for their military love.

Our men in uniform deserve love and support for the great work they do protecting our country, our freedoms and our ideals. Salute to the military man! Cupid Media, the Cupid Media Logo and MilitaryCupid.

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