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For many women dating is a challenge at any age but now older women have provided a brutally honest glimpse into the highs and lows of age gap dating. The users of the secret-sharing app, Whisper, have revealed their own experiences of being a cougar recounting both the threat - or reality - of being dumped, and the joys of feeling sexy and 'in control'. 'I date younger guys because they make me feel prettier and more attractive, ' wrote one. 'Simple as that. 'Users of secret-sharing app, Whisper, have revealed their own experiences of being a cougar - and in this case, the report was favourable Whisper works on the premise that while most don't want friends and family to know about their most embarrassing moments, sharing them anonymously can prove cathartic. 'My boy toy is so hot but when he talks you can tell he's much younger and sometimes it's embarrassing, ' one user confessed. 'I date younger guys because it doesn't require as much commitment and I have complete control over them, ' another wrote. Several women had some fairly melancholy musings on the subject of being a cougar.

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'My cub left me. . Another woman admitted: 'I'm struggling with being a cougar. I feel like I am so attracted to much younger men but it's going to leave me lonely in the end realistically. We're in love but sometimes I wonder how long I can keep him happy. 'And one women confessed: 'I am a cougar that enjoys playing with cubs. But I'm also covering up the pain of an unwanted divorce.

'Typically when we hear about cougar dating, we hear about the sexual triumphs. 'I date younger guys because I like to have a good time and because I have a really high sex drive and guys my age can't seem to keep up, ' wrote one. Another, however, had the opposite problem, stating: 'I love my boyfriend, but his sex drive is killing me. You're eight years younger than I am, you should want it way more. 'The site which poses questions and sees anonymous users post responses has recently become hugely popular. Peoples' anonymous confessions are then turned into engaging images with the words printed over a fitting photograph or illustration. One woman lamented, 'I love being a cougar. I wish more people didn't think it was weird.

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'I love being a cougar. I wish more people didn't think it was weird, ' one grumbled. 'People keep giving me a hard time cause my boyfriend is 66 years younger than me, ' another wrote. 'We're both adults so why does the age difference matter? 'Others were on the fence, with one submitting: 'I always thought the idea of me being a cougar was weird so I was never going to do it and yet here I am beginning to like a guy younger than me. ' 'Used to hate getting carded at bars, ' one wrote. 'Now I love it because my boyfriend is way younger. The look on their faces when they find out the age difference is priceless.

' Another had a different take, admitting: 'My boyfriend is six years younger than me and sometimes I feel like I'm babysitting instead of dating. 'And then, standing out from the crowd, one woman submitted: 'I just used Google to try to find out if I'm a cougar or not. I still don't have the answer. 'A poster mused: 'I am a cougar and today I realized that the first time I took a pregnancy test as a teen, if I had been pregnant. 'What usually turns out to be a hiccup is children - for obvious reasons. Women have a limited window and men don't.

'But if she's dating a guy who's not remotely ready for children and feels her time to reproduce running out, she has to make a decision. 'What ends up splitting people up is limited points of reference. There's nothing nicer than sharing the songs you grew up with, shows you watched, movies you loved. 'It's harder to stay connected. It's also tiring for both playing the roles you fall into, of pupil and teacher. 'She gets tired of being the 'grown up', he gets tired of being the person being told what to do. ''Sexually though, it can work beautifully. Older women are often far more confident in bed, know what they want and aren't afraid to experiment. 'Young guys look great and provide the stamina.

In bed, the older woman, younger man dynamic can work well! 'As Tracey Cox reveals age gaps are becoming more common, a woman admits that she is beginning to like a man who is significantly younger than herA woman writes: 'I am a cougar and my cub has been treating me extra special I think it's time I return the favour'Praising the perks, some women see the fact that they can attract young guys as a point of pride'I'm a cougar that enjoys playing with cubs. But I'm also covering up the pain of an unwanted divorce, ' a one admits in a brutally honest confessionAccording to this user, 66 years is insignificant when it comes to love and she wishes no one else cared eitherAnd then, standing out from the crowd, one woman confessed she was clueless about the whole phenomenon 

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