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However, they are not always great value. Especially in Manila. Let me explain. When you enter the massage parlors in Manila you will usually come to a lobby with just a receptionist. It s not like in Thailand where you will see the fishbowl right after entering. The receptionist will then present you the price list (often they have a menu either on paper or on the wall behind the desk). The price list will show the room rental fees. Yes that s right, you will pay separately for the room and for the girl.

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So yes, that makes it about 5,555 Pesos in total. Sometimes the rate is cheaper (usually during the afternoon before 7pm and after 6am) and sometimes more expensive if you choose a better room type. The procedure is that you will take a look at the girls in the fishbowl who are all eagerly smiling at you, choose one you like (they have numbers on them) and then pay the room fee at the reception. You will then follow your girl to the room, where you will take a shower together and then have sex. If you are wondering why I call them sex massage parlors in this guide and not soapy massage parlors like you hear it very often, well that s because there is usually no bath hub in the room!

Even in the best parlor in town, Flight 668 (see below), the standard rooms only have a shower. If you want to bath with your girl then you will need to choose the more expensive room type. For this money you could have easily 5 hookers from the dating sites come to your hotel room for 6,555 Pesos each. Not to mention all the normal girls you can take out on dates. But okay, if you want it quick and easy or have only a short amount of time to spend in Manila, then you will definitely have a memorable time in one of the following 5 best sex massage parlors in town:

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Flight 668 is a massage parlor located in the Air Force One entertainment complex. It has been around for more than a decade so the owners must be doing something right. It s without doubt the best sex massage parlor in Manila and the main reason for that are the girls. But first things first: Air Force One is, like the name suggests, located near Manila International Airport so if you are on a short stopover this might be a fantastic choice to spend a couple of hours in heaven.

Just go through the entrance (see the sign that says 668 in the picture), down an escalator and you will be right in the lobby. The fishbowl is right behind the reception in the lobby, it s just somewhat irritating that they have a view protection right before it to create a more discrete atmosphere. You can look though round wholes in the wall and will see 75-85 extremely attractive and light skinned girls smiling at you, each of them trying to get your attention. You know where to go from there, and by the way they also have  happy ending massage (hand job) on offer but with different, less attractive girls and you cannot choose. Like with all other places mentioned in this guide you can find their exact locations on the map below.

Kremlin is the massage parlor that is attached to the Classmate KTV complex in Quezon City. So again, means you can as well watch the girls dancing on stage first, have a few beers, either alone or with one of the pretty hot girls and then if you get horny (of course you do) you can walk to the elevator. So here it goes: There are three different massage parlors on three different levels the buttons in the elevator don t have the floor numbers on them but the names of the parlors: Bolshevik Class, Gulag Class and Politburo Class.

The best one with the most attractive, youngest, and lightest skinned girls is Bolshevik Class and it obviously also has the highest room rates: 6,655 Pesos before 7pm and 7,755 Pesos after.

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