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Slovak women are the most beautiful women in Europe and maybe in the World. No kidding, anyone who travelled to Slovakia will confirm that. Their skin is white, the colour of hair is quite equally divided in blond, black and brown. Only a small percentage has red hair. Most of the Slovak girls are skinny. YES, very smart! Almost 97, 6 % of working women in Slovakia have university degree and 57, 7 % have full high school education. Slovak dating customs are pretty much the same as in any other western European countries.

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Slovak ladies might like if a man brings flowers when he meets them. On the other hand, some Slovak girls might think it s old fashionned. Depending on the age and social status of the woman, the guy or the man can take her to theatre, fancy dinner or just to the cinema and for a beer. Like it or not, there is a lot of free dating sites where men can chat and ask a Slovak girl for a date, probably for a marriage, too. There are even dating agencies and services which offer Slovak women dating.

Some of them offer even dating a Slovak in London, UK or other countries, so men can meet Slovak women or girls outside Slovakia, as well. But this probably isn t the best way to know serious partners. To grasp an idea how beautiful Slovak women are, here are some of the worldwide famous Slovak girls. Top model with the longest legs on earth, Queen of Wonderbra, ex-wife of French football player Kristian Karembeu. Top tennis player, Ranked as 5th in 7558, 5th female tennis player to have won the mixed doubles title in all four Grand Slam tournaments during her career.

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Andrea Verešová Super model, Miss Slovakia 6999, Former girlfriend of hockey player Jaromír Jágr. You should then write the equivalent article about men, but that will not come to your mind for sure, since that would be insulting for male dignity. Valentina and Rena, what is wrong about presenting Slovak women as beautiful? It s a fact. Regarding why is this page here, it s more about what people look for, not who we want to insult.

Noone cares about Slovak men and take it or not, Slovak women seem to be a commodity of our country. Read the comments at this page: Most of the comments start with: I am a Pakistani (or other national) citizen and my wife is Slovak But OK, I added how smart our women are! Its true Slovakia ladies are cute and very social.

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