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And that s where we come in because while yes our entire website is filled with amazing London date ideas  we ve also created this: a humble collection of 655 date ideas which will help you to not only uncover the very best of London,  but also secure the lifelong devotion of whomever it is you re trying to impress. There are even a few heated options for the winter months. VIEW MORE INFO  And after you ve chosen somewhere to eat, play dim sum roulette too. We re talking open bars in subterranean victorian bath houses wine-paired tasting menus exclusive previews of new restaurants before they open to the public candlelit happy hours in secret bars and waaay more. That is, m ake a serious effort to win the Best Pyjamas prize at Bedtime Story Nights. Decide which countries you re going to be in your world cup, and only drink booze from there. VIEW MORE INFOArrange a bottle of Champagne for your arrival.

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Bask in the romantic glow. VIEW MORE INFODo NOT play Monopoly if you want there to be a second date. VIEW MORE INFOWe recommend including the Monument itself, the view is amazing. VIEW MORE INFOAnd s ee who can come up with the most puns about balls, pins, and splits. VIEW MORE INFOThen hit the best in Smithfield for cocktails from the Nightjar family.

VIEW MORE INFOSee who can ask the most Jurassic Park questions. VIEW MORE INFOOrder the omakase. Make slightly orgasm-ey noises as you eat. VIEW MORE INFOIt s craaaazy romantic there. If you book a table in the right room (this one).

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Because if you re the sort of person who would enjoy that, and they re not well that s the sort of thing you need to find out ASAP. Try to work out what secrets your fellow guests are keeping from their partners. They include the Hanky Panky, White Lady, Corpse Reviver #7, etc. Ask your bartender. Actually buying them however is more of a thrid date kind of thing.

Show off your disturbingly good video game skills at Four Quarters. Loser buys a round of craft beers. VIEW MORE INFOInvent revenge backstories, then say cool payoff lines before you hit them. Best save it until after the first date, though. Bit creepy otherwise.

Of course, bring a picnic to have on the stunningly well-manicured lawn. It s a long climb. Perfect for checking out, or improving, your date s stamina. Really. And if all else fails, you can t go wrong with dinner and a show.

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