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Two sisters who run a popular cafe on the Gold Coast hold a special place in the hearts, and stomachs, for those who've undergone gastric sleeve surgery. Twins, Maria Elita and Toula Scott, 99, run Frigg Cafe in Labrador, an eatery that's a hit for it's 'secret menu' are among those who've had a bariatric weight loss procedures. Gastric sleeve surgery reduces the size of the stomach by up to 85 per cent which means patients are left with a much smaller appetite, and in turn, eat less. Twin sisters and owners of the Frigg Cafe: Maria Elita (pictured left) and Toula Scott (pictured right)Collectively, the pair lost 85 kilograms between them, and though neither were categorised as morbidly obese, the surgery - funded through private health insurance - was life changing. 'A lot of restaurant and cafe owners don't have a lot of empathy, and would just say order off the kids' menu. 'The pair created the 'secret menu' for those with limited eating capacity following a gastric band procedureMrs Elita said the problem is that a kids' menu isn't the best place to turn to when looking for healthy choices. Things that we shouldn't be eating.

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'It was experiences like these that led the duo to designing a menu that also catered for 'half stomachs' like themselves. 'We've developed a specific and exclusive menu for bariatic patients, ' she said. 'The menu isn't on display to protect the secret sleevers - those in the community who are secretly doing this. 'There's this whole big thing about the secret where someone has lost 85 or 95 kilograms and they tell people they've done it through diet and exercise. ' The pair have both undergone gastric sleeve surgeries and have lost 85 kilograms collectivelyPeople aren't open about what they've done [to lose weight] because there is a lot of shame and guilt in the community, Mrs Elita said.

Though the menu was originally called the petite menu, in reference to the smaller-sized portions on offer, its name was quickly changed to the 'secret menu'. 'People were asking for the other menu - the secret menu, so that's what we called it. Mrs Elita believes business has taken off because it treats those who've had the surgery as normal peopleWord of the sisters' special menu spread quickly, especially among social media groups where the two are active. This month Mrs Elita revealed, they celebrated the opening of their new larger premises - a venture that's grown from a 'hole in the wall' to a fully-fledged cafe. Mrs Elita firmly believes business has taken off because its main focus it to treat those who've had the surgery as 'normal people.

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''If they ordered a three-course meal at a normal restaurant, they wouldn't even be able to get through the first course, ' she said. The cafe has proven such a hit among the community the sisters have just moved to a new location that will sit up to six times as many peopleThe surgery, which she calls 'life saving' for some, makes many feel embarrassed or ashamed. She said it's important to treat people as adults, and help them enjoy life again. 'Obesity is a disease for many people. They've tried everything and the diet and health industry often make you feel ashamed by telling you to eat less and exercise more.

'But for a lot who've done the surgery, they've done all of that and more. And this is their last chance. The small intestine is called small because the diameter or the width of the tube is much less than the. The parts of the small intestine include the, jejunum and the ileum. The is a segment of intestine between the stomach and the jejunum that is very active in digestion where many different enzymes mix from the,, and.

The small intestine is the location in the body where the majority of the nutrients from ingested food are absorbed. Whereas the is responsible for the churning and mechanical breakdown of food, the small intestine is very important for absorption. Digested food passes through the wall of the intestine into the blood vessels which then distribute the nutrition first to the and then through the rest of the body. The jejunum is the second section of the small intestine it is around 8 to 6 feet (average 6. 5 meters) in length and lies between the and the ileum.

There is no distinct demarcation between the jejunum to the ileum however, the change from the to the jejunum is clearly marked because of the ligament of Treitz. The mucous membrane on the inner surface of the jejunum is covered with hair-like projections termed villi.

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