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As a 55yr old Married Guy I am amazed at how many of us indulge and enjoy Gay Sex. After being married for many years, sex with mrs dies out, you then go back to your younger days at school, sucking in the shower, bike rides in the nude, playing in fields, oh need that. There are a lot of us in the same position, i find accommodation the main problemthe accommodation is the biggest factor, along with time! I do enjoy my bi side more now than ever. Same here. Sex with my wife is almost unknown. So I find myself meeting guys. Nothing romantic (that said, I do kiss) it's the release with a willing partner that's the nice thingWell it boils down to the chances of pulling into a layby meeting a woman stranger for sex is a lot less likely than meeting a guy!

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I think this resonates with lots of us married guys on here. Men are highly sexed and women aren't it seems. i've had a few married men who have a sexless life with their wifey / girly friend, after all they just want a kiss / cuddle and someone to lend an ear to listen to, and then all that pent up aggresion in the loin area is free, and that is all they need. I've sired 5 lads to the wife, bt now its non existant, that being said before and contnuing, ive always met lads - and lots of them, always been lucky in finding decent ones too, never even caught a cold off any of themI too did the marriage thing even though I am very bi and keen tv. I even did some family.

But gave it all up what I though all men did and settle down with a straight woman. Shortly after getting married I went back to my cross dressing and as time went on and the sex with her became less and less and less enjoyable and she became more of a fucking prude I hit the gay sauna again and never looked back. I stopped fucking her and she asked me why and I told her it was like wanking to bad soft porn. So we divorced and I now live with my bi gf who is actually my first cosin and we both bi and enjoy seeing each other with same sex couples and she loves my fem side to and both have fetish for nylon. I consider myself totally gay [was married once but that was a sexual disaster and many years ago] but most of the guys I meet for sex are married.

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Most too like to kiss and cuddle as well as have sex yet I'm sure they are genuinely fond of their wives and would never consider leaving them. I'm guessing that the wife no longer fills their sexual appetite and finding another woman to have sex with could lead to complications whereas with another man they can enjoy the moment and then go home. I'm married and love my wife. I class myself as bi but I'm more gay than bi. I enjoy this position as I like kissing and cuddling.

I do also xdress for them and this is something I also enjoy. Most of the guys I meet are married. Some are bi, some gay others are straight. Maybe it's because I do things for them that their wives won't. Tried pussy when younger, I cum etc but no pleasure, I tried cock with a mate and loved it never looked back suppose been very lucky family know friends know so all worked out well.

Still married after 85 years but sex is not at all important to her and if at all it's 'like wanking to bad softcore porn! ! ' (I love that phrase. )I used to hide it from stupid frigid wife but life is way too short for that bull shitBeing very anti marriage I feel that this whole marriage nonsense should take into account of women being super fuck at the start and then end up as frigid ugly fuckers later on. Why should we spend our life with one of themI'm in a similar situation but just in an early stage.

For me it's like most of the posters on this thread - sex with the Mrs has stopped for whatever reason and I need another outlet.

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