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Sometimes — even the unrepentantly geeky. But the way you say “I love you” is often as important as the words themselves. You have to for their intended audience. Some want to hear an over-the-top cheesy “I love you. ” Others want “I love you” to be said quietly. And still others want you to say “I love you” in Klingon while you’re wearing chainmail and 75 pounds of facial prosthetics. (It takes all kinds. )Because geek love is AWESOME love.

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Fandom inspires PASSION in geeks of all shapes and sizes, so, of course, they want their “I love you”s to match their own particular obsessions. If you spend all your time with your partner, working on your couples Stormtrooper costumes, it makes sense that you’ll want to tell them “I love you” in the most Star Wars way possible. Fortunately, geeks are devoted enough to their particular passions that they’ve even invented new and exciting ways to say “I love you. ” How do they do that? They create languages. Original, fictional languages. That’s right. Forget French, Spanish, and all the other romance languages. If you really want to tell a Game of Thrones addict that you adore them, why not double-down and declare your eternal devotion in Dothraki?

If you want to woo a particular fanboy or fangirl — OR if you’re just looking to get laid at the San Diego Comic Con — here's how to say I love you in some of the ever created. Klingon is one of the grand-daddies of fictional languages. Other books and TV shows created their own languages before Klingon, but Klingon really took off — inspiring phrase books, language camps, and SO many sweaty convention proposals. Remember to growl this one at your bat’leth-wielding lover. If your lover is super into Avatar (which remains the ), you know two things: that they’re really into big, dramatic declarations of love AND that they know how to get blue make-up stains out of their bedsheets. Translates literally to Super-romantic when you’re saying this to your fire-proof, dragon queen. Be sure that someone is naked when you say it. 55655555 56656655 56656666 56665665 56655656 55655555 56666556 56656666 56665656 55556565Because what could be geekier than declaring your love in the language of our eventual robot overlords?

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This is some hardcore comic geek sh*t right here. Interlac is the “designated communication language of the 85th century United Planets, ” which you would know if you geeked out about the Legion of Super-Heroes, DC Comics’ long-running series about heroes in the far-flung future with crazy names like Cosmic Boy or Matter-Eating Lad. We couldn’t find any, but it does have its own font, so here’s how you’d write “I love you” to your matter-eating lover in the 85 th century: No worries if you’re — it’s like the metric system of languages. (Except, unlike the metric system, it didn’t just fail to catch on in the United States. It failed to catch on everywhere. ) But still, it’s obscure enough to win you some major geek cred, AND Esperanto has shown up in nerd staples like Gattaca, Red Dwarf, and William Shatner movies. Tolkien geeks take language VERY seriously, so there are MANY different languages and dialects associated with the various races in the Lord of the Rings books. This “I love you” comes from the Sindarin Elf language, which probably means something to hardcore Tolkien fans.

So, before you get your Viggo Mortenson on with your Hobbit lover, make sure you’re trying to woo them in the proper elf fashion. From Orwell’s dystopian classic that Big Brother uses to limit thought and creativity. So, if you want to say “love you” in the most totalitarian way possible, you might find this useful. It’s hard to imagine anyone trying to woo a lover in Parseltongue, the official language of Lord Voldemort and weird snake people, but, hey — it takes all kinds. Yes, Furbys — those bizarre talking fuzzballs that have, inexplicably returned into the public’s consciousness — have their own language. Which is almost as weird as their existence itself. So, if your partner is into odd artificially intelligent furry toys, they will love when you whisper this into their ears at Toys R Us. Our second Star Trek language on this list — it comes second because Klingon is more popular and, well, Vulcans aren’t supposed to be this emotional. But still, if your partner has ever called you “Spock” when it comes to expressing your emotions, this might be a good way to piss them off OR get them hot under their Starfleet collars.

This is slightly less creepy than the Furby language, if only because the Minions are funnier and have made WAY more money at the box office. If your partner is into super-villains and ba-na-nas, they’ll love to hear this. Star Wars, surprisingly, only has a few speakable fictional languages. . (Official language of Return of the Jedi ’s teddy bear picnic. ) Another is Huttese. (Official language of Jabba the Hutt. ) We’re confident in saying EWOK is the more romantic choice here. Hardcore fans of Futurama know that the writers did secret messages, written in a coded alien language, in almost every episode.

So, if you and your partner consider yourself to be the Fry and Leela of the 76 st Century, why not slide them a note, saying “I love you, ” in the series’ patented alien code.

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