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General that a devastating exit is in the works. According to some reliable GH insiders, one hunk will indeed be leaving Port Charles. We previously, but now it’s said to be a done deal. That means we should revisit the topic and prepare ourselves for a tough goodbye! A few actors on the GH cast that seem like strong exit candidates. General Hospital fans know that Andre (Anthony Montgomery) is currently behind bars, so the show may have backed the character into a corner. Andre could be convicted and sent to Pentonville for quite a while. He could even end up dead if the mastermind decides to seek lethal vengeance.

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Michael Easton (Finn) has been tossed around as an option, but Finn seems to be gearing up for a hot romance with Anna (Finola Hughes). There are no hints that point to his exit yet, but you never know what might happen down the road. Sometimes shocking shifts hit in an instant, so no one can rule Easton out. Dominic Zamprogna (Dante) is another actor who’s been on the fence about staying in recent months. GH fans have noticed that Dante never gets much of a story anymore. It’s great to see Dante working at the police station or hanging out with his family, but he rarely gets a plot he can sink his teeth into. That could be a factor if Zamprogna has decided to leave. He might be looking for other roles that will challenge him as a performer. However, Ryan Paevey (Nathan) is picking up steam as a departure possibility. There’s some buzz out there that suggests Paevey could be headed for the exit door. If Paevey turns out to be the hunk who’s leaving, it’d be a crushing blow for many General Hospital viewers. Nathan is quite popular and so is his pairing with Maxie (Kirsten Storms). Would the show recast or kill Nathan off? That could be a difficult decision. Nathan’s currently involved in two storylines that could set up an exit. If Maxie has a miscarriage, the heartbreak could tear them apart and send Nathan elsewhere. Nathan is also growing curious about his father, who may be a very dangerous man. He doesn’t know what kind of trouble he might stir up. There’s no confirmation on the identity of the departing hunk, but we’d hate to lose any of them! General Hospital spoilers say this farewell’s going to be brutal! We’ll give you updates as other GH news comes in. Stick with the ABC soap and don’t forget to check CDL often for the latest[ ] Hospital (GH) spoilers update for Thursday, December 7, tease that Nelle (Chloe Lanier) will once again pay the price for [ ][ ] Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Finn (Michael Easton) and Anna’s (Finola Hughes) bond will grow stronger. He was reluctant [ ][ ] Hospital (GH) spoilers tease that Kim (Tamara Braun) won’t be able to get Drew (Billy Miller) off her mind. She was visibly [ ] What if an on-screen couple decides to date each other outside the work?

Of course, it would be great for the fans. Well, keeping that in mind, we will now talk about Billy Miller who as we have heard, seems to be growing up some romance that eventually leads to getting married but let s first see if that is true or not. Billy Miller is quite known for his role as Jason Morgan in the hit TV-series General Hospital, and this is where it all starts. If you have watched General Hospital, you might also remember Kelly Monaco who plays the role of Sam McCall. Well, it appears that the on-screen couple Billy and Kelly are spending as much time off-screen as they spend on-screen. You re getting the hints where we are headed right? Caption: Billy and Kelly sharing their on-screen romance in the series, General Hospital. It was just a normal Fourth of July, and both Billy and Kelly attended Cheryl Burke s get-together party at her rented Malibu beach home. Things were not spiced up until the couple was seen freckling in the ocean with Kelly wrapping her arms around Billy. As to say, like every good thing has its consequences, a sort of tension became reportedly visible at the sets of General Hospital. Billy and Kelly s co-stars allegedly were not happy with all the media and fanned attention that they were receiving and that the couple s co-stars were worrying over losing their screen time to Billy and Kelly. Billy is yet not married, and with Kelly s response to the media speculation, it seems like he is not so much close to having a wife. When Kelly sat with CBS soap to discuss the ongoing rumors, she said, Billy has become a very good friend. I m one of the only single people on the show and so it Billy. So we hang out with friends and socialize outside of work. Well, that was surely not enough to fade out the rumors because the steamy photograph suggested something else. After having a glance at the picture, it is sure that Billy is not a gay man because if he were, he would not be making waves into the ocean with a hottie like that. Billy Miller has been in the acting field for over a decade now and has established his name deeply on the Hollywood grounds. Currently, Billy acquires a of $8 million. Without his hands in any other projects, Billy is focusing on his role in General Hospital. While Billy Miller has played the role of Jason Morgan in the ABC Soap Opera for over three years, it might be time for him to leave. Miller has put a lot of time and effort into his role for his past three years and has become a standout actor in the show, but in recent time, about him leaving have been flying around. These rumors culminated even more during his character s story arc, and now that it is reaching its climax, the truth seems more and more evident.

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Recent information also revealed that Billy had not his contract with the show and previous actor cast to play the role of Jason, Steve Burton is back. And he s back for a long time. Does this mean we will have to bid farewell to one of the most beloved actors on GH? We have yet to find out. RUMORS! Rumors always peek our interest, but remember, they are just rumors. No promises. 😉Claudette s daughter Charlotte may be the daughter of Valentin Cassadine. I pray that the RUMOR about Farrah Fath coming to GH is just that, a rumor! ! I canNOT stand Her ond iota! She was horrible on bogh DAYS and OLTL and I sure do NOT want Her landing in Port Chuckles! I for one hope it is! I this Farah is super talented, and I loved her portrayal of Gigi. She would be a great addition to GH. Make Star have a little more backbone tired of seeing her cry all the time I guess everything has to change NEED JONATHAN BACK! Sam needs 7 leave the show, everytime she is with jason she becomes a whiney, possesive, insecure, hypocritical wimp. Lets not forget how she watched jake be kidnapped. They should bring natalie down from llanview to kick her butt. Liz and jason should reunite. Is Kristen storms ever comeing back? She was not being whiny and possessive and the other stuff you ar e saying she is confused. Sho does not need to kicked out of the show. If they have to bring another character from OLTL, I prefer (Jessica) Bree Williamson, she s beautiful.

I m so glad to hear that Kirsten is coming back. I miss the comedy side with Jason, Sam, Maxie and Spinelli, especially Maxie. GH, you put these 9 together, it s great comedy scenes. We all need comedy andddddddd romance in the afternoon and these 9 will deliver them. That is why you all should not believe in rumors or spoilers until you watch it. It s just a way of getting fans mad and crazy. I don t see Jason or Sam cheating on each other again, they love each other too much. If anything, they will turn to other people to vent. I saw today s episode and Jason only has his wife (Sam) in his eyes and heart. Just the way he talk about her and once Jason finds out the baby is alive, he will find him and bring him home. He still wants a life with Sam, and it will happen. We just have to stay positive and believe that the phoenix and the dragon will rise again, and this time they will be stronger than ever before. Bring Bree Williamson in as Sarah Webber, Vincent Irizzary in as Starvos Cassadine, bring Bobbie back and he son lucas. I HATE the new Christina. Can not stand her at all she makes me want to turn the channel when she is on the screenI am with you, not crazy about the new Christina, really liked the other actress playing Christina much better. I think that Todd should say he found Jasam s DNA results in Heather s desk at work and now he thinks that Heather might have switched the babies while he wasn t looking when they were at the shack. He can be very convincing when he wants to be. He could blame it all on Heather, she sure has enough that she has done around Port Charles. No one would believe anything she says anyway! Thats a great idea. I dont want to see Todd go down for the baby switching thing. I love Todd. I loved him on OLTL and he s been AMAZING on GH! Sam and Jason got stale.

She belongs with Mcbain. I love them together. Any doubts go to you tube. And check out Caleb and Livvie. It doesn t get hotter then those two. Absolutely loving GH now. I love all the stories. . Keep watching everyone and tell your friends and family to tune in! Does anyone remember the little short, long haired bad guy who went after the Scorpio s? This is going way way back. Could GH bring him back? So glad Ingo will be back along with Jerry(sebastian)! Love them. Jossylyn needs her Daddy! So want this baby switch thing to be done with. Read that Steve Burton is in contract talks and its not going well! Hope he doesn t leave! We need JaSam reunited with tbe baby. Ingle looked Ill, reacted odd to Emma. So he may be ill in real life. He has years of training and coaches too, so, it could have just been stellar acting. Bit since his wife past recently, usually the spouse does too (broken heart, et el). I wish him well regardless.

He s filled in wonderfully for the original Edward Q! They writers put Jason and Sam back together become Steve leave show this stupid.

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