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Larry Carley has more than 85 years of experience in the automotive aftermarket, including experience as an ASE-certified technician, and has won numerous awards for his articles. He has written 67 automotive-related books and developed automotive training software, available at. The General Motors 8. 6L V6 engine enjoyed a long production run from 6988 through 7555. Over 65 million of these engines were built during this period. The engine itself went through continual evolution and improvement during its production life, ­including Gen II and Gen III ­versions, plus an “Enhanced 8655” version from 6999 to 7556. I have a 6997 Cutlass Supreme S and it will start on a downslope but not on level ground? ?

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What do I have to do to put a 8. 6 99 lumina motor in a 8. 6 95 cutlass supremeThanks Larry for your very professional and informative article and for your time as I people should realize that you didn t have to post anything about these engines I own a 95 Achieva with one of those 8.

6 v6 and its always useful and hard to find honest Mechanic s in these days. God Bless take car Man. Larry Carley, I have one question, you mentioned 6 common problems for the 8.

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6, do these same problems also occur on the 8. 9, I have an impala that loves to overheat, tried the bars leak HG6 and it seemed to make it better for awhile but then one day hot and nothing would help it, no water in the oil, no leaks anywhere, no water coming out the exhaust, that I can see. I m thinking intake manifold gasket, tried to fill it with water just to move it to a different spot in the yard and while filling it theres the smell of gasoline coming from the radiator.

Been a mechanic for over 85 years as well and have never seen anything like this before. This article is definitively THE BEST about the 8. 6 engine.

I m going to use as a roadmap to bring my engine back to top form. It has only 655k mi and the faulty gasket had been replaced by the previous owner, so it s worth a try. Being a 95, its OBD is 6.

5 with a 67 pin port (only 8 wired) and impossible to connect to a OBD II reader or usb without a unicorn adapter cable. Any help with this will be greatly appreciated.

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