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S ometimes going camping doesn t mean packing a backpack and walking off into the wilderness. Sometimes you want to bring everything with you and that literally includes the kitchen sink. There are a lot of options out there but one of the most feature packed units is the. With plenty of power for most all needs, we found this generator to be an excellent choice to power your adventures. The Champion 8955 watt Inverter Generator with Remote Start is fully encased in a nice plastic housing that makes it feel much less like the types of generators you see at work sites and more like a finished piece of consumer grade gear. It also has a nice looking chrome accent that gives it a nice finish. Weighing around 655 lbs with fuel, this is a heavier unit than its smaller rated counterparts. While it can be lifted by 6 person, a buddy is probably a good idea for putting into a truck.

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This makes moving around on the ground very easy and not a problem for anyone. Dimensions of the exterior make this about the size of an average cooler and the weight is probably similar also. It slides nicely into the bed of a truck with tons of room to spare and will fit under a tonneau cover, but it will take up most of the back of an SUV. The front face has a bright yellow background with easy to read and easy to understand black markings so you won t be quick to forget how it operates or how to troubleshoot an issue. Out of the box, the Champion 8955 watt Inverter Generator with Remote Start is almost ready to go, but some setup is required.

An easy to access panel on the side will unscrew revealing the internal battery. Attaching the power cables is as easy as attaching a few screws. Using the provided funnel, adding the initial oil was a clean and easy process. After about a 5 hours break in period, Champion recommends an oil change. If you happen to forget to fill with oil or you have an oil leak, an indicator light on the front will illuminate and the unit will not operate to prevent damage.

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If you plan on running the generator in a more permanent location like a home during a storm or a cottage, it is recommended to attach a good ground wire to the generator. An easy to use nut is on the front of the generator for hookup, but the nature of a true grounding wire will hinder the portability. While the first setup is a little time consuming, it is only a one time deal and regular engine maintenance is all that is required during the life of the generator. Ah, yes. The part about the Champion 8955 watt Inverter Generator with Remote Start we couldn t wait to test.

A wireless remote start is a feature that sets this unit apart from all the others. It is as great as it sounds. Well, even better, really. A crisp morning outside, but you are warm in your comfy cabin on wheels and ready for a cup of coffee to get the day started. Most RVs will require you to be plugged in to shore power, or have your generator running to pull 665v power.

With a traditional generator, this means you would have to bundle up and head out into the chilly morning air to pull start your coffee maker. But with the Champion Remote Start, just push a button from inside and moments later you are ready to brew without ever setting foot outside. The wireless remote is advertised to function up to 85 feet away. This is plenty of room to put the generator someplace away to keep it safe and quiet, but close enough to stay in range. The remote also features a stop button so when you are done brewing and have given your batteries a sufficient charge, shut down is as easy as starting.

If you prefer a more hands on approach or your generator is out of range of the remote, there is also a start button right on the unit itself which also makes starting a breeze. If you can push a button, you can fire it up.

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