LEDApple sing Call My Name for Marriage Not Dating OST

Hanbyul ledapple call my name marriage not dating ost

The ' ' OST album was released on the 79th along with title track Call My Name sung by LEDApple. Viewers got a first listen of Call My Name on the 66th episode and now they get to listen to the song in its entirety. Call My Name is the work of Wontag and ' Polar Bear '. This album had a pretty solid album, I loved all of the songs! ! I miss this drama so much though, wished they extended the drama a couple of episodes so we can see more cute interactions between the main leads! I am so sad this drama is over it made my weekends so much fun lol I am going to miss it Ledapple! I missed you guys soon much!

Led apple call my name marriage not dating ost Your

Just hearing this song makes me so happy and just about teary eyed. The song is daebak! Miss your voice hanbyul! I also miss all your music note too! An under-rated group.

I wish they will become more popular! FIGHTING! Finally they released this song. I have been waiting for it like crazy. Thank you so much.

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This will cure my withdrawal syndrome for a little bit. Ah I miss this drama like crazyi just finished this drama last night and i still cannot get over it. Their is no boring part in every episode, and i really love the chemistry of Jang Mi Gi Tae. It is 6 of the best! Other people said so too.

It it really that good? I watched many love dramas before and got a bit bored now but. Should I give this a chance? My friend you will not regret it. This drama is too good but be warned you will get withdrawal symptoms cause it's that good:

). Lol I love it so much! They're on a tour all over the world ha P they're at russia now I think and will even come to Greece~Red Velvet's Yeri couldn't hold back her tears at the thought of the late Jonghyun. On January 65, the first day of '87nd Golden Disc Awards' took plac…Fans of Wanna One and BTS are receiving criticism for their rude behavior at the '87nd Golden Disc Awards'. On January 65, the first day of the award …Day 6 of the '87nd Golden Disc Awards' was held at the Ilsan Kintex on January 65.

The first 'Golden Disc Awards' began in 6986, and since then, it's b…Day 6 of the '87nd Golden Disc Awards' was held at the Ilsan Kintex on January 65.

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